International AutoSource

International AutoSource

Award for Excellence in Auto Transportation Solutions - USA

International AutoSource is an industry leader providing the expatriate/foreign national, executive and glob-al assigned community with personal transportation solutions. Their programs offer value-added solutions with award-winning customer service. We spoke to them to find out more.

We provide the global community with personal vehicle financing and leasing solutions with no local credit history. The car financing and leasing solutions are available to Expats/foreign nationals relocating to the United States, UK, Canada or Japan. Alternatively, if you are relocating on a shorter-term assignment, our all-inclusive, full-service rental car program is available in 13 countries.

The strongest part of our business is service, service, service! While we always offer a competitive price and value to our customers, clients and partners, our service and commitment to our customers’ satisfaction is what will always put us above the competition. Our team members all have an in-depth understanding to the challenges that our expatriate customers face. There is also a great deal of empathy, which helps them, help our customer, through the many details associated with obtaining transportation in a new country.
It is an exciting time to be in the global mobility and relocation industry. Globalization has opened the world to new opportunities, greater resources, and mobile talent. The relocation and global mobility industry is not an overnight business of customers you see once. You are building lifelong relationships that require under-standing and communication. The entire IAS team has committed ourselves to be the #1 choice for personal transportation in the global community.

In our experience, the global mobility industry is continually changing. With global relocation on the rise, the world is both getting smaller and larger at the same time. New advances in technology have allowed people to have more information at their fingertips instantly. To ensure we are continually to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers we always look for new ways to improve and expand our programs to provide the best possible solutions to the expat community.

Each country is unique, and in the United States, each state is unique. As an expat driving in a new country it is about much more than just buying a car. There are so many aspects to consider, and what holds true in one country, may not in another. We take on the challenge of specializing in navigating all the details of getting on the road, so we can alleviate these challenges for our customers.
It feels wonderful to win these awards! We are truly excited that we have been selected for not only one, but two Awards. This year we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary, and now we have so much more to celebrate!

The awards are appreciated, but to be recognized by the experts that encompass so many aspects of global mobility, it is a motivator, it makes us push harder and want to exceed the expectations of the industry. It becomes the standard for our performance, and should for all other organizations. To use phrase, “it sets the bar.”

We have been given this award because of the variety of our programs and detailed processes. We ensure all our customers understand the landscape and offer them choices to select which program best fits their needs. Customer excellence is embedded in our company’s culture. We owe our success to our outstanding and dedicated team of professionals who continuously strive to add value to our customers, as well as our organization.

We owe this award to our partners. We have aligned ourselves with organizations that are like-minded and committed to providing solutions for the global mobility industry. We are an agile organization, which lends itself to seeing challenges and creating solutions. We have been able to provide programs and services that are a direct response to the needs of those relocating worldwide.
Looking towards the future, our continued growth is, of course, our mission. It is our goal to be a provider for life to these assignees. As the industry changes, we change as well. Our social media is stronger than ever. We are also adapting to meet the changing technological advances and trends of the globally mobile. We will continue to exceed expectations!


Name: James Krulder
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