Paragon Relocation – USA

Paragon Relocation - USA

Best for Global Mobility Consulting Services - Texas

Paragon Relocation helps corporate clients around the world to put superior global mobility programs in place to help them achieve their talent management goals of attracting and retaining the top talent in their industry.
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Paragon is a valued partner in helping clients achieve their goals by helping them build an industry leading program and to facilitate the movement of their employees to mission critical locations around the globe.

This objective is critical now more than ever as companies are broadening their reach and expanding into unchartered territories. Paragon takes full responsibility for the mobility program providing:

  • Exceptional Global Relocation Service
  • Consulting Services Support
  • IT Applications that put information at your fingertips
  • Supply Chain Management to maximize service and cost control

The main changes in the global mobility industry have been a shift in the types of assignments and the demographics of the employees relocating. At one time, relocation or global assignments were only for middle to upper level management type employees, who were established in their career. Now assignment types and the people taking them vary tremendously requiring companies to adapt their policies and resulting in the rise of tiered plans and cafeteria style programs.

One size definitely does not fit all in the world of relocation today. One other major change is the changing stakeholders across the mobility program. At one time, relocation was the sole responsibility of the HR department. Now, relocation touches many more departments across an organization including finance, IT, procurement and others.

What separates Paragon from our competitors is that we have experienced Consultants and efficient money management practices that most consistently set us apart in delivering an extraordinary customer experience.

Paragon has been a stable force within the global mobility industry for more than 28 years. During that time, we’ve worked with countless companies, employees and suppliers across the world. As such, Paragon would hope that this award has been recognition from the industry for our dedication to providing extraordinary service and developing true partnerships with our clients, customers and suppliers.

We are so honoured to have been recognised for our Global Mobility Consulting Services. Our company was founded as a consulting services firm and grew into a full-service relocation company so we understand the true value of beginning each partnership with a strong consulting engagement to help our clients build an effective and cost efficient mobility program.

The AI awards are significant to individual businesses and to the industry as a whole as a way to spotlight companies that are performing at a high level of proficiency and whose influence is paving the way for innova-tion in their respective field.
Looking toward the future, there will always be change and opportunity in this industry. As one of the few remaining independent relocation management companies, Paragon is well-positioned to listen and adapt.


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