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2015 Winner • Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards

Matthews – Global Immigration Law

Matthews – Global Immigration Law

Best for US Immigration Matters - Canada

As the name implies, Matthews – Global Immigration Law handles immigration matters for clients around the globe. We spoke with them about their company and the dedicated services they provide for their clients.

Our business specializes in Canada and U.S. cross-border matters for corporations and individuals. But as our clients have grown and become multinational in nature, so too has our practice evolved to include visa assistance to all continents.

As trade barriers fall and technology improves I have witnessed a complete evolution of the way the world works together. We help our clients navigate the immigration systems of many countries as people have become more mobile and corporations have expanded to new markets. Clients expect governments to deal with their immigration cases quickly. Finding the best path through the complex immigration regimes of many nations is our strength.

The strongest part of our business is our service. Personal, prompt and professional service is how we have built our practice over 21 years. Clients never leave us once they experience the high level of service and professionalism we are so very proud of.
The Canada –U.S. border is our greatest challenge. After 9/11 we witnessed an overhaul tightening of the border between Canada and the U.S. This has impeded the movement of people across the border and enforcement of regulations is stricter than ever. Delays at the borders in North America are bad for business, and it is our job to try to make the border crossing as smooth and seamless as possible for our clients.

Looking ahead, our office is expanding in downtown Toronto and we are adding an office in Michigan as well. Eastern Canada and the American Midwest are where the majority of our clients are based. We will grow in their home markets to ensure that we continue to provide the level of personal service that has resulted in this award.

I am proud that our firm has been recognized as the Best Firm in Canada for U.S. Immigration matters. I have been practicing U.S. immigration from our base in Canada for 21 years. We handle hundreds of complex U.S. cases for companies and individuals each and every year. This volume of cases requires a dedicated, intelligent and well organized team which I am proud to have built over the years. It is nice to be recognized for the high quality of work we provide to our clients.

Recognition by industry leaders and peers is very important. It validates the decisions we have taken as a firm and motivates us to continue to strive to be the best at what we do on a daily basis. I think many businesses and individuals in our region are aware of our service and reputation in the industry. We receive many referrals from lawyers and accountants in North America who trust that we will provide quali-ty and effective service to their clients which in the end, reflects well on the referring professional.


Name: Glenn Matthews
Company: Matthews – Global Immigration Law
Email: glenn.matthews@matthewsimmlaw.com Web Address: www.matthewsimmlaw.com Address: London: 650 Colborne St., Suite 200 London, Ontario N6A 5A1

Phone: 226-289-0944
Toll Free: 866-290-9005


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Matthews – Global Immigration Law
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