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Markony Immigration Services, LLP offers comprehensive legal services, specializing in Bulgarian Immigration Law and Corporate Law. Our client list includes foreign business persons and companies from around the world that aim to promote and expand their business activities in the Republic of Bulgaria. We got in touch with them about how they make the immigration process easy.

The mission of Markony Immigration Services, LLP is to make the process of immigrating to Bulgaria as has-sle-free as possible by providing its clients with accurate, personalized service. We provide legal services for all issues related to immigrating to Bulgaria including visas, residence permits, Bulgarian citizenship and passport, company formations, and employment.

Led by a talented and experienced team of immigration lawyers who intimately understand Bulgarian immigra-tion law, Markony Immigration Services, LLP is the only immigration law firm in Bulgaria that is recommended by the prestigious online legal guide, Global Law Experts in 2014. A year later, Advocate Vasil Markov, the managing partner of Markony Immigration Services LLP is selected Immigration Lawyer of 2015 for his profound expertise in the Bulgarian Immigration Law. Markony Immigration Services LLP is also selected Best Immigration Firm for Bulgaria by the prestigious Acquisition International association.

Furthermore, Markony Immigration Services LLP is a proud member of the internationally-recognized Inter-national Lawyers Network AEA. As the world’s largest network of legal professionals, the International Lawyers Network provides clients access to comprehensive legal services around the world. As a member of the AEA, Markony Immigration Services LLP routinely collaborates with law firms in Great Britain, India, Pakistan, the Russian Federation, Jordan, Egypt and Ukraine. In collaboration with its partners in the International Lawyers Network AEA, Markony Immigration Services, LLP is represented in more than 16 cities, across 7 countries.
Markony Immigration Services LLP may assist non-EU nationals to obtain permission for long stay in Bulgaria through the following most popular options (ref.: Foreigners of the Republic of Bulgaria Act):

Art. 24, (1), para. 2:
Non-EU nationals who carry out commercial activity in the country according to the legally established order, and as a result of this activity at least 10 positions have been opened for Bulgarian citizens. Applicants have to note that the 10 positions should be fulfilled for the time when renewing their residence permit in Bulgaria. If they cannot keep employed the ten Bulgarian citizens the residence permit can be cancelled.

Art. 24, (1), para. 6:
Non-EU nationals who are representatives of foreign commercial companies registered at the Bulgarian Commer-cial Chamber and Industry; the trade representative office (TRO) is simple and straight forward option to obtain a Type D visa and Bulgarian residence permit. This option is recommended for foreign nationals who would like to research the local market or promote their foreign business in Bulgaria before open a separate branch or com-mercial company in Bulgaria. The (TRO) does not allow you to be involved in any economic activities in Bulgaria.

The below options allow non-EU nationals to obtain a permanent residence permit and Bulgarian citizenship:

Art. 25, (1), para. 6:
Non-EU nationals who invested in the country over 512, 000 EUR by the lawful order can obtain a permanent residence permit valid for five years. Interesting investment option is the government’s bonds. If the applicant invests the amount of 512,000 EUR, he/ she will be granted a Bulgarian permanent residence permit within 3-6 months. If the investment is repeated in Year 2, the non-EU national can obtain a Bulgarian citizenship.

Alternative option is the bank deposit of 512, 000 EUR at a chosen bank facility for five years. If the applicant is not interested to double the invested amount in the second year, he/ she can apply for a Bulgarian citizenship by holding the permanent residence for 5 years.

Financed Investment:
The investor pays the reduced amount of 180,000 EUR. The reduced amount is used to finance a 512, 000 EUR (1,000,000 BGN) closed five-year term loan from a Bulgarian chartered bank. This loan is initiated and repaid at no further cost to the Investor. By financing the investment in Government bonds the investor is not exposed to the Government’s ability to refund the investment at the end of the five year term.

It should be noted that the applicants have to prove the source of their income and must present police clear-ance certificate from the country of their citizenship or the country of their residence.


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