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Award for Excellence in Business Sponsorship Visas - Australia

We spoke to the firm’s Director and Principal Lawyer Louisa Ryan, to find out more about her and her successful law firm and, specifically, what has led to this most recent award win which award has recognised the outstanding success of LRG Lawyers on both a national and international level.

First of all, how does it feel for LRG Lawyers to receive this Award for Excellence?

We are very proud to achieve this award and it is testament to the excellent work and results we achieve each and every day.

Tell us about the work that your law firm does?

We provide premier business, corporate and individual immigration legal advice. We represent corporate clients across a diverse range of industries, as well as individual clients from all across the world. We are sensitive to cultural issues and varying business needs and counsel our clients on expert and tailored legal, business and visa solutions that best align with their respective corporate and personal goals. Whether it

be providing immigration legal advisory work to businesses or individuals, preparing visa applications or representing clients on review or appeal of unfavorable immigration decisions, our team at LRG Lawyers works tirelessly with hundreds of businesses and individuals to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

What separates LRG Lawyers from other law firms and competitors?

We understand that every business has its own ethos; what separates us is that we stay true to, and firmly believe in, our core values of integrity, transparency and accountability.

Importantly, we add value to businesses and individual clients by taking away the cumbersome legal work load inherent in the complex and ever changing Australian immigration law processes. Essentially, our goal is to align corporate and individual immigration goals together as seamlessly as possible, with a constructive win/win approach for all. LRG Lawyers is more than just an immigration legal practise - we consider ourselves partners in helping corporate and individual clients achieve their business and migration needs. We take the time to assess cases carefully, no matter how big or small. We explore all options that will help our clients to maximise opportunities and costs savings.

Does Immigration law throw up any specific challenges/opportunities that may not apply to other areas of law?

Australia’s immigration policy is largely politically and economically dictated. Because of this, we are at the mercy of an ever-changing immigration legal system with frequently revised policy and legislative amend-ments. This can create a maze of legislative and regulatory compliance hurdles for clients. Fortunately, LRG Lawyers has the skills and expertise necessary to navigate these complexities.

Also, in any one day we can be dealing with both onshore and offshore clients across a multitude of countries with different time zones and visa deadlines. We are able to meet client expectations in these scenarios through our meticulous planning and proven time management strategies. In our particular area of law, trust is key. We have an opportunity to change people’s lives and the lives of their families, and to shape corporate culture for the better. It also allows for healthy long term corporate and individual relationships to be built. With this in mind, we are very conscious that our clients come from various backgrounds and walks of life. We also speak various languages to try to overcome language barriers and, language barriers aside, our firm always strive to maintain cultural awareness in all our client dealings.

Our approach to Immigration Law is holistic. We firmly believe that to be able to provide the excellent immi-gration legal advice that our clients demand, you cannot look at the Australian immigration legal system on its own. You do of course need a thorough understanding of the legal complexities, but alongside this, you also need a sound economic and political understanding on both a national and international level. This allows a better appreciation of Australian immigration policy and legislative shifts and their respective drivers, and is instrumental in providing the most strategic legal advice to clients.

Why, specifically, do you think LRG Lawyers has been given this Award for Excellence?

When it comes to providing dedicated immigration legal solutions, our approach and legal advice is very unique in that it is straightforward, matter of fact and always solutions orientated. We work relentlessly and tirelessly for our clients.
We simplify the immigration legal complexities for our clients, rather than complicate it with fanciful legal jargon and legal abstracts. We are goal-orientated and results driven, ensuring transparency and honesty of all outcomes and adversities of a case.
Immigration law is an area of law that requires a certain compassion and a humanitarian touch, whilst at the same time staying focused on meeting commercial and individual immigration needs in an ever changing and complex regulatory environment. Our track record and successful results have proven we have this balance right.


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