Lexicon Relocation

Lexicon Relocation

Best Global Mobility Service Provider - Hong Kong

Regardless of the number of employees their clients relocate, Lexicon builds relocation programs and solutions that fit their culture, budget and needs. Which is why their tag line says, we believe in – Your People. Your Way. Worldwide. We spoke to them to find out more.

Growing your global workforce is complicated. From evolving tax structures in emerging markets to cultural issues for trailing families to home sale management, there are hundreds of potential hazards ready to derail your company’s global mobility program and frustrate relocating employees. Lexicon takes those touch points needed to make employee relocations a success and funnels them into a personalized approach specific to each and every customer.

Many of the world’s leading companies have turned to us to uncover policy inefficiencies and tailor programs to their specific challenges. We aren’t a big box company that will force you into a one-size-fits-all program; we dive deep into your challenges and develop solutions that work.

Among these qualities, it is our passion to perform that separates Lexicon from our competitors. This passion is encapsulated in our overall goal to “Take Care of the Customer” – the Lexicon team strives to deliver this day in and day out. Our customers choose Lexicon because they want to be heard, they want a relocation program designed for their unique challenges and they want a company that looks beyond the status quo to deliver innovative solutions.

From our experience, the global mobility industry has undergone significant evolution as globalization and talent management challenges move to the forefront. As a result, companies must have the right people in the right place at the right time, which is a complex matrix to manage internally. There has also been an increasing diversification of the move types in global mobility.

Companies today face the need to not only move people on long-term assignment, but also on short-term assignment, permanent one way move or localized basis, or on project or rotational basis or to hire third country nationals on hybrid terms.

As for the award, Lexicon is delighted to be recognized again as a performance leader in our industry and this time in a very significant market in global mobility. Since opening our Hong Kong office in 2012, we have worked hard to raise brand awareness of Lexicon by providing exceptional service and custom solutions to our APAC customers. That strategy seems to be working because we recently opened another location in Shanghai.

Looking towards the future, Lexicon will continue to grow in every respect, aligned with and in support of
the needs of our clients worldwide. The recent significant expansion to our footprint in the U.K. through the acquisition of Connells Relocation, a leading established provider of mobility services, is a good example in this regard.


Company: Lexicon Relocation
Name: Avrom Goldberg,
Senior Vice President,
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