Law Offices of James A. Bach

Law Offices of James A. Bach

Most Trusted Employment Law Attorney - California

Located in the heart of the San Francisco Financial District, the A/V rated immigration Law Offices of James A. Bach has decades of experience providing trusted legal services such as H-1B visas, labor certifications, EB-1 petitions, investor visas, and the entire range of employment- and family-based immigration solutions. We spoke to them about their company, and the thriving US technology sector.

Our law practice is based on employment-based immigration to the United States of America. Currently there is a booming economy in the US technology sector, and employers are scouring the globe for talented engineers and scientists.

Mobility to the US was previously determined by the economy, by supply and demand. Skilled workers migrated to the US because of job availability, or did not migrate when there was a tight US economy. Now, the mobility of professional workers to is limited by arbitrary quotas for both H-1B visas and immigrant visas. As a result, demand for skilled workers in the US remains high. The US is at the cutting edge of science and technology, and is where the world’s top engineers, software developers, and scientists want to be.
We are a boutique firm that provides a very high level of service to our clients, as well as expertise developed over decades. Our practice is to return emails and phone calls within hours, and we are very accessible to our clients. Because of our attention to details and superior work product, we enjoy a high level of success.

Over the decades, we have grown our reputation for skill, integrity and success. In just the past year, we have litigated a precedent-setting case with the Department of Labor, released a new edition of a book on US immi-gration law for employers, and presented seminars and lectures on immigration law and legal ethics.

In our experience, there are many incompetent, inexperienced, or uncaring businesses that claim to offer immigration expertise, and the Global Mobility vetting process can give some assurance to potential clients that they are in good hands.

Our goal is to scale our law practice to continue to provide exceptional service to our existing and new clients, while resisting the temptation to grow to the point where it compromises efficiency and expertise. We offer an alternative to large firms that may not be as flexible and service-oriented, and to firms that hire inexperienced attorneys and paralegals, who learn on the job by making mistakes with their clients’ cases.

As for the Gobal Mobility award, we appreciate the recognition, and will continue to strive to deserve the trust of our clients and the government agencies we work with.


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