International School Augsburg GmbH

International School Augsburg GmbH

Best Global Mobility Education Institution - Germany

The International School Augsburg, situated close to Munich is dedicated to providing its students with the very best in international education. The educational programme is designed to allow students to experience the joys of learning, while providing them with the skills, understandings and attitudes, which will enable them to be success-ful in school and in life. We spoke to them to find out more.

The steady globalisation of industry has led to increasing reliance on experts from all over the world. In order to keep the pace, employers must seriously consider recruiting from the worldwide market. Internationally mobile parents need to know that their children’s education will not be disadvantaged by the move to a new country. As a result, international schools have become a vital amenity in cities around the world.

International Schools are those whose expressed mission is to educate the children of ex-pats (those working outside of their country of nationality). These schools must be able to cater for children of all school-going ages (generally ages 3 to 18) and to accommodate a wide range of individual needs. Apart from the range of language and learning needs to be catered for, international schools also have the challenge of supporting these children emotionally and socially. Third-Culture-Kids (those who spend their childhood in more than one country) also need to be able to easily settle into their new schools, to make friends and to learn new routines. They need a ‘home from home’.

International schools are microcosms of the world. In classrooms and corridors many languages are spoken by both adults and children. Generally, English is the language of instruction or the ‘shared language’, as it is at ISA. Students have the chance to continue learning in their mother tongue and learn the host country language as well, as this may be an essential survival skill. At ISA, for example 12 mother tongue languages are offered. A range of cultural and religious festivals are recognised and children are encouraged to learn that there are many perspectives to everything. At ISA, we are committed to open-mindedness and to raising internationally-minded students who can work in a team and inspire and lead others.

It is a great honour to be named ‘Best Global Mobility Education Institution-Germany’ by a respected publica-tion such as AI Global Media. We feel we deserve this award! We have worked very hard since we opened our doors in 2005, not only to create the best possible education experience for all students from Pre-School to Grade 12, but to ensure that all children feel supported and cared for.

Visitors consistently comment on the exceptionally friendly atmosphere, the confident yet respectful attitudes of the students and the calm, focused learning environment. Although only in its ninth year, the school is fully accredited by the Council of International Schools/New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It is has been an authorised IB World school since 2009. We believe that the key to our success has been relation-ship-building and collaboration.

The school is located in the greater Augsburg-Munich area which is highly competitive for both businesses and schools. Augsburg itself is home to companies which are world leaders, for example in robotics (KUKA) and 3-D Printing (voxeljet, eXone). The aerospace and automobile industries are well established there. The proximity to Munich and the location in Augsburg, with its exciting business developments leaves me with no doubt that the school will continue to grow and flourish, hopefully bringing the opportunity to purpose build a new state of the art school campus.

I applaud the initiative to publically recognise those who enhance global mobility. For us this award is welcome stamp of approval from the very community we aim to serve (the globally mobile one). On behalf of the ISA school community, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks.


Name: Marcus Wagner
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