Hedge Fund awards “Best Solution for Portfolio Management – UK”


Best Solution for Portfolio Management – UK

PROFILE Software

Founded in 1990, PROFILE Software (www.profilesw.com) is a specialised solutions provider with offices in London, Dubai, Geneva, Singapore, Athens, and Nicosia, and presence in 18 countries, delivering market-proven solutions to the Investment Management and Banking industries. PROFILE is recognised as an established and trusted partner in a number of regions in Europe, Africa and Asia, offering innovative and client-centric solutions to the financial services sector.

Its award-winning Investment Management solution – IMSplus – is specifically designed to accommodate diverse requirements of the industry including solution for Wealth Management, Asset and Fund Management, Custody and Personal Banking. IMSplus Wealth Management solution is a desktop-web-mobile portfolio management solution that offers rich functionality, industry standard technology and flexibility to enable Relationship Managers provide quality and competitive customer service.

IMSplus provides the ideal solution for complete portfolio management with rich web and mobile functionality, powerful reporting tools and a report generator for customisable reporting while offering the option to use the readily-available templates. It covers all the areas for portfolio analysis, performance, monitoring and trading. It also offers real-time 360° view and in depth information through an extensive set of MIS components.

IMSplus has been selected and utilised by a number of well-known financial institution across the world including organisations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Depending on the size and local requirements of the firm, the platform can be customised to meet specific requirements while being available to use over the web or via a mobile device with utmost security and reliability.

Furthermore, PROFILE Software develops cutting-edge technology solutions for the needs of Financial services sector with the most popular ones concerning online marketplace, alternative banking & finance as well as online-mobile platforms for the investment management domain that can be white labelled and integrated with any 3rd party systems. Particularly, the FMS.next P2P Lending solution for the online marketplace combines banking and investment