Award for Excellence in Investment Immigration - California

DDK Law represents the new generation of American lawyers who have accepted the guiding principle that no problem is difficult enough. By following the values of the leading world law firms we strive towards becoming the best legal representatives you can entrust your affairs in the United States. We spoke to them to find out more.

We are a client centric law firm and we specialize in four core client groups:

-For global entrepreneurs who view the United States as an integral part of their overall business strategy, we are here to assist them in every step of the way to turn barriers into pathways.

-For investors looking for opportunities in the United States, we can be your guide.

-For established companies who want to create the foothold in North America and acquire key personnel, we have the experience and track record for ensure that everyone will be in place where they are most needed.

-For international talent in entertainment and the arts who want the freedom to do work for companies based in the US, who value their work, we can make it happen.

Whenever possible, we take personal face to face meetings with prospective clients – even if it means flying across a few time zones. We believe that the effort we make to actually meet people before doing business with them has rewarded us tenfold.

In our industry, one of the major challenges we are facing is that The United States government has only increased the level regulatory complexity for non-US entities attempting to enter our market. It is a challenge when global clients are ambushed by this intense level of bureaucracy and have to be educated on how to navigate around them by our firm. However, those who persist do very well.


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