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Benchmark Supply Chain Solutions

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BENCHMARK SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS are a 3 PL company with key focus on warehousing, transporta-tion-distribution, international freight forwarding, custom clearance , supply chain consulting and project logistics. We spoke to them about their company, as well as the many challenges facing them in the logistics industry.

We are a 3 PL company offering global and cost effective freight solutions with a key focus on warehousing, trans-portation-distribution, international freight forwarding, custom clearance, supply chain consulting, project logistics with specialised industrial cargo solutions and benchmark learning center. We provide excellent services to our global customers, meeting and exceeding their global supply chain needs through unparalleled commitment on quality in our systems and people. Powered with cutting-edge technology, we ensure that your transport and storage requirements and inventory management needs are met while providing real-time visibility at all levels to help you control your logistics costs, stock levels, streamline purchases and improve your order cycle time.

Along with the growth of global trade, the logistics industry has also evolved over the years. The industry has be-come truly global in the sense that most of the companies have now grown from single point location to companies with multiple locations with both national and overseas presence. A multinational freight forwarder can involve more in the supply chain of enterprises and offer more value-added services. Over the years industry has attracted more educated professionals leading to higher standards of professionalism. Also there is increased awareness amongst the corporate players that a forwarder can beat the cost when compared to them doing and managingall internally.

At one time, it was enough for freight forwarders to move cargo on time from one destination to another. Whilst the major responsibility of the forwarder still remains the same, the globalisation and expansion of larger firms means that most companies today have to be self-reliant to provide a complete spectrum of all logistics needs across the world. The increase in international shipping, furthered by global mobility (categorised by the employment of factories abroad as a cost cutting technique), new technology tools, enhanced security regu-lations, demanding consumers required the necessity of a development of a sophisticated handling system. In a global scenario customers benchmark our services in India against the best players in the world. Today the customer expects reduced delivery timings .They demand a state of art warehousing and distribution. They also demand IT enabled real time information systems about the movement of goods. Freight forwarders have to match the best global standards to retain their business. The introduction of Pallet network enabled the industry to adapt to the fluidity of e-commerce, providing greater customer service, as the customer could now track and watch shipments online. The adoption of best logistics practices has meant better control over delivery times, reductions in freight forwarding costs and move towards better customer service.

Benchmark has emerged as a recognized national leader in supply chain consulting, analytics, and market intelligence. Our mission is extremely simple: To enable companies in capturing the maximum value from their supply chain. Equipped with end-to-end supply chain expertise, we facilitate supply chain transformation at every planning horizon of our clients – strategic, tactical, and operational – and across multiple domains.

The spectrum of our specialties include Supply Chain Design, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Logistics Operations, Transportation, Service Supply Chain, and Packaging Optimization. With locations across India and overseas we serve companies across the world in a borderless fashion. We believe in innovative services and we are one of the very few companies in our region that provides an integrated solution encompassing Logistics, re-engineering of business processes and floor plans, automation through material handling equipment and IT. We take great pride in the capabilities generated by the firm in designing and operation-alising complete supply chain structures of our clients from the ground up. Our core differentiation from our competitors happens to be our unique Decision Making approach — employing specialized knowledge, well researched content and powerful technologies to support decision-makers with objective insight.

The logistics cost in India is rated amongst the highest compared to other developed countries. The poorly developed infrastructure in the country is the root cause of delays, bottlenecks, increased transactions costs and overall escalation of logistics costs. The new Government in India has targeted the cause headstrong and has initiated many schemes to boost the investments in infrastructure. Another major road block faced by the industry is the fragmented and disintegrated structure of the logistic industry. There is need for an integral approach of all players and this integral approach will benefit all logistic players. The increased global com-petition is forcing the companies to align, consolidate and match the global standards. All these are positive signs and Indian companies are fast adopting to compete globally.

We are working in an industry that is in a constant state of flux and it is growing more competitive with each passing day. Since its inception, our company has witnessed substantial growth. All this growth and success have contributed towards the company’s increased confidence and has enabled us to enhance our activities towards progressively developing a wide network of customers on a global scale. In the current economic scenario, increased market awareness through consistent media exposure is the best way to let your potential customers know what you can do for them and how well you can do it. A globally recognised award like this will definitely bring more credibility to our statements and commitments. In this highly competitive world the award brings a recognition both domestic and internationally and gives a cutting edge to the company like ours which is aiming to be a globally recognised brand.

For a sunrise industry like logistics more of such rewards and recognition are required to generate the aware-ness and grant support to growing companies. It is definitely a moment of great pride to achieve this coveted and prestigious award. It also reinforces our commitment to work with increased zeal to achieve higher benchmarks year on year.


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