Crypto Trade

Despite the great fall of crypto in 2022, it is still a great time to enter the market. This blog is entitled for crypto heads who want to learn how to make a cryptocurrency exchange and splash the market with a new thing.

Thereby, how to start a crypto exchange? Let’s talk about this (please, check the Topflight article above to know more details).

Why Starting A Crypto Exchange is Beneficial

Crypto is changing into a money magnet for people who are looking for ways to face inflation. But how to enter the battle in the crypto war? Well, a crypto exchange is the answer.

According to the research, crypto exchange is the most used technology in the finance industry and is bringing more users than any other blockchain app. The reason is crypto exchanges contain wallets that users can use to perform transactions.

In a nutshell, if you start your own cryptocurrency exchange, you will most likely get benefits such as:

  • Making profits on transactions
  • Branching out to provide crypto-based payment services
  • Getting a good user base than any other crypto technology

Cryptocurrency Characteristics

When you start an exchange for cryptocurrency, you will definitely need to include features that can attract customers. Here is what a typical crypto exchange offers.

Signing Up

Obviously, your customer will need a signup option. But, with a crypto exchange, you cannot just go with social logins. You need proper documents from the customer to sign up. And ensure that they are complying with AML regulations.

Crypto Wallet

Your users will need a place to store the crypto and change typical currency into a crypto asset. For that, you need a crypto wallet. But you need to tackle a challenge. Different tokens will require a different wallet, and you need to ensure that you know what address is being used for a specific currency.


The portfolio is the place where the users will see how much currency they are currently holding. They love bar graphs and pie charts. A portfolio will show them the value and other important analytics.

Push Notifications

Some apps out there remind the user to check the graph by sending push notifications. People love it when they are reminded that it is the right time to make money.

Security Features

There is no shame in saying that a crypto exchange is all about security. No exchange can exist if it is not secure. Loading a crypto app with two-factor authentication and bio authorization is important. If you start your own Bitcoin exchange, ensure that security is at its peak.

How to make a cryptocurrency exchange

Ok, so this is the place where we will discuss how to start a crypto exchange. Let’s dive into the main talk of the day and see what steps to follow.

From scratch or off-shelf solution

The first step towards building a crypt exchange is choosing whether you want to build something from scratch or want to pick something that is already available in the market. The market is already filled with ready-made solutions like Alphapoint. We recommend you take the latter option and we have a reason for that. You need to develop something that is completely safe. Moreover, with a custom solution, you will see how the money you are putting is being used.

The Area of Legalaties

In the crypto world, you need to ensure that your product is meeting the CEX regulations. For that, you will need a lawyer expert in the crypto niche. He will ensure that the product meets the KYC/AML regulations.

While you are doing that, also focus on creating partnerships with different entities. Offer solutions like crypto payment methods, liquidity provisioning, and more. This may include linking with banks, stock markets, and similar financial institutions.

Stepping onto the UX/UI

One step in how to create a crypto exchange platform is creating the UI. Since we are creating an actual app, we need to ensure that UI is simplistic and easy to use. Crypto involves many mind-boggling functions. An easy-to-use UI will help cater to that. You can do the following:

  • Creating a prototype UI
  • Testing it with users
  • Verification of the design
  • Handling off to the UX/UI team

Front-end and Back-end development

There is nothing much you can do here. That is where your expert front and back-end developers will do the magic. They will link the front end and back end together with the exchange API. But what you can do is monitor the steps of how to make a cryptocurrency exchange because learning is always better than sitting like a panda.