No matter how big or small your organisation is, there is always a call for creating a better team environment. This aids not only better communication between departments (which can make for faster and better solutions to business issues) but also increased respect and responsibility between staff in the same departments – and ultimately and increase in stff retention.

Which company away-days are nothing new, there is a growing trend towards doing something outside of your comfort zone, and going on a short sailing expedition is fast becoming one of the most popular team-building activities.

Many tour and travel operators that previous specialised in yacht charter holidays (such as are starting to offer team-building sailing expedition packages that can take as short as a few days and as long as a week, and are goal-orientated.

Before you head off to organise your own company away-day, it is important to choose the right package that can meet your needs.

The boat

The boat is the most important component of the package and you can’t deny its impact on the entire sailing trip. If you have the sailing qualifications across your team you can take it bareboat, but more common is taking the boat with a skipper.

You can opt for a yacht (better sailing experience, and closer working environment) or catamaran (bigger and more spacious, and allows for better socialising in the evenings, when you’re not sailing). It’s also dependent on the number of people who want to go. If you have a large number of people then it is best to hire a catamaran that can accommodate all these people together.

There are also trimarans that are advanced and more spacious compared to any other version of catamarans.

While choosing the package, you have options available to choose the food and drinks that are being provided by the company itself. If you have opted for a big enough boats like a catamaran, you have plenty of chances to have an onboard kitchen that can perfectly outstandingly meet your needs, and you can even have a hostess and chef on board to help out too – so your team can concentrate on making memories together.

Other sailing vacation packages also include several gears for the aqua activities that offer a splendid option to enjoy the time with the adventure activities. You could add scuba diving and snorkelling to your itinerary, for the best possible chance to enjoy the blue waters.

Sailing is the best way to unlock the beauty of several locations like the Caribbean islands, Bahamas, Florida, Hawaiian, Greece, the Coast of Australia and New Zealand, and the Caribbean Sea. All of these locations are meant to offer you a great experience and an unexpected and unlimited excitement that people want to get during their vacation those not land-based vacation destinations can offer.

The next time you’re looking to book a team-building experience for your company, sailing is definitely one to be considered. No more waiting around or playing games in stuffy hotel conference rooms, but actually making a boat sail, by working together and pushing new boundaries.