As an employee, you spend a significant portion of your life in the workplace. You may think it's just a place where you report for work, time in, eat meals, attend meetings, and time out at the end of the day. But there’s more to it than just a cubicle. Read more
Given that a reported 9 out of 10 businesses fail, with “no market need,” “ran out of cash” and “got outcompeted” paramount among the reasons why, it begs the question: is there a better, more sure-fire way to realize entrepreneurial success? Does any approach exist that can thwart the gut-wrenching 90% chance of failure? One expert, Today’s Growth Consultant (TGC) founder Ken Courtright, says “yes!” He emphatically asserts the answer is establishing an “authority website.” Read more
If you’re going to be designing circuits which rely on battery power, then it’s worth acquainting yourself with the range of different battery holders available, and their respective strengths and weaknesses. These range from the surface-mounted devices which might hold the coin cell to a computer motherboard, right up to the battery rack that might contain the double-As in your TV remote. Read more
The Lloyds of London insurance market is inarguably one of the world’s oldest and least modernised groups and it is having to re-think the way it interacts with customers and turning to digital. This is a prime example for the rest of the sector that it is time to wake up, especially in light of Lloyds Blueprint Two- Lloyd’s marketplace transformation programme. Read more
Advisory Group AG offers a wide range of strategic change advisory services from strategy design to successful implementation and transformation. Following the firm’s recognition in the 2022 AI Leading Advisor Awards as the ‘Leading Boutique Management Consultancy Firm of the Year’ for Switzerland, we spoke with Managing Partner Dr. Wladimir Kovacic to find out more. Read more
Maybe you've heard or read the term "phishing" before and have wondered what, exactly, it was referring to. In the below article, we are going to discuss phishing, some of the most common ways cybercriminals attempt to use phishing tactics and how to guard against them. Read more
Every business organisation aims to improve its efficiency. Business growth and success majorly depend on the efficiency of processes. And one of them is sales engagement.   Apart from increasing efficiency, a streamlined sales engagement process enhances productivity, improves communication, and minimises risk. That's why you need to consider streamlining your sales engagement process.   Read more
More and more, the idea of making business socially responsible has become urgent in light of the looming crisis. As the push to become eco-friendly intensifies, making commercial fleets sustainable is becoming the norm, especially for those of a considerable size. Read more
Technological advancements led to the evolution of payment options, specifically virtual payment cards. Many companies have recently started incorporating virtual payment cards into their operations. Most consider it a way to streamline the purchasing process while maintaining control over the organisation.  Read more
Accidents are a part and parcel of managing a large and active fleet, and is something that fleet managers and operators should be ready for at all times. Read more
No matter how big or small your organisation is, there is always a call for creating a better team environment. This aids not only better communication between departments (which can make for faster and better solutions to business issues) but also increased respect and responsibility between staff in the same departments – and ultimately and increase in stff retention. Read more