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Producing Accurate Insights for Data Driven Organisations

DigitalMR is a technology company which uses Artificial Intelligence for market research and customer insights. Recently the firm found success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2019. On the back of this win, we profiled the firm and caught up with Sales & Marketing Manager, Sophia Papagregoriou who provided us with a glimpse into the inner-workings of this innovative technology company.

Established in 2010, DigitalMR is a London-based technology company with proprietary solutions for social listening & analytics and private online communities, which have been developed specifically for the purpose of consumer insights, and cocreation/customer engagement respectively.

Following years of R&D, partly financed by government grants, DigitalMR’s main research areas include text and image analytics, particularly sentiment and semantic analysis, emotions analysis, and image theme and logo detection. DigitalMR offers clients DIY access to their platforms, as well as end-to-end professional services e.g. ready-to-action reports when required.

To put it simply, individuals have problems, needs and desires, which they are increasingly expressing online. As a result, DigitalMR connects expressed needs to solutions, developing and marketing digital platforms to assist companies bringing better products and services to the market, which in turn will help to improve people’s lives.

One of the platforms which DigitalMR have developed is listening247, a social intelligence solution which analyses public posts that have been harvested from the web in an automated way using Machine/ Deep Learning, for sentiment, topics, emotions and image content, to produce accurate insights that can be integrated with sales and survey data. Going into further detail, Sophia begins by informing us of the ways in which listening247 can be used to benefit companies by enabling them to develop a greater understanding of the content that is being produced and shared about them online.

“listening247 works in any language, and has many use cases for multiple departments within an organisation, regardless of size or development stage. It is now more vital than ever for organisations to understand what is being said about them, so they can maintain some control over their brands’ equity and effectively manage them and their reputation online.”

In addition to listening247, DigitalMR have another online platform, communities247. communities247 is a multilingual and fully customisable DIY online communities platform. The platform allows the recruitment of tens, hundreds, or thousands of people for engagement and insights on demand. Touching on the key features of the platform, Sophia notes how communities247 allows companies to generate original and creative content, as well as providing the opportunity to discover areas for improvement.

“In today’s market, we are in the era of consumer control. As such, brand engagement becomes a must. Every brand and every organisation needs to create online communities for open and continuous dialogue with their customers and stakeholders. communities247 includes several native research tools such as bulletin boards, video diaries, polls, chat groups, and the possibility to integrate online surveys from any provider with the click of a button.”

Operating globally, DigitalMR works with multinationals in various sectors. The firm believes in the democratisation of Market Research, whereby it is accessible and affordable to companies of all sizes and development stages.

Over the years, DigitalMR has completed numerous successful projects by placing its clients on the path to becoming data driven organisations. Enabling the firm to be able to provide such a service, in addition to meeting deadlines and surpassing expectations is the passionate, talented and innovative team which forms the backbone of DigitalMR. Albeit London-headquartered, DigitalMR is a modern ‘remote first’ company when it comes to its employees. When discussing the internal culture, Sophia is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm.

“Here at DigitalMR, our team has both technology and customer insights DNA; a unique combination of software engineers, data scientists, and market researchers, who reside and work from various countries around the world. Sharing the company values (Teamwork, Innovation, Positive Attitude, Partnership, Everything is Possible, Relentless Focus), the team culture plays a huge role in DigitalMR’s success, ensuring the smooth operation of the company’s listening247 and communities247, managing customer and partner relationships, and delivering valuable business insights.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, DigitalMR has some exciting plans in the pipeline for 2019. Bring the interview to a close, Sophia signs off by revealing what lies ahead for the team at DigitalMR,
touching on the what the firm’s CEO, Michalis Michael believes will occur in the years to come.

“In the upcoming years, we believe there will be various developments to the social intelligence and market research space, such as a consolidation of social media listening tools. Surviving ones will rebrand themselves to ‘ social intelligence solutions ’. Social intelligence within SMEs will attempt to become its own function rather than part of insights – which might continue to be the case for blue chips.

“DigitalMR CEO Michalis Michael believes that 2019 is in the middle of a sharp uptake of social intelligence services from market research budgets; according to Reuters the spend will reach US$ 16 Billion by 2023, eight times more than the equivalent in 2017. Of course, he also believes that in order for social intelligence to reach its full potential there needs to be more open dialogue between the various departments of organisations – at the moment it is still a bit confusing as to who is the buyer of social intelligence within a company. There needs to be an alignment of interests across the business as a whole, and a realisation that everyone can benefit from such solutions, just in a different way.”

Contact: Sophia Papagregoriou
Company: DigitalMR