When you have outside counsel it means you are taking services for which you pay only when you use them. When you engage outside counsel, your goal is likely to be how to manage legal expense control. If you have in-house counsel, you will pay whether you use their services or not. Read more
Mortgage life insurance is a plan that pays off your debt if you die before the mortgage is paid off. It is often known as mortgage protection insurance as well. This insurance policy is usually great for your family as it secures the home and your family doesn’t lose it. However, is it the best option available? Let’s find out. Read more
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Initially formed in 1992, Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP began its journey in the industry when it merged with a law practice set up in 1956. Recognised as the Leading Intellectual Property Prosecution Law Firm of the Year, Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP is focused firmly on rendering business-friendly legal advice. Read more
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