Science is moving at a remarkable rate, and no area more so than that of Biotech. This branch of the applied sciences sees specialists harnessing the potential that nature has to offer to benefit mankind. A leader is in this research is the team at Dyna Biotech. As one of India’s leading biotech equipment manufacturers, with years of success behind them, we thought we’d take a closer look to find out more. Read more
As the world has become more globalized, business has had to move to match it. With every country working to different standards, it’s little surprise that many have struggled to make the best possible investments in time and resources. Named Most Innovative HR Technology Company 2020 – USA in AI’s Global Excellence Awards, the team at Expandopedia have achieved unprecedented success. We take a closer look to find out more. Read more
Key to a thriving business is the ability of a company to adapt to changing circumstances, but managing this change is never easy. It requires leadership not just to acknowledge the difficulties of upgrading systems, but the value of the people who will run them. The team at Faculta have been named 2020’s Leading Specialists in Change Management – Mexico in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards. We take a closer look to find out why. Read more
So much more than simply a domiciliary care agency, Overington Care does not merely assist people to live an independent life in their own homes, it also has a strong focus on the mental wellbeing of its clients and its staff. Founder and owner, Nichola, tells us more about her approach and what it means for the community. Read more
Water and energy solutions provider, Davis & Shirtliff, is a well-established brand in the East Africa region and is known for providing high quality products that are readily available and at competitive prices. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s Head of Marketing, Josfrider Musima, to find out more about Davis & Shirtliff one of the Most Outstanding Water Equipment Suppliers in East Africa today. Read more
In the current economic climate, the lack of employment opportunities, risk of layoffs, long-term unemployment outlook, and competition in the workplace have led to higher stress on the job and much lower satisfaction in the daily grind. COVID-19 has left the economies of the world reeling and caused many people to reevaluate their career priorities. As the Leading Global Franchise Consultant of the Year, Frannexus CEO Seth Lederman is on hand to help. Find out more about this outstanding leader as we reveal more about the firm and its exceptional founder. Read more
Managing a project proactively and effectively is very often the key to ensuring a successful outcome. So much emphasis can be placed on results, that the process of managing the project throughout can sometimes be lost. However, one firm has taken it upon itself to ensure that every client can see their every project through to successful resolution. Cloud Coach has been named the Best Enterprise Project Management Software Provider 2020 in this issue of Acquisition International, so we endeavour to find out more about the company. Read more
In 2014, Kelly Stone transformed a decaying national charity into Families Canada—the go-to place for those who work with vulnerable families. Now President and CEO, Kelly is steering Families Canada through a full digital transformation. In addition to a long career in public service centring around the rights and welfare of children, Kelly acknowledges her duty as an influential woman in business and works hard to offer other women starting out the opportunities and tools to reach senior levels of management. Read more
Investing in education is always a wise decision. Many opportunities open up when you become more educated. A business administration degree emphasizes planning, administration, leadership skills, and other aspects involved in running or managing a company. Read more
Before you start an internship program in your company, understanding internships and how they work are a must. Read more
Businesses in the modern world have had to experience unparalleled transformation unlike many other times that have gone before. Companies have had to transform their business processes, and Approyo has been hard at work helping them do just that. Approyo specializes in SAP technology, and has therefore been recognized in this issue of Acquisition International as one of 2020’s Leaders in SAP Cloud Solutions – USA. We find out more about this exceptional firm and what it offers in order to learn more about its successes. Read more
Creating a positive learning culture in school is what is one of the most important and challenging jobs for any teacher. That’s because education is not only about going to school and giving a lecture. It also has a lot to do with instilling confidence and inspiration in young minds as well as to motivate them to do well in their lives. That is why it is vital to learn about effective leadership practices that can be followed in school. Read more