Woman giving a presentation at work
A corporate presentation should have an interesting subject given with passion. Here we look at what can make your presentation
Leading Cambridge firm of business psychologists, OE Cam, is urging businesses to consider the unintended impact of hybrid working. Their
Science is moving at a remarkable rate, and no area more so than that of Biotech. This branch of the
Driving Global Developments
As the world has become more globalized, business has had to move to match it. With every country working to
change management
Key to a thriving business is the ability of a company to adapt to changing circumstances, but managing this change
Care worker
So much more than simply a domiciliary care agency, Overington Care does not merely assist people to live an independent
Davis & Shirtliff
Water and energy solutions provider, Davis & Shirtliff, is a well-established brand in the East Africa region and is known
CEO Seth Lederman
In the current economic climate, the lack of employment opportunities, risk of layoffs, long-term unemployment outlook, and competition in the
Cloud Coach
Managing a project proactively and effectively is very often the key to ensuring a successful outcome. So much emphasis can
Kelly Stone
In 2014, Kelly Stone transformed a decaying national charity into Families Canada—the go-to place for those who work with vulnerable
Investing in education is always a wise decision. Many opportunities open up when you become more educated. A business administration
Before you start an internship program in your company, understanding internships and how they work are a must.