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It’s widely reported that female founded businesses get less funding than male, and while venture capital boomed in 2021, women-led start-ups didn’t reap the benefits. Research from the European Investment Bank revealed that female entrepreneurs secured only 1% of venture capital investment last year. This is despite the fact that women-led businesses generate more gross sales, deliver double the return on investment, and fail less often than male-led businesses. Read more
Behind any organization and company's success is a team of happy, healthy, and satisfied employees. Any business with high employee morale tends to enjoy a healthy work culture and well-engaged employees and won't have any problem sourcing or attracting the best talents in the industry. Read more
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Customer education platforms are online tools that help organizations deliver training and support to their customers. These platforms can be used to create and deliver courses, track customer progress, and provide customer support. They can decrease churn by providing a better way for customers to learn about a product or service and by giving them the ability to ask questions and get support when needed. These platforms can also help organizations keep track of customer progress and ensure that customers use the product or service correctly. Read more
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