Jacksoft Commerce Automation is a pioneering firm of Regtech and Computer Auditing Experts situated in Taipei, Taiwan. Specialists in IT and auditing services for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Jacksoft provides market-leading automated solutions and world-class training to its clients, giving them the tools to efficiently maintain compliance, so that they can focus on growing the successes of their business. We take a closer look at Jacksoft and its innovative offering following the firm’s success in being crowned the Most Innovative Computer Auditing Technology Firm 2021 – Taiwan.

The first of its kind in Taiwan, Jacksoft Commerce Automation is a professional technical service company specialising in Computer Audit, Regtech and Enterprise Risk Management. Named after the Master of Contemporary Management, Jack Welch, and serving domestic Top 100 companies across a range of markets, global Fortune 500 companies, government units and international financial holding companies, Jacksoft is committed to facilitating the successes of its clients. Acting as a trusted partner, Jacksoft helps to add value, reduce IT investment cost and make teams and businesses more automated, and therefore more efficient and more profitable.

Jacksoft is empowered by strong research and development teams that have been supported for several years by the assistance and research grants of institutions including the Incubation Center of the SME Administration of the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, the National Science Council, Taiwan, and the Department of Commerce. With their support, the team at Jacksoft has been able to develop, produce, and distribute commerce automation solutions to more than a thousand clients across Asia.

Ultimately, Jacksoft’s solutions have been designed to respond to the increasing pressures on executives to make quick yet well-informed decisions in business operations that have also become more complex, and in accordance with regulatory requirements that are continuously evolving. Combining profound business analytics with immediate reporting has enabled Jacksoft to build Continuous Audit Applications, cutting-edge solutions that independently run ongoing examinations of the transactional data at the core of its users’ businesses, to identify areas of unforeseen risk, potential internal control exposures, and automatically act upon opportunities to enhance operations.

The Jacksoft Toolkits for Auditors (JTK), the company’s flagship product, is a simple yet powerful and intelligent example of the Continuous Auditing Platform, which manages ACL scripts and ‘audit robots’, and automatically generates reports on the test results found. Jacksoft’s audit robots, better known as JBOT, have been developed by the team and launched across a vast selection of industries, each designed with unique international regulations in mind.

Thanks to the automated processes and risk warnings of JTK, audit teams are able to handle their audit issues more efficiently, browsing the report and risk analyses easily on an online platform that is accessible on a PC and phone. The platform features a handy dashboard, which stakeholders can also view, making communications about business strategies even easier.

With a range of Continuous Audit Applications now available for SAP ERP, Oracle ERP and Oracle DB, Jacksoft has created comprehensive solutions, all designed to make the examination of analytics and implementation of strategies easier. Whether clients are looking for services within a Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash, or Manufacturing cycle within its SAP ERP or Oracle ERP data systems, or for solutions in Patch Management, Security Monitoring, Access Control, or Auditing Log Files in their Oracle DB systems, Jacksoft builds bespoke solutions that work for their clients. Jacksoft is also able to offer its clients a range of OEM and ODM solutions within its services in the development of ACL Scripts and Continuous Audit Platforms, which take into account three major factors: the cost of development, time to market, and profession of development.

Jacksoft enhances its bespoke offering by going above and beyond to make the implementation and integration of its solutions into the operations of its clients seamless. JTK, for instance, is rolled out in three simple steps that begin with System Configuration, followed by Continuous Auditing, and finish with Audit Report Analytics. With the support of the Jacksoft team and its commitment to supporting and customising the applications of their businesses, clients are able to focus on the bigger picture matters, such as getting products to market as quickly and effectively as possible.

It is therefore crucial for Jacksoft to maintain the high standards of its team of IT and computer auditing professionals, which is now known across Taiwan and beyond for professional and innovative attributes, and a company culture that is more like a family than a staff of colleagues. Many in the Jacksoft team have been recruited from the thirty-five universities that Jacksoft has partnered with across the length and breadth of Taiwan, and exhibit the results of Jacksoft’s exceptional Computer Auditing Education Program that have been introduced in these institutions.

A certified training programme of the International Computer Auditing Education Association (ICAEA) Canada, Jacksoft offers a variety of professional certification programs that are designed to establish and improve industry competency standards. Candidates can enrol in one of three certificate designations: the JACKSOFT Certified CAATs Practitioner (JCCP) designation, which is a personal, professional certification of competence that is granted to individuals who meet the requirements of the certification program, and concludes with an examination to confirm an understanding and comprehension of CAATs Common Body of Knowledge; the Certified ERP Audit Professional (CEAP) designation, which is an expert-level, highly skilled computer auditing professional certification; and the ACL Certified Data Analyst (ACDA) designation, an advanced-level computer auditing professional certification. The ACDA sets the industry benchmark for technical proficiency and professional expertise in using ACL software and its certification evaluates and recognises the ability to integrate ACL technology into financial analyses and business processes, assuring senior management of their employees’ abilities to maximise the full potential of their organisation’s ACL investment.

Offering both cutting-edge automation products and industry-leading education programs as a pioneering organisation of an industry that remains relatively unexplored within Taiwan has been instrumental in positioning Jacksoft as the leader of its market. Having been consistently praised by its clients for its exceptional performance, values, and offering, and now being recognised as the Most Innovative Computer Auditing Technology Firm 2021 of Taiwan, Jacksoft is able to look ahead with great optimism about the future, as it continues to pave the way in modern technology and computer auditing solutions.

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