Exam Soft
ExamSoft, a platform that has been lauded as the ‘Most Innovative Learning Assessment Platform’ in 2022 for the USA, has
With DeepMind claiming that its AI system – AlphaCode – can “write computer code at a competitive level,” a milestone
Physical virtual data room
In the current world, digital companies are becoming more prominent in the business sphere. Resulting in an increase in data
Teresa Minero, CEO of LifeBee
Working hard to deliver expert consultancy services to the life sciences industry, LifeBee srl has made itself the ‘Most Innovative
Codex Beauty Labs is a biotech company grounded in science, dedicated to supporting microbiome. Its pioneering cruelty-free products are clinically-proven
Man fixing a boiler
Becoming a household name for renewables in Scotland by heating one household at a time, the Greener Energy Group has
Double exposure image of business men agaunst a stock exchange graph
Innovation is a critical component of any successful business. By 2022, businesses that fail to embrace innovation will find themselves
Sustainability concept of a man in a business suit choosing a button showing the recycling logo
Here, we explore businesses that were created with reusing and recycling as their core purpose and why they’re important for
Cardiovascular Research
The world of research is built on collaboration, but finding the space for that collaboration is not always easy. When
CRM Specialists
Today, advanced digitisation offers companies from all industries the opportunity to open up new markets or market segments. This requires
Autonomous Electric Van
The business of transportation is hardly new, however, some of the newest businesses to emerge onto the scene have models
Packaging is an integral component of a manufacturing or distributing business. Regardless of the type of products or goods you're