Square 9 Softworks, the ‘Most Innovative Digital Transformation Software Provider’ for 2022, has developed a stellar international reputation for simplifying common business tasks with a complete overhaul of its clients’ business processes. Read more
In recent months, there seemed to be a sharper focus on a specific work arrangement, remote working. As its name implies, this means members of the workforce or employees are all working from remote settings, usually from the comfort of their homes. Depending on the work done in your organization, some team members can even be from overseas. Read more
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For a few years now, Italy has introduced several measures aimed at incentivizing foreign investment in Italy, encouraging the growth of innovative startups. Since 2017, those who intend to invest in the venture capital of innovative startups can benefit from an important tax relief, that consists in a deduction from the gross IRPEF due by the investor, equal to 50% of the investment (according to Decreto Rilancio, D.L. 34/2020 Read more
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