Top Blood and Marrow Transplant and Immunotherapy programs depend on Title21 Health Solution’s (Title21) technology to manage the patient, product and process data from collection to infusion. From reporting to analytics, Title21 provides all the critical data at your fingertips so the right person has the right data at the right time to make the right decisions. This allows Medical Technologists, Technical and Medical Directors to focus on higher-value work, and ultimately the patient, rather than chasing down paperwork and people.

Earlier this year, Title21 was selected as the Most Outstanding Cell Therapy Software Provider for 2019 by AI’s Global Excellence Award. We had a chance to catch up with Lynn Fischer, the CEO at Title21 who provided us with a detailed insight into the award-winning software provider.

Since their inception, Tile21’s Cloud and onpremise software manages critical patient, product and process data for cell and gene therapy, immunotherapy and regenerative medicine to ensure quality, compliance and traceability. Programs that implement Title21 solutions find they can scale more effectively to treat more patients and can also translate products more quickly and efficiently from bench to bedside, delivering the latest innovative therapies to patients faster and more safely.

Title21 has served FDA-regulated life science companies for many years with quality management software, so Title21’s experience has been of great service to the cell therapy segment. “Our technology is extremely flexible due to its configurability on the front end. That means that we can maintain a single code base while meeting each cancer center or cell manufacturers’ specific requirements.”

“Every team member at Title21 is dedicated to supporting the lifesaving work that health care providers do each and every day.”

“At Title21, we partner with the largest and top-rated cancer hospitals – placing the patient first. One of our greatest testimonials we hear often is that our customers want us to continue to solve more of their challenges with our technology. They ask Title21 to help provide solutions through technology to increase the quality, safety and efficiency of their programs.” Current Title21 customers have a strong influence on the technology roadmap to add value to patient therapeutic care and quality. Analytics and business intelligence are also important and play a significant role in the future of developing new cures and protocols more quickly and efficiently. Cell and gene therapy is a dynamic market and the protocols are changing rapidly as they are improved and refined.

Moving forward, the future looks bright for the team at Title21 as they continue to provide exceptional services and award-winning solutions to hospitals and biotech firms. “Our passion is to serve the many patients and their families who face life-threatening diseases by supporting the leading healthcare institutions and biotech companies with powerful tools that help them deliver innovative treatments to their patients. Every team member at Title21 is dedicated to supporting the lifesaving work that health care providers do each and every day” remarks Fischer.

Bringing the interview to a close, Lynn signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the business, which includes their ambitions to further expand the business in the years to come, especially with the advancements in immunotherapy technology.