Ian Reid

Law is an arena in which experience and expertise can provide a cutting edge over the competition. In construction law today, being knowledgeable about everything from planning to completion is a necessity. Bringing all of that and so much more to the table is London’s Most Outstanding Construction Lawyer in 2019, Ian Reid. As part of his award-winning success, we profile his work with internationally-renowned law firm, Trowers & Hamlins.

The ability to spot tiny details upon which a case can turn is one that is imperative in the law industry, regardless of the area. Crucial minutiae can be missed by all but the most expert of legal minds, and law firm Trowers & Hamlins houses some of the finest legal minds currently working in the world today. One of the most excellent legal minds working at the firm is construction lawyer Ian Reid, recipient of recognition in Acquisition International. Having specialised in all manner of contentious and non-contentious issues related to the real estate and construction industry, Ian’s work has proven immeasurably useful for companies and individuals alike.

Internationally recognised for its wide-ranging mix of legal specialisations, Trowers & Hamlins is one of the best for excellence in law across both the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Combining sector leadership and an unparalleled knowledge of the real estate sector in both parts of the world, the firm boasts more than 150 partners and over 900 individuals working across the United Kingdom, Middle East, and Asia. The firm is primarily engineered towards helping both private businesses and public governments change the way people live and work for the better, and achieves this by providing sound advice that is wholly focused on tackling tomorrow’s industry problems today.

During the firm’s extensive history, it has always remained true to the founding values and principles that have been at the core of its services. Throughout every interaction, every case, and every piece of work no matter how big or small, both Ian and the wider team at Trowers & Hamlins embody quality, integrity, and innovation of the highest order. For more than 230 years, these principles have remained directly embedded in the firm’s culture and service to all manner of clients.

Not only have these principles guided the firm to its rightful place as one of the best leading law firms in the United Kingdom, but they have also made it into an exciting and inclusive place to work for people looking to establish themselves a long-term career. As one of the top fifty law firms in the United Kingdom, with regional offices in Birmingham, Exeter, and Manchester, and headquarters in London, there are few better companies to work for than Trowers & Hamlins. On the international stage, the firm has a strong presence across the Middle East and Northern Africa region, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, and Oman, with yet another office in Malaysia. There is an abundance of opportunity for the firm.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the form of its senior partners and exceptionally-talented lawyers, Trowers & Hamlins has cultivated a reputation for delivering legal excellence, particularly within the real estate sector. To name just a handful of the firm’s practices, it specialises in commercial, social housing, banking, finance, and private wealth practices, as well as planning, tax, pensions, and environment. Being specially trained in each area is one thing, but having the technical knowhow to effectively apply this knowledge to a variety of sectors is another thing entirely.

The construction industry is one of constant change, whether it be challenges from newly-passed government policy and uncontrollable global economic factors, or technological marvels that showcase the latest possibilities for construction. The expert advice and innovative solutions from Trowers & Hamlins can help any client move past these new challenges, by unlocking deals, mitigating risks, and maximising the potential benefits of all types of construction deals.

Each case is radically unique and requires a team that can mould themselves around what the client needs. This client-centric malleability means that every client that wants to work with the team at Trowers & Hamlins can do so with a team that has been specifically chosen for the job at hand. Above all, every client needs rapid responses and commercial clarity in any piece of advice given. Every day, the firm strives to offer just that, to clients ranging from central and local governments, contractors, consultants, investors, and some of the largest and most successful organisations in the country today.

One of the finest legal minds that Trowers & Hamlins has to offer is construction lawyer Ian Reid. Specialising in construction law and dealing with both contentious and non-contentious matter, Ian has worked all around the world on a variety of projects. These include, but are not limited to, major projects of urban regeneration in and around London’s Docklands, city centre office blocks, luxury residential schemes, and rail infrastructure projects. However, the worldwide recognition of Ian’s legal prowess really comes into focus once it is revealed he has also worked on one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas projects, mining projects in the Australian outback, North Sea oil rigs, and resort developments in the South Pacific.

Throughout his work across the world, Ian has worked for a plethora of different clients, each as varied as the next. From leading developers and railway operators, to institutional investors and royal families from the Middle East, there is no shortage of the experience that Ian has gained over the years. He has also spent time gathering a wealth of information on the topic of construction law, even organising and chairing numerous conference on the topic in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

Handling construction disputes of all kinds, Ian is adept at drafting and negotiating all types of construction contracts and disputes. Having trained as an architect prior to becoming a lawyer at Trowers & Hamlins, Ian’s knowledge of the real estate sector and the necessary details of any construction project is enhanced even further. The image to the left is one of Ian’s architectural designs involving a tetrahedral steel lattice supporting prefabricated polyhedral modular living pods and geodesic domes. The use of prefabricated modular construction is now gaining ground in the UK and as a construction lawyer Ian now finds himself drafting contracts for the supply of modular pods some 25 years after designing such pods as an architectural student. With a master’s degree in construction law and arbitration, there are few more well-equipped to handle any construction law needs in the United Kingdom, and further afield.

Ultimately, there can be no denying the legal prowess of Ian’s work. As an individual, he continues to deliver unparalleled levels of excellence, always remaining laser-focused on what the client wants and how best to achieve it. As a part of the whole Trowers & Hamlins family, Ian is a vital cog in the machine that is more focused on ensuring top-quality real estate and construction law services than ever before.

Company: Trowers & Hamlins LLP
Contact: Ian Reid
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