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Outdoor equipment must stand up to the most rigorous of conditions, not only competing with the stresses that nature provides, but the strain of continual use by fitness fanatics and children. Recognised as the Most Outstanding Outdoor Fitness Gym & Playground Equipment Manufacturer – 2020, KOOCHIE GLOBAL has achieved great things. We look more closely at the firm to find out more.

KOOCHIE is a brand that can be seen across the world, renowned as a trendsetter within the playground equipment and outdoor fitness industry. In a market where safety and durability is key, this is a company that has made its name in thinking beyond the simple provision of fitness & playground equipment. In every product, the brand has worked tirelessly to incorporate a unique multi sensorial dimension that is specifically designed to facilitate behavioural, cognitive and motor development. As well as addressing the social and emotional aspects of child development, KOOCHIE is a company that goes one step beyond in the pursuit of excellence.

“The dream from the very beginning was not to make a playground system like no other, but to offer a total solution to customers. This solution would holistically include, meeting international standards of safety, quality, aesthetics, product life, design, planning and of course project execution” says Roben DASS, the Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of the brand. This dream has worked to redefine and achieve a new balance between these qualities, with a mission that remains the same to this day thus putting the brand on a global map.

This decision has guided KOOCHIE to its current success, establishing a distinct identity that really differentiates the brand from its competitors. Many have come to see the brand as the first choice for their needs, with medium to large residential projects making up the majority of the market. This means that the team’s much-vaunted equipment can be found in public parks, schools, camping sites, malls, clubs, hotels and resorts to name but a few locations.

Of course, some people were unconvinced of the need for a new international standard for their playgrounds, with many tired and potentially dangerous sites seen as acceptable. The work of KOOCHIE has gone a long way to transforming how people see playgrounds, having a major effect on the industry. This work was painstakingly done through workshops and seminars, each designed not to sell KOOCHIE products but to educate stakeholders on the importance of testing and certification for children’s play & outdoor fitness areas. The result, however, has been an industry transformed and receptive to what KOOCHIE has to offer, even forcing competition to step up their standards and product offerings.

As the team provide a total solution, this means that each project is treated on individually, with its own set of unique advantages and challenges. From consultation to design, from manufacture to installation and final sign off, the team are engaged with the entire process. Clients are always approached directly, with full support given by the company’s fully trained marketing team.

The success of the firm comes entirely from the passion with which its leadership and team approaches each job. All team members are delighted to work alongside stakeholders in the production of the ideal site for gym and park equipment. “We are proud to have become one of the most specified brands by leading architects and designers in many markets today. The brand is well established and is considered to be a trend setter in our industry – with this recognition comes a huge responsibility that we continually need to live up to” says Roben.

With a history of innovation and higher standards, it can be of little surprise that KOOCHIE is still spending money researching new technologies and innovations. The business is continuously expanding, offering exciting new product lines as well as a brandnew production facility. This will mark the company’s ninth. Looking forward, the firm intends to penetrate more global markets, such as North and Central America, as well as the EMEA regions.

KOOCHIE has been responsive for a market transformed, pushing up international standards that guarantee the safety of all users. This
would be a success in and of itself, but the team have gone on to find impressive achievements in the construction of these new parks and playgrounds. With such a determination to achieve something new, KOOCHIE is set to continue its path of success for years to come.