Axiory Trading Academy and how does it help traders to become better

Axiory is a Forex and CFD (Contract for Difference) broker that was conceived in 2011 and received a first customer in 2012. The broker is well regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Belize, and offers great trading conditions to its clients. 

In addition to offering financial services, Axiory provides education and training to beginner and more seasoned traders through the Axiory Trading Academy, webinars, and trading platform installation guides. 

The trading academy provides educational programs and training designed to teach novice traders the fundamentals of trading. These programs help novice traders understand essential concepts such as: Automated trading, basics, economic indicators, risk management, platforms, technical indicators, trading psychology, and more. Existing and potential clients of Axiory can access the educational material from the broker’s main page, under the “Education” tab.

When learning how to study forex trading, beginners have to overcome many challenges. If you are a beginner, first you should learn the trading terminology to understand how traders communicate and speed up your learning process. Terminology is explained under the “Trading Terms” section. Next, you need to read the “Basics” section, as it will help you create a healthy approach to trading. In addition, learning about risk management and how to predict markets are highly important. Professional traders use technical and fundamental analysis to make predictions about future price movements. Both topics are thoroughly covered in the trading academy. 

The broker explains how to use the most popular technical indicators, such as: Fibonacci Sequence, Pivot Points, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Fractals, Momentum indicator, and more. For purely fundamental traders, there’s an “Economic indicators” section, that includes guides on how to use an economic calendar, how currencies are correlated, how news impacts markets, and more. 

It should be mentioned that there are many quality sources of information that help traders become professional traders, including: video tutorials, online courses, trading guides and books, Forex blogs and websites. What makes Axiory trading academy so valuable is that it focuses on the most important topics and explains them to beginners in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Moreover, the broker offers a free to use demo trading account. The account type will help you use the information you receive in the Axiory’s academy in practice. The demo account will enable you to trade risk-free, using fake money, and get familiar with trading platforms, trading indicators and develop trading strategies. The broker offers a strategies section where different trading methods are explained. There’s no single best approach to trading, as every trader is different. What brings profits for one trader may not be productive for you. Which is why it’s best to try different strategies in a risk-free environment and find what works best for you.

Overall, we can safely say that the educational material is pretty extensive and will undoubtedly help novice traders enhance their knowledge of the markets.