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About the Dispute Resolution Awards

Having made a credible name for itself over the past few years it has run, the Dispute Resolution Awards is one of the many awards hosted by Acquisition Intl and is considered a highly prestigious programme. It is a badge of honour, a stamp of excellence, which marks our award winners as part of an exclusive and illustrious group, comprised of some of the most influential names in the legal services market.

It is the important job of specialist dispute resolution professionals to minimise the impact of costly, time consuming, and distracting disagreements within the corporate and commercial spheres, and bring such conflicts to a swift and satisfactory conclusion. The Dispute Resolution Awards highlights the main players in the market: the most respected litigators, arbitrators and mediators across a variety of industries, who work tirelessly to resolve any conflicts on behalf of their varying clientele.

To ensure this, our in-house research team works hard to identify the firms and leaders who deserve acknowledgement for their outstanding performances and skills within the market. Our past winners have demonstrated key abilities such as anticipating their client’s needs and understanding their clients’ businesses, alongside a talent for analytical thinking. These are just a few of the plethora of qualities shown by those who go on to be successful.

This award is no longer running. You can still view previous winners in the Hall of Fame below, but no new awards will be given out.
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