Thomson Reuters Corporation (Thomson Reuters) is a provider of news and information for professional markets and recently won the 2017 Business Elite from Switzerland award, after which we invited them to profile their varied work in the field of financial markets.

The company is organised in three business units – financial & risk, legal and tax & accounting. The financial & risk segment in which I work is a provider of critical news, information and analytics, enabling transactions and connecting communities of trading, investment, financial and corporate professionals.

The legal segment is a provider of critical online and print information, decision tools, software and services that support legal, investigation, business and government professionals around the world. The tax & accounting segment is a provider of integrated tax compliance and accounting information, software and services for professionals in accounting firms, corporations, law firms and government. The company also operates Reuters, Global Growth Organization (GGO), and Enterprise Technology & Operations (ET&O). Thomson Reuters operates in over 100 countries. Alexandre Hardouin who received the award, is Head of Fixed Desktop at Thomson Reuters based in Geneva.

My role in the company involves working in the financial & risk segment of Thomson Reuters, where we help customers generate superior returns, increase access to liquidity and create efficient, reliable infrastructures in increasingly global, electronic and multi-asset class markets, through our market-leading Thomson Reuters Eikon and Thomson Reuters Elektron.”

2017 Business Elite from Switzerland award It has been a great pleasure to receive the 2017 Business Elite award for Switzerland, Thomson Reuters has had a long presence in the country and I have been working in Geneva for 10 years. I am head of fixed income desktop at Thomson Reuters globally, but as I am based in Geneva where I do meet many local clients, as needs expressed by Swiss clients are complex and reflect what the market trends are globally.

This award is a recognition of the work we have been doing in 2017 and the years before, to deliver the right analysis tools to fixed income traders, asset managers and corporate treasurers in a context where financial markets continue to be impacted by the regulatory response to the financial crisis.

Industry challenges ahead Financial markets continue to be impacted by the regulatory response to the financial crisis. Market practice has shifted significantly in the fixed income world – notably in interest rate derivatives and counterparty credit risk (CCR).
Markets have entered a new era, heavily focused on the accurate quantification, mitigation and reporting of credit default risk. Market participants are wrestling with mandatory and complex requirements for credit valuation adjustments, collateralisation and clearing such as BASEL III and Dodd-Frank. In addition, there are new reporting and accounting standards including EMIR, Mifid II, IFRS9 and IFRS13 and FAS

The evolving market landscape poses significant challenges to all participants including rates sales and structuring desks, corporate treasuries, auditors and risk consultancies. All face the same environment, yet for each the challenge is subtly different.
From the BASEL III Capital Charge, to calculating the CVA of a large portfolio; from complying with IFRS9 hedge accounting requirements to managing CSA collateral arrangements – a range of complex challenges requires an intelligent solution.

My job at Thomson Reuters is to offer tools to our clients to deal with this complexity. We delivered single asset calculators and portfolio-centred, crossasset pricing valuation system within Thomson Reuters Eikon software. It delivers unrivalled price and value discovery, advanced analytics, multiasset CVA, mark-to-market, P&L and risk reporting and open collaboration capabilities.
Aspirations for your firm in 2017 and beyond We want to continue to serve our fixed income clients with the best in class desktop solutions by expanding our financial coverage, delivering easy to use tools covering pre-trade and post trade workflows.