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Article Image - Delivering Excellence in the Coaching Sector
Posted 4th January 2017

Delivering Excellence in the Coaching Sector

2b Limitless as a professional coaching organisation focused on strengths, engagement, performance and transformation. We are focused on c-suite executives, senior leaders, entrepreneurial leaders and high performance teams. Our core business is built around executive coaching programmes and our 2BY

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Delivering Excellence in the Coaching Sector

2b Limitless as a professional coaching organisation focused on strengths, engagement, performance and transformation. We are focused on c-suite executives, senior leaders, entrepreneurial leaders and high performance teams. Our core business is built around executive coaching programmes and our 2BYB international goal-setting events. We also deliver targeted training and workshops around strengths, goals, strategy, purpose, vision & values and extraordinary success.

As a business, we do not focus on satisfaction… ‘satisfied customers leave all the time!’ Our core focus is ‘engagement’ and our key metric for success in engaging our clients is referral and repeat business. We are very pleased with our performance against this metric with deeper and broader work planned in 2017.

2016 has seen 2b Limitless grow significantly as an organisation based around the quality of our team and the outstanding achievements of our clients. We have assembled our strongest ever team that deliver excellence across a broad spectrum of personal and professional success. We now feel that we have a complete coaching and training offering. • Mick Todd – Founder, Senior Executive Success, Leadership & Strengths Coach • Dr. Justin Kennedy – Senior Executive Coach & Neuropsychologist • David Labouchere, OBE – ‘The Art of Possible’ Facilitator, Strategy and Change Coach • Sacha Fitch – Executive Strengths, Leadership Consultant Facilitator • Kim Page – Communication & Influence Coach and Trainer • Jason Grange – ‘The Art of Possible’ Facilitator • Linda Bonnar – NLP and Youth Empowerment Coach • Bronwyn Byrnes – Corporate Role Player

These outstanding professionals have given us the bandwidth and skills to deliver in an elegant manner that better support our client’s needs. Our primary success measures are built around the achievements of clients and this year has delivered success on an amazing scale. Our clients have built amazing success around coaching and strategy, which we co-developed.
• Bluehaus Group, Dubai – This is our longest corporate coaching relationship and we are incredibly proud of the coaching, training and strategic partnership we have developed. The growth of this business from boutique interior design firm to regional architectural, MEP (Bluehaus Engineering) and urban surveys is a testament to the vision of the leadership and the culture of courageous innovation. Bluehaus Group is a fantastic example of our strengths – engagement – performance – transformation and the process has had a massive mutual positive impact.

• ADCB, Abu Dhabi – Within the board secretariat and legal department of the UAE’s third largest bank we have developed a long-term coaching relationship that was originally focused on developing leadership and management capability across the department. It has now widened around goals and engagement. 2016 has seen this process contribute greatly to increased engagement and successfully support a seamless transition within the structure of the legal department leadership. • E-Golf Megastore, Dubai – Phenomenal growth and expansion from e-commerce platform to opening of two retail stores. Now the largest golf retailer in the Middle East. • The Entertainer, Globally – Executive leadership and management programmes based on building a strength-based culture that have supported the amazing growth of this business in the GCC and internationally. To be recognised as the ‘APP of the Year’ was a key indicator of the success of the transformation strategy that we have consistently supported. • One&Only, Wolgan Valley, Sydney, Australia – The goal setting, strategy development and leadership coaching that has supported the recognition as the ‘AHA Australian Luxury Resort of the Year’.

This recognition is almost secondary when compared with the impact the 2016/2017 goals and strategy have had on performance. • House of Comms, Dubai, From a small twoperson operation to the fastest growing integrated digital, communications and PR business in the region. The strategy and coaching piece that has seen the business grow to represent some of the world’s largest brands and the creation of a culture that everybody believes in and is engaged in is a key element of our work with the business. • IPT Practice, DLA Piper, Middle East, the recently crowned ‘TMT Practice of the Year’ is a long standing 2b Limitless client we have worked with the key partner in developing both strategy and team over the past 5 years and this has had an enormous impact on engagement and performance. This team is explicitly strengths-based and is the trusted IPT advisor to many of the world’s leading brands. • Starwood Hotels, Dubai & Northern Emirates, we have worked with 5 key Starwood properties across the Emirates to develop a focus that has developed leaders, goals and strategy across all properties.

This work has had meaningful impact in terms of top and bottom line performance, increased market share, clarity of objectives, engagement of staff and owners and guest experience. • GASCO, Abu Dhabi, the oil and gas Industry is the key driver of the UAE’s GDP and as such developing local leaders and strategies of substance are critical elements in building sustainable success. 2b Limitless is proud of the training and coaching programmes it has run throughout the year with the leaders at the very highest level in the business supporting them in set clear objectives and giving them the tools to be more impactful leaders.
There are many other individual and organisational successes that we could share. We are proud to work with all of our clients and are delighted to share a small part of their success.

The real heartbeat of 2b Limitless is our backoffice team led by Melanie Bangcaya our Office Manager and Mohammed Harief our PRO and Head of Logistics these two massively dedicated professionals allow the rest of the team to deliver seamlessly by ensuring all the details are managed with excellence. Without them none of our success would be possible. We also receive outstanding support from Vikas Takhtani and Jerald Matiban from Legends Accounting who provide financial planning and strategic financial support.

Complex realities in today’s world The pace of change in the modern business landscape is staggering. Leaders are faced with an unprecedented number of real time decisions that have far reaching ramifications for clients, employees and shareholders. Having real clarity of purpose, objectives, goals and the rituals and behaviours that will deliver performance that will lead to a meaningful impact are critical components of the modern leaders’ toolbox.

As business continues to become more and more complex a leaders’ ability to simplify and identify the true priorities, take agile action and make a meaningful impact is key. That is where we come in and help leaders to develop a roadmap and the tools that they need to deliver excellence in performance.

External coaches for executive and senior management As a neutral sounding board and expert external coaches are able to help generate insights across a variety of industries. As a coach with over 15,000 hours of experience across multiple industries the level of expertise and exposure to high-level relationships and decision-making enables me and all our 2b Limitless coaches to help bring a quality of impartial perspective that is very difficult for an in-house resource to offer.

Priorities for the future Growth – In a word this is our key focus across all of our key success measures. We are building plans to develop a centre of excellence so we can offer pathways and standardised coaching process. We are also looking to develop a standalone high performance coaching and training facility in Asia, in order to offer our clients an unrivalled coaching and goal setting retreat through our 2BYB (To Be Your Best) process, so 2017 promises to be another amazing year at 2b Limitless.
We are currently developing our 2020 strategy and it is focused around building success and leadership processes, programmes and events that focus on strengths, engagement, performance and transformation so we not only plan to be in this space, we plan to be a key player in this space.

I am conscious that it is easy to sit and talk about how great we are but the insights that we are most interested in as a business are what our clients think it is like to work with us… Here is what they think…
“The coaching with Mick helped me focus on my goals, my strengths and to be consistent. It transformed my life, privately as well as in business.” – Abdul-Aziz Al-Yaqout of CEO Al-Yaqout Group, Dubai & Kuwait “Mick is a Master Coach. His genuine ambition to help others succeed, his authenticity of character and his unique skillset in combination allow him to help already successful people continuously improve and evolve both professionally and personally. Mick’s 2BYB platform is my trusted process for helping me to firmly establish my own goals and achieve them.” – Paul Allen, DLA Piper, partner & head of IPT, Middle East

“Mick Todd has a contagious persona which is ideally suited to working with teams and in our case harnessing the cultural shift required as the business of managing Hotels in an increasingly competitive environment continues to call for evolution and innovative mindsets. I have enjoyed working with Mick both professionally and personally as much of what is relevant to professional growth is also in some ways relevant to personal development to make people better human beings, at least that is the case in my own experience working with Mick!” – Shaun Parsons, General Manager of Le Meridien, Dubai

“Our team would not have experienced the success that it has achieved without our partnership with 2B Limitless. Mick and the 2B Limitless team have helped our team to develop stronger relationships both amongst ourselves and with our partners. Our classification as a ‘high performing team’ owes a huge debt of gratitude to Mick and his team.” – Simon Copleston, group general counsel & board secretary of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

“Mick Todd is a ROCK STAR! He helps us on a daily basis to leverage the unique talents and strengths of our team to continue to build an agency that we can all be proud of. His contribution to House of Comms is invaluable – supporting us individually to be the best versions of ourselves and as a team to create organisational goals that are focused, measurable and impactful.” – Abby Wilks & Kaja Weller, managing partners of the House of Comms – Dubai

“Engaging Mick Todd and 2b Limitless on a personal level has allowed our family to be the Directors of our own destiny. To live in the present and plan, measure and achieve the future we all dreamt of.
“Engaging Mick Todd and 2b Limitless on a business level has helped develop leadership skills and strengths within our team that would have otherwise remained unharnessed… This has been a journey of success.” – Billy Harkin, managing director of MEGARME – Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Qatar

“I’ve been working with Mick for the last 5 years; he has helped me transform my operation, from a small operation to a large one. Mick has been close to me, supporting me in driving strategic initiatives, organic and inorganic, developing my team’s capabilities and driving transformation and performance.

“My journey is extremely stressful and requires fast reactions and prompt decisions. Mick has taught me how to balance my time, to have my ‘Balcony Moments’, to keep distance and to focus on better decisions with sharp prioritization. I have developed my ‘Rituals’ and strategic thinking time… in order to stay focused on controlling what I can control.

“Mick is a great coach and mentor… always available… open to offering honest and courageous feedback… driven by results… and focused on me and my needs!” – Paolo Cervini, President & CEO Philips Lighting – Middle East & Turkey
“I love working with Mick as he is so motivational and he has so much passion in what he does and after a session with him I feel I can conquer anything!! He is the best at what he does by a long way.” – Donna Benton, Founder & Chairman, The Entertainer – International

Company: 2b Limitless FZC
Name: Michael ‘Mick’ Todd
Email: mick@2blimitless.com, info@2blimitless.com 
Web: www.2blimitless.com 
Address: Dubai – International Media Production Zone, PO Box 392862 Dubai, UAE Sharjah – SAIF Zone Suite, Office Q1-2-008, PO Box 120322 Sharjah, UAE
Phone: +9714 5144026 (Office) +971 56 4662860 (Mobile) +971 50 1535213 (Direct)

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