De Caires Fitzpatrick and Karran, one of the most prestigious law firms in Guyana, specialises in corporate/commercial work including securities and land issues. Melinda Janki from the firm talks us through how they have reached the top of the sector within this dynamic region.

De Caires Fitzpatrick and Karran are the leading utilities lawyer acting for the national electricity company as well as the main telecommunications provider. We are also the leading law firm in the oil and mining sector. We have a solid client base in banking and insurance, aviation, forestry and trusts.

Our region, Guyana, provides new opportunities for investment in the oil sector whether this is upstream, midstream or downstream as well as in the support industries. At the same time Guyana is pursuing a low carbon development strategy which provides significant opportunities for carbon offset schemes, renewable energy and high-value end products. There is also significant scope for ethical investment in indigenous products and I have extensive experience of working with the Amerindian communities here.

Despite current low prices for commodities, mineral exploration and production are still key drivers of economic growth in Guyana. The firm acts for a significant part of the local gold mining sector which is currently benefitting from increased investment and better performance. We also have a long standing relationship with the oil sector and have acted for oil companies here in Guyana. I previously worked in-house for British Petroleum in their headquarters in London and subsequently provided advice to the Baku-Tblisi- Ceyhan Pipeline Consortium as well as the South Caucasus Pipeline. We have a unique combination of experience, skills and knowledge which enable us as a firm to provide a complete service to any client wishing to set up and run a business in Guyana.

We provide a swift business start-up service, and we are experts at putting together the most appropriate investment vehicle, dealing with the acquisition of land and other assets, advising on security, and enabling investors to navigate successfully through the regulatory maze. Looking to the future, the firm is poised to grow with the economy and we expect to expand in the Caribbean through our relationships with other lawyers.

De Caires Fitzpatrick and Karran
Name: Melinda Janki
Address: 79B Cowan Street,
Georgetown, Guyana
Telephone: +592 2261126;
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