The Most Trusted Name in IP Research

Founded in 1982, Global Prior Art is an established leader which is widely known by its trademark “The Most Trusted Name in IP Research.” We spoke to Bruce Rubinger, Managing Director and founder of Global Prior Art, to find out how they continue to build and enhance their reputation.

Over the years, GPA has addressed thousands of high stake cases and has a proven track record, which has been documented by extensive benchmarking by clients and Joint Defense Groups. Our in-depth technical expertise is augmented by institutional knowledge reflecting over 30 years of experience and familiarity with the most critical sources worldwide. While the field of IP research and IP strategy is crowded, clients select GPA for the reassurance of knowing that their decisions are based on the most accurate IP information.

In terms of the services we provide, GPA’s efforts include FTO, invalidity, licensing due diligence, patent portfolio (white space) analysis, and corporate innovation strategy. GPA’s Engineering division is comprised of groups specialising in software
& e-commerce, semiconductors & electronics, telecommunications & networking, and mechanical engineering & manufacturing. In addition, GPA has strong expertise in the life sciences sector, including experts in biotechnology, chemistry and pharma, and
medical devices.

Perhaps our most distinguishing feature is that GPA has a dedicated team of full-time experts and a process orientation. In this way, GPA consistently provides strong findings that support better outcomes. For companies involved in acquisitions,
our due diligence efforts address any concerns regarding potential freedom-to-practice issues.

Other unique aspects include reliance on full-time staff (so you know who is doing the work), knowledge of critical sources, access to U.S. and foreign language databases and literature, and internal tools. We have also amassed an in-house collection of over 30,000 databooks and datasheets, reference books, and other key sources that are not available online.

For leading companies and their outside law firms, we provide the right strategic partner to complement their internal strengths. Benchmarking by several JDGs, law firms, and leading electronics, medical device, software, and biotech firms found that GPA’s

scientific approach consistently yielded stronger findings. Our analysts and managers are world-class scientists and engineers who are expertly trained in our proprietary search and analysis methodology and
receive on-going education on IP-related matters that affect our clients.