Mrs. UWIMANA Gisèle is a holder of Master’s Degree in Law (LLM) and Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB) and active collaborator of the Law Firm as she joined Rwanda Bar Association in 2011. Before joining the Law Firm, Gisele UWIMANA worked under different legal capacities including being the responsible in Charge of Access to Justice Bureau project in Karongi District, Registrar at the High Court and Supreme Court of Rwanda.

UWIMANA Gisèle is part of M. ABAYO LAW FIRM, based in Kigali, Rwanda. They are an established law firm with a long and successful track record of offering high quality services to businesses entities, NGOs and individuals. Its location makes easy the reach of courts and other law institutions like the companies registrar, the intellectual property registrar, the national land center, the supreme court, the national public prosecution authority, the ministry of justice, the parliament, different notary offices, and so on.

We are well known not only in Rwanda but also in the whole East African region and we are capable and ready to give you a legal service of high quality wherever you are and whatever matter. With regard to our experience and expertise, we deliver to you a good quality service that you would expect from a successful law firm and we aim at: • Providing excellent services to all of our clients; • Quick and efficient understanding of our clients’ needs and react accordingly; • To act with cost effectiveness while providing legal services; • Practicing law with good understanding, values and equity.

Above all, we target at providing high-quality service standards with a professional attitude, at a reasonable cost. Their wide-ranging services include, but are not limited to the following:


We handle all legal taxation matters of individuals, large & small businesses and companies including helping our clients in the process of registration before tax authorities, declaration of due taxes, legal advice and assistance/representation before courts or any other institution for tax related cases.


Recognised as one of the commercial law best performer, M. ABAYO Law Firm offers a number of legal services relating to commercial transactions including contract negotiation and elaboration. We also offer property law services including property acquisition, registration and transfer. Investors coming across the world dedicate our services to their quick establishment in Rwanda. Thanks to our department dealing with commercial and investment matters.


M. ABAYO LAW FIRM has a specialised department that deals with incorporations companies as well as registration of any other business in Rwanda, both for local and overseas investors. The specialisation in this matter is the effectiveness and efficiency of our services in which we sometimes act electronically (e – signature) to speedy the cases. We also prepare legal documents including but not limited to the memorandum of incorporation and articles of association for our clients.

We also provide different legal services to corporate clients on all aspects of their businesses and companies including but not limited to merger and acquisition, corporate structuring, corporate licensing, corporate management, shareholding as well as other regulatory and financial and legal issues. We assist our clients to the daily management of contracts with the personnel and other stakeholders and represent them before courts for any case against them.


We have experienced department that deals with intellectual property issues. This department provides different legal services of high quality relating to the registration of intellectual property rights like trademarks, trade names, patents, industrial designs, and so on. This department has gained a good reputation for its standby and readiness mechanisms to enforce and protect intellectual property rights such as copyrights protection through contentious and noncontentious procedures.

This department also provides legal services to our clients relating to the acquisition of intellectual property rights, licenses and transfer of technology joint ventures, supply and distribution agreements as well as providing legal services with regard to introduction of products to the market such as branding, advertising and product information leaflets. We also assist/ represent our clients where their intellectual property rights are infringed.


We provide a wide range of legal services in the field of banking and finance through innovative and practical legal advices and actions like the preparation and registration of securities, corporate and project finance transactions, syndications and so on.


We have expertise in dealing with contractual quasicontractual, family matters like marriage related litigations, matrimonial regimes, divorce, adoption, civil status documents, donations, successions, etc. We have a team who specialise in family mediation helping different family members to have an understanding before cases go out for courts. We focus to reunite families and have their disputes resolved in a win-win situation to ensure that family relationships survive.


As result of our legal research on behalf of clients, our clients appreciate the legal information we provide about their potential or existing stakeholders, this helping them to take informed decisions. We also conduct the legal audit for the clients own legal and contractual compliance.


We have a department dealing with the insolvency administration as approved by the commercial courts and dealing with mortgages issues like the mortgage administration until the auctioning of the mortgage or any other security interest property as well as their collaterals.


Finally, they have a wide range of clients, who are primarily:

• Local and international business entities;

• Industrialists and manufacturers;

• Service agencies like transport agencies and hoteliers;

• Individuals;

• Government entities;

• Non-Government Organisations and

• Religious organisations.

Name: Mrs. UWIMANA Gisèle,
Email: [email protected]
Address: P.O. Box 4170
Kigali-Rwanda Airport Avenue,
Remera, Jean RWABAHIZI
Building, 1st floor, Ruwanda
Phone: 00250 788 300 535