Aeromark, one of the UK’s leading Service Management Systems, has announced it has successfully completed a full integration of its Optimatics Service Management Software with Wolseley UK as part of its unique “Smarter Parts” module.

Optimatics offers a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution specialising in the Domestic Heating, HVAC and Refrigeration Sectors, which covers everything from managing assets and planned service schedules through to dynamic real time scheduling and Engineer Mobile Apps on one simple to use web based software suite.

As the UK’s leading supplier of plumbing and heating products, Wolseley UK is spearheading the development of electronic solutions which redefine the customer experience – helping them to save time, money and hassle through more efficient management of their workflows.

Combined, the systems provide a transformational offering in supply chain optimisation both in terms of operational improvements and also cost savings.

On receipt of a service call, Aeromark’s new “Smarter Parts” module springs into action immediately, identifying the Asset and Serial number and matching common faults with previously ordered parts for the same model.  It dynamically schedules the best Engineer to the Job based on their route and instantly sends all the relevant information to their mobile app. Once on site, the Engineer has instant access to the pertinent technical information using PartsArena from Infomill.  They can view exploded diagrams of the make and model, and easily identify and select the parts required by simply clicking the diagram’s hyperlinks.  The Aeromark system then checks live stock levels at all Wolseley UK branches and customer vans in the vicinity in real time. Having carried out an automated approval process, the system orders the part for either immediate collection or delivery depending on the forecast travel time.

This seamless, end-to-end process removes a considerable number of unnecessary touch points, improves first time parts identification, cuts down on revisits and considerably improves the customer experience.

Roger Marks, MD of Aeromark said: “This integration enables Aeromark to provide a more powerful solution to some of the biggest challenges to field service operations – getting the right parts, to the right place, in the optimum time. We are now even able to forecast delivery times for the more obscure non- stock items and optimise dynamically whether the Engineer should collect or order for delivery based on daily workload and travel times”.

Jeremy Maxwell, Multichannel Director, Wolseley UK said: “We are leading the way in developing new digital workflow solutions for our customers which can dramatically improve their efficiency, drive down costs and improve their service levels. This partnership with Aeromark and Infomill has created a market-leading digital platform that could be used by many customers operating at scale in the heating, HVAC and refrigeration space. By delivering accurate real-time information direct to the engineer, enabling faster decision-making and processing of orders, and enabling this to happen on customers’ own systems we’ve made Wolseley UK even easier to do business with.”

Jonathan Ralphs, CEO of Infomill remarked: “Infomill are proud to be partnered with Aeromark and Wolseley UK. This ground-breaking integration will really boost efficiency and improve customer service.”