2016’s Most Innovative Law Firm – Switzerland

Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners, LLP is an entrepreneurial international jurists firm specialising in corporate and government financings and intellectual property securitisation.

We are a law firm of non-bar lawyers or jurists and not of attorneys-at-law. As such, we are not involved with litigation and thus, we have less enemies. This is a big advantage for clients who need support in delicate important matters. As a company we firmly believe going into litigation is already a failure. We do not believe in solutions arising from the courts of law. Our legal team is entrepreneurial and tends to avoid litigation as much as possible.

In regards to our clients we serve mainly famous entrepreneurs and corporations of all sizes. We approach them through conferences, courses, public speeches, media interviews and articles. The philosophy in place here at Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners, LLP evolves around teamwork and for us our staff actually makes the success of the firm.

In the modern legal environment, as change is everywhere in the world the pressures on our clients are ever growing. They generate new kinds of constraints to which we must adapt in order to answer their needs. For example, our clients had been complaining about the predominance of the human factor in their investments and expressed a wish to invest into new ideas. As a consequence, our founder, Marc Deschenaux invented Intellectual Property Securitisation, allowing an investor to invest in a technology with limited human factor impact.

To improve our operations we have teamed up with economists, marketing specialists, financial analysts and investment and commercial bankers. In addition we have established a complete network of various skills covering all of our client’s needs.

In terms of competition we are very fortunate to be operating in an area where the competition isn’t so fierce in comparison to other industries. Most law firms even when they are commercially oriented are very rarely oriented towards risky financing operations. One of our most recent success stories involved us organising a 1.2 Billion loan for Adriatica Real Estate Corporation. We have also structured a USD 41.5 million private equity offering for Ethical Coffee Corporation that was more than half subscribed and paid to the issuer.

Looking ahead to the future, arguably the biggest challenge our industry will face is investment banks not being able to innovate due to overregulation. As for the plans we have for the foreseeable future we will be managing an expansion in Morocco, Kiev (Ukraine) and Los Angeles (California) as well as the first major intellectual property securities offering on the NASDAQ.

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