2016’s Most Innovative Hedge Fund Manager, Luxembourg

Specialising in both, open-ended investment funds and related private equity fund transactions, Carlisle Management Company is a holistic alternative investment manager, assuming a wide range of tasks over the entire life cycle of the investment. Jose Garcia, CEO of Carlisle Management Company, reveals more about their company and the value of alternative investments.

From our experience, more and more investors are beginning to see the advantages of alternative investments as a tool for diversification and a compliment to their existing allocations models. For those of us in the alternative asset sector, who have been able to prove truly uncorrelated returns and consistent long term growth performance, the current market offers many opportunities to approach investors and further educate them on the advantages of alternative investing.

Although the world of alternative investments can be a highly competitive arena, we believe that our wealth of experience and expertise helps separate us from our competitors. The core team at Carlisle has been working together for nearly two decades in various aspects of the business, and the experience and synergy that comes along with such an extended period of partnership has resulted in a very seamless evolution for the direction of the company on both a micro and macro level of development. Furthermore, the company’s proactive stance on internal improvement and its long standing relationships within each of its niche sectors, have allowed Carlisle to excel among its peers in product acquisition and portfolio management and act as pioneer within our niche markets.

Alongside this expertise, we have adopted a proactive stance on management theory and practice, paired with the commitment to staying on the cutting edge of management related technology and new strategies. As such, Carlisle continuously employs forward thinking in its deal sourcing approach which allows the firm to be well positioned to compete in this growing and evolving market.

Ultimately, the culture at Carlisle is one of flexibility, open mindedness and collaboration. The team at Carlisle prides itself on a paradigm of looking towards the future and planning for what is coming as opposed to becoming complacent with the atmosphere of the current period, no matter how successful it may be. The management team at Carlisle encourages an open dialogue within ranks of the organisation, understanding that each individual contributor’s daily involvement can be used to identify, and thus address, the elements and changes that will shape the future of the company and its business.

As for our flagship fund, Carlisle’s award-winning Luxembourg Life Fund is an investment fund that acquires, trades, and manages a portfolio of U.S. based life insurance policies issued by US Life Insurance companies with an average A rating.

These policies generate investment returns for the fund based on the difference between the face value of each policy and the acquisition price plus accumulated premiums at the time of mortality, or through subsequent trading. Furthermore, the fund’s open-ended structure allows investors to diversify their participation across a larger pool of life settlements while maintaining a higher liquidity profile.

The life settlement industry has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last decade, and the Luxembourg Life Fund has been able to take full advantage of this growth by pioneering a number of different fund features in the space. Carlisle first introduced and continues to utilise mark-to-market valuation systems as well as independent service providers as key elements of the underwriting and valuation process.

Moreover, the fund also employs detailed actuarial and financial analysis tools that ensure that assets meet a rigorous series of sensitivity and stress tests. Combined with tax-optimised, regulated investment structures, it is these innovative measures that have allowed Carlisle to secure consistent above average results while offering fully transparent investment products to its knowledgeable and discerning investor base.

With alternative investments becoming a more attractive opportunity for investors, we are confident that our company will continue to grow in the future. Of course, there will be challenges along the way, but we are confident that our experience and our dedication, will allow us to overcome any obstacles that come along the way.

Carlisle Management Company
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