A new research tool, Voxter, has been launched in London as an innovative, 3D communication solution for meaningful research.

Aimed at marketing agencies, HR departments, corporate and public sector organisations, Voxter offers cut-through qualitative insights that are statistically viable. Imagine being able to capture the thoughts and opinions of all of your stakeholders in one big focus group – this is the power of Voxter.    

Founding Director Ronny Razin, Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, says: “Voxter has the engagement and authenticity of social media and focus groups with the controlled statistical analysis of quantitative research. It has top-down, down-up and lateral communication at its core. It is a tool which can empower an organisation to change for the better, democratically.”

“We have been trialing and perfecting Voxter for close on two years now and we have had a series of excellent projects to enable the fine tuning, soft launch phase,” said Piers Aitman, Founding Director of Voxter. “A notable client has been the Sierra Club, an environmental NGO in the United States with over 2 million members; they wanted us to facilitate a wide scale consultation to reach a mandate for future policy directions.”

“Voxter provided a multi-faceted lens enabling significantly improved clarity around complex topics. We learned far more richly from the conversations that happened through the game than we ever did through individual survey.” (The Sierra Club)

Voxter can be used for market research, opinion polling, brand engagement, change management and crowd sourcing, amongst other applications.

The software outputs a rich mix of data, and can be filtered in many ways to gain deep qualitative insights that can be backed up with hard data. Expert project management and analysis is also at hand to validate the results.

“It’s ideal if you need results quickly and at an affordable cost,” explains Razin. “Our systems are technically advanced but really user friendly which in this age of survey fatigue is a crucial factor for success. As a result we can deliver comprehensive, credible, insights.”

The new software could potentially revolutionise the way businesses conduct their research.