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Corporate Social Responsibility Awards

Acquisition International magazine proudly welcomes you to the inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Awards! Since our launch in 2010, we have been committed to rewarding the leading players within a variety of industries through our acclaimed industry awards. As part of our process, we closely monitor current trends across the corporate landscape, shaping the focus of our programmes accordingly to reflect these developments. With this in mind, Acquisition International has launched the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022 to recognise the growing importance of ethical and environmentally conscious business practices worldwide. In recent years, CSR initiatives have evolved from being considered a superficial PR strategy to now being seen as an integral foundation for success, with most businesses taking serious steps to place this at the forefront of their development plans. This is not without cause, as the latest figures show that nearly three quarters of consumers consider the values of a brand before making purchasing decisions, and over half would be willing to pay more for a product or service if it is provided by a sustainable company. The onset of what is being coined Ethical Consumerism is becoming a prominent factor in how people live, spend, and work, and businesses of the future will have to sincerely prioritise CSR if they hope to stay competitive As more countries are implementing state mandated CSR regulations, companies that can efficiently meet or exceed these goals stand the best chance of maximising profits and cementing their brand value in the evolving corporate world. Acquisition International magazine aims to recognise the top companies and professionals investing in these social and environmental issues, whether that be through sustainability initiatives, reducing carbon footprint, taking part in charitable giving, or making commitments to diversity and equality. Our focus with the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022 isn’t limited to the organisations themselves. We will provide award categories for those providing support and guidance to businesses implementing CSR strategies, from HR Management professionals, Legal Advisory firms, Corporate Culture consultants, to Risk Managers, Impact Investing experts, and Marketing and Advertising executives. If you would like to nominate yourself, your company, or a worthy applicant that you know of, you can do so by filling in the form provided or contacting our Awards Team directly. Being successful in the programme will give you the opportunity to promote your company to an international audience of corporate professionals, through inclusion in our dedicated winners magazine. In addition to editorial coverage, the commercial packages that we offer to our recipients also include a variety of digital and physical marketing tools that you can utilise to make the most of your success. If you aren’t looking to take advantage of these optional advertising packages, we also provide complementary items so you can shout about your award regardless of investment level. The team at Acquisition International wish the best of luck to all potential nominees in the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022!

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