Issue 5 2024 • Issue 5 2024 “The Psychological Safety Architects: Aristotle Performance’s Path to Industry Leadership” Aristotle Performance was founded on the belief that enhancing an organization’s psychological safety is crucial for achieving its objectives while fostering a more human experience of the workplace. It draws inspiration from the famous Aristotle quote, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This principle guides the firm as it partners with business leaders to help navigate their challenges with the experience and expertise to be trusted advisors with the courageous innovation of the millennial generation. On the back of this, we are proud to name Aristotle Performance as the Best Psychological Safety Development Company 2024 - North America, and we catch up with Co-Founder and CEO Neil Pretty to find out more.

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NEWS Exro Announces Shareholder Approval for Proposed Merger with SEA Electric Exro Technologies Inc. (TSX: EXRO) (OTCQB: EXROF) (the “Company” or “Exro”) is pleased to announce that all necessary shareholder and stockholder approvals required in connection with the proposed merger (the “Transaction”) with SEA Electric Inc. (“SEA Electric”) have been obtained. On April 4, 2024, Exro held a special meeting of shareholders (the “Meeting”), whereby an ordinary resolution to authorize (i) the issuance by Exro of up to 398,549,647 common shares of Exro (“Common Shares”) to stockholders of SEA Electric in accordance with the terms of the agreement and plan of merger dated January 29, 2024, as amended (the “Merger Agreement”), between Exro, eTruck VCU Acquisition Inc., an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Exro, and SEA Electric, (ii) the issuance by Exro of up to an additional 10,000,000 Common Shares that may be issuable in accordance with the Merger Agreement, and (iii) the issuance of 31,600,000 Common Shares on conversion of 31,600,000 subscription receipts of Exro in accordance with the subscription receipt agreement dated February 16, 2024 between Exro, Canaccord Genuity Corp. and Odyssey Trust Company entered into in connection with the previously announced bought deal private placement of subscription receipts, was approved by 98.7% of the votes cast by shareholders of Exro at the Meeting. A total of 69,241,585 Common Shares were voted at the Meeting online or by proxy, representing approximately 40.7% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares as of February 20, 2024, the record date for the Meeting. Exro has filed a report of voting results on the resolution voted upon at the Meeting under its profile on SEDAR+ at The Transaction is expected to be completed on or about April 5, 2024 and is subject to the satisfaction of all closing conditions set out in the Merger Agreement. Following completion of the Transaction, the combined company will continue to operate under the name Exro Technologies Inc. and continue to be listed and trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”) under the ticker symbol “EXRO”. Additional details of the Transaction are set out in Exro’s management information circular dated March 6, 2024, which is available under its profile on SEDAR+ at

NEWS The team at Karora have worked diligently to execute on our strategy to build the next +200 kozpa Australian gold producer6. We have delivered value to shareholders through a disciplined growth approach by investing in our cornerstone asset in Beta Hunt, which will be fully ramped up to 2 Mtpa7 later this year, our pipeline of projects at Higginsville and through strategic asset acquisitions such as the Lakewood Mill and Spargos Gold Mine to establish the next emerging junior gold producer in the Western Australia gold fields. With the combination of Westgold and Karora, we are taking the next step by combining two highly complementary, free cash flow generating asset bases in one of the world’s finest mining jurisdictions to create a premier Western Australian mid-tier gold producer. Karora shareholders will benefit from having very meaningful ownership in a larger, more diversified gold producer with a highly experienced management team located entirely in Western Australia. The prospects for the combined company are tremendous, with over 3,200km2 of combined exploration tenements in Australia’s most prospective gold mining regions coupled with a significantly enhanced balance sheet poised and ready to deploy into a highly compelling combined growth and exploration strategy. The combination provides Karora shareholders with significant exposure to one of the largest Australian gold producers with significant potential for an eventual share price re-rate as the operational synergies and enhanced scale of the combined portfolio are realized.” KARORA RESOURCES ANNOUNCES MERGER TRANSACTION WITH WESTGOLD RESOURCES Karora Resources Inc. and Westgold Resources Limited have agreed to combine in a merger pursuant to which Westgold will acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding common shares of Karora (“Karora Shares”) by way of a statutory plan of arrangement under the Canada Business Corporations Act Westgold Managing Director and CEO Wayne Bramwell commented: “The prize here is Beta Hunt’s gold potential. Rarely do you find a gold asset of the quality and potential of Beta Hunt hiding in a nickel belt and drilling is expected to further unlock value at this mine. This merger brings the large Beta Hunt mine together with Big Bell, the emerging Bluebird and the iconic Great Fingall mine under one Australian management team. These assets combined create the foundations of a new Australian gold mining powerhouse that is focused on free cash generation, is internationally relevant and investable and can stand head and shoulders alongside the biggest names in the Australian gold sector. The Westgold and Karora teams have independently been structuring our businesses for growth for several years and now is the time to bring these two businesses together. Overprint an experienced and expanded team with similar corporate journeys, strong safety and cultural alignment and a shared commitment to developing its people and we have a new business dominant across two historic, yet under-explored goldfields. The expanded business will have several large mines, be well funded, fully leveraged to the gold price and have optionality over an enviable selection of growth opportunities. Importantly, the business will have expanded human and physical resources to extend mine lives and production scale rapidly. Westgold welcomes the Karora team, shareholders and stakeholders to the Westgold family and looks forward to creating value across two of Western Australia’s most iconic goldfields.” Karora Chairman and CEO, Paul Huet commented: “For the last two years, Karora has watched Mr. Bramwell and the team consistently unlock material value for shareholders at Westgold. One of the more unique aspects of this transaction is a very strong cultural fit between both companies which will serve shareholders of the enlarged company well for a very long time. The merger is estimated to unlock approximately A$490 million of operational, G&A and capex synergies while shareholders will become proud owners of the largest unhedged gold producer in Australia at completion of the Transaction – certainly a compelling opportunity in the current gold price environment.

8 | Acquisition International, Issue 5 2024 “The Psychological Safety Architects: Aristotle Performance’s Path to Industry Leadership” t is the overarching mission of North American based Aristotle Performance is to create exponential impact. Becoming globally recognized experts in psychological safety became the focus due to the positive impact on business and the lives of leaders and teams. Clarity is key to achieving this, as too is making sure that people are at the very heart of the operation. Their success has been built on a foundation of core values that are embodied at all times, for example, “everybody wins” and “it’s not about who’s right, it’s about what’s right.” These represent an approach to psychological safety that is holistic and robust. It also leads to working with a wide variety of industries, organizations and often working with organizations that are in some of the most challenging regions in the world. By ensuring that our clients feel heard and supported, we can take a step back and look at problems with a fresh perspective, driving change for the better. Speaking on such sustained success, “we are trusted advisors to executive leaders and experts in psychological safety as well as a successful consulting and training firm because that’s not where we started. We started as entrepreneurs who saw first-hand the benefits of psychological safety. Helping leaders, teams, and organizations achieve greater results by improving the collaborative environment and helping people deal with change was a challenge we wanted to solve. Aristotle Performance has carved out its place as thought leaders spot through two main avenues: scalable, evidence-based strategies that show a clear, and measurable impact on top-line business outcomes, and the consistent feedback from clients about the positive transformation of their internal cultures. These are fundamental elements for success but the differentiation goes deeper. Psychological safety is not seen as an endpoint but as a gateway. It opens the door to elevated performance levels, laying the groundwork for achieving our ultimate goal: to not only safeguard well-being but to catalyze peak performance across organizations. Another distinguishing factor has been the opportunity to collaborate with the esteemed Dr. Amy C. Edmondson of Harvard University, author of the acclaimed psychological safety book The Fearless Organization, which was written based on approximately three decades of research advocating the need for psychological safety. This has provided the team with the unique opportunity to apply first-hand research insight in order to deliver top tier solutions while offering in return insights from practical application. Furthermore, Neil proudly states, “we are also the only organization in North America that has certified internal practitioners to use The Fearless Organization’s Scan to measure, track, and improve psychological safety. We provide training, but it is the internal communities of practice that become a resource for ongoing growth and development that are the gift that keeps on giving.” Neil beams as he tells us that the company has produced more than 200 practitioners in the past few years, with more set to follow. Yet, what truly sets Aristotle Performance apart, even more than their work with clients and collaborators, is simply its people and the qualities that they embody. It’s their integrity, authenticity, diligence, dedication, and sense of humor that truly differentiate us. Neil puts it succinctly: “Our team thrives on psychological safety and a culture of continuous learning, which fuels our desire to innovate.” He continues “This translates into a solution-oriented approach, the courage to question the status quo, and swift, creative problem-solving. In short - we have an awesome team, and our clients feel that when they work with us.” This synergy cultivates a collaborative environment with clients that is productive and innovative, while remaining low stress. While they are an awesome team with the skill to both identify and implement impactful solutions, one program shines particularly brightly with their flagship program, the Courageous Leader Program. This program is not just another leadership development course; it’s in a league of its own, setting the benchmark for the industry. Through Courageous Leader, we’ve meticulously designed a culture that elevates learning, innovation, and accountability—all firmly rooted in psychological safety. This program stands out as a pinnacle of leadership training, unparalleled in its depth and effectiveness. Aristotle Performance was founded on the belief that enhancing an organization’s psychological safety is crucial for achieving its objectives while fostering a more human experience of the workplace. It draws inspiration from the famous Aristotle quote, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This principle guides the firm as it partners with business leaders to help navigate their challenges with the experience and expertise to be trusted advisors with the courageous innovation of the millennial generation. On the back of this, we are proud to name Aristotle Performance as the Best Psychological Safety Development Company 2024 - North America, and we catch up with Co-Founder and CEO Neil Pretty to find out more. I

“The Psychological Safety Architects: Aristotle Performance’s Path to Industry Leadership” Neil comments, “it’s designed as an off-the-shelf solution, but if the need or desire comes up we can completely customize the journey in real time while maintaining a consistent learning experience - we are the only company that can do that.” The results of the Courageous Leader programme speak for themselves, with a 7% increase in productivity seen across 850 total team members after 121 leaders were trained. The best thing? The average time commitment per month was just two hours, a fraction of one’s working schedule and a break that even the most time-pressed leader could squeeze in. Having worked on almost every continent across the globe, Aristotle Performance has a track record of worldwide success and a diverse client portfolio supporting aid workers in the Middle East, European based pharmaceutical companies, advising Peruvian food producers, Brazilian banks, and developing at-scale solutions for global insurance brokers based in Hong Kong and Singapore, and global firms like Pepsi and Logitech based in North America. While most of their clients tend to be in the finance, pharma or tech sectors regardless of the location or the client, for Neil, “what makes our work a success is a focus on building relationships. We have a clear process and are willing to adapt - but it’s the relationships that inform the process and give us the opportunity to implement higher quality solutions.” From our early days as pioneers in addressing psychological safety on a global scale to navigating the current landscape filled with misconceptions and challenges in this evolving field, our steadfast commitment to an evidence-based approach has allowed us to deepen our expertise and share this valuable knowledge with our clients. Neil elaborates on this journey, “it is a call to action that we have enjoyed facing and it continues to set us apart. We don’t fall prey to the next big idea - we are consistently establishing and providing best practice to clients and the community.” As alluded to above, today’s industry is riddled with misconceptions about psychological safety, often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. This perception couldn’t be further from the truth. Psychological safety isn’t just an add-on; it’s at the heart of how a business operates and strategy is executed, serving as a cornerstone for ongoing growth and success. Simply put, organizations that prioritize developing their leaders in this area equip themselves with a critical advantage. This foundational element of psychological safety enables them to consistently outshine their competitors. The concept is as clear-cut as it gets. Asked about the business’ plans for the coming years, Neil shares his perspective that while innovation tends to follow its own timeline, the company’s commitment to enhancing its offerings remains unshakable, leading to consistent, measurable improvements time and again. These incremental advancements add up over time, and by embracing emerging technologies such as AI and continuing to press the boundaries of blended learning, the business can nurture sustainable growth and elevate the human experience, in equal measure. Signing off, Neil states, “we already meet the demands of complex matrix organizations at a global scale, and the needs of cultural diversity this brings. The innovation will continue as the challenges we help clients face become more complex.” Aristotle Performance’s ongoing successes are a testament to this fact. Whether it’s the recent influx of pharmaceutical companies that the team have been working with, or those operating within the insurance, IT, MedTech, and other industries, the exciting and progressive nature of the work ahead is fostering a continuous impact for clients. By harnessing research, innovation and their continued investment in global collaboration the Aristotle team ensures that each initiative delivers on its promise that everybody wins.

10 | Acquisition International, Issue 5 2024 The World’s Best Embedded Physical IP Ever since the world took its first brave steps into the digital age, there has been a surge in the amount of mobiles, tablets, smart watches, and other such devices in need of specialised circuitry. This ultimately manifested through the staggering power increase of ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) – an occurrence that demanded the drastic reduction of time spent providing the very best PPAL (power, performance, area, and leakage-key metrics). Though many VLSI design houses found themselves struggling to cater to this need, DXCorr – holder of the title of Physical IP Solutions Provider of the Year 2024 – California – has equipped itself with the means to meet this very challenge. Below, we explore how. Contact: Nirmalya Ghosh Company: DXCorr Design Inc. Web Address: Having distinguished itself as a leading developer of driving edge physical IP arrangements – namely in process hubs that provide an extensive array of SoC designs that are capable of incorporating complicated IP-SRAMS, CAMs, Multiports, memory subsystems, and standard cells – DXCorr is redefining the industry as we know it. Boasting access to highly optimised physical IPs, specific custom blocks, and an exceptional physical design team, the company promises to deliver on even the most demanding of specs in order to maintain its position within the trade. DXCorr thrives most when developing in-house tools that transcend the sector’s current design processes, allowing it to stand apart in its own right. The company achieves this feat through its dynamic design philosophy. In essence, DXCorr places its focus on combining the potential of computer aided design with the algorithmic nature of IP development to produce an approach that defies present market trends. Working in tandem with the business’s in-house software’s ability to reduce layout generation time, DXCorr is able to consistently apply a level of talent that oversees the provision of some of the best PPAL. Delivering industry defining physical IP solutions is the collective’s specialty, true, but it has committed itself to going one step further to refine the art through its abundance of industry insight. In DXCorr’s own words – “Every powerful chip design is built on a foundation of physical IP - a foundation that directly impacts the finished chip’s performance, power, area, and yield. At DXCorr, we understand the critical connection between the quality of IC designs and the underlying physical IP. Our goal is to ensure that your designs are the best in the industry, and that requires starting with a foundation based on the best IP available.” Put simply, the company isn’t only concerned with providing physical IP solutions, but looks ahead to see how it can capitalise on the more advanced nature of the format. This has allowed it to produce a custom physical IP portfolio that compiles blocks such as SRAMs, MRAMs, Standard Cells, and I/OS. Though it may not have been a straightforward undertaking, DXCorr prides itself on its continuous demonstration of tact within such an uncertain environment. DXCorr is a company that has seen success time and time again, and with such an astounding level of talent behind it, it isn’t hard to understand why. For years it has been constantly developing and evolving alongside the technology industry, allowing it to stay at the forefront of recent emergences, while simultaneously updating its own systems and processes to align with new industry standards. Regardless of how it must go about doing so, DXCorr is committed to empowering users in as many areas as possible, ultimately leading to it being recognised as Physical IP Solutions Provider of the Year 2024 – California. We’re eager to see how DXCorr adapts as the world branches out into the realm of AI.

Issue 5 2024, Acquisition International | 11 At Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C., we strive to meet the highest standards of performance, service, and ethics, certifying that we handle our clients’ legal matters with compassion and efficiency. We employ trial lawyers who devote themselves to every one of our clients. Our record before both trial and appellate courts reflects this commitment to excellence. 600 Old Country Road Garden City, NY 11530 (516) 832-7777 Hours (all locations): Monday- Friday 8am- 8pm Saturday- Sunday 9am- 5pm Joseph Awad Leading Medical Malpractice Attorney of the Year - New York

12 | Acquisition International, Issue 5 2024 London Academy of Trading: Trading for Everyone The London Academy of Trading (LAT) is an award-winning, tripleaccredited provider of financial trading education. Upon its inception over a decade ago, the academy was the first in the UK to offer accredited and regulated qualifications in trading. Here, we speak to Paddy Osborn, Managing Director and Academic Dean, to find out more about LAT in the wake of its success in winning Best Trading Courses Provider, UK, in the Global Excellence Awards 2024. Email: Company: London Academy of Trading Web Address: In 2010, LAT was established to provide as many people as possible with an in-depth understanding of the financial markets and trading. The aim was to empower them with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions and maintain better control over their financial future. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver effective training courses and workshops, tailored towards individuals who are interested in investing, trading, or pursuing employment opportunities in the financial markets. LAT’s broad range of trading courses includes a one-week introduction to the field, a fourweek trading skills course, an accredited 12week advanced trading course, and a summer trading school. Those who successfully complete the advanced trading course and pass the necessary assessments will be awarded a Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading. This is the company’s most popular programme, providing comprehensive education in financial markets and trading. For those seeking to enhance their knowledge in a specific area, LAT also offers a variety of specialist financial courses, encompassing the topics of options trading, trading psychology, cryptocurrency trading, equity investing, wealth management, volume and order book trading, and even investing in fine art. Operating in a field populated by unscrupulous providers, LAT stands out for its honesty and transparency. “We don’t promise people that they will become millionaires overnight,” explains Paddy. “There are many companies out there making all sorts of false promises about unachievable performance to entice students to join them, but we’ve always maintained a brutally honest approach. Trading is not easy, and not only do you need to understand the four pillars of trading (fundamental analysis, technical analysis, psychology, and risk), but you also need to have the personal discipline to follow your own structured trading strategy to achieve consistent profitability.” Another factor that sets LAT apart from other financial education providers is the unparalleled flexibility it provides to all students. With a new website, trading floor, and classroom facilities, the company is equipped to deliver a high-quality teaching and trading environment whilst offering the option to study online, in person, or a combination of both. Furthermore, since most of its students work full time, LAT’s courses can be paused and resumed, allowing them to study around other commitments. Alongside this, if they begin on a short course and wish to upgrade to a longer one to continue to expand their knowledge, they can do so quickly and easily by simply paying the difference in price. Finally, the company also offers flexible payment plans, including interest free credit options that allow fees to be spread over 12 months at no extra cost. Over the years, LAT has worked on several interesting projects that have contributed towards its mission of making financial and trading education accessible to all, regardless of background. For example, over the last few summers, it has partnered with a company called InvestIN to provide 150 to 200 young students with the opportunity to learn about trading. Paddy shares, “The students come to the LAT trading floor in groups of around thirty to attend a half-day Introduction to Financial Markets and Trading. The feedback has been universally positive, and we’re pleased to confirm that we’ll be welcoming InvestIN students to the academy again in summer 2024.” Looking towards the future, LAT intends to take on many more projects. One particularly exciting opportunity involves a partnership that will allow the company to provide its courses to professional sportspeople across Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific. Through this, LAT hopes to equip them with the knowledge they need to manage their finances during their careers and after retirement, as well as the skills required to understand and trade in the financial markets. For its continued excellence in all areas, the London Academy of Trading (LAT) has been named Best Trading Courses Provider, UK, in the Global Excellence Awards 2024. There is no doubt that the company’s future is bright as it continues to provide individuals across the world with high-quality financial and trading education.

Issue 5 2024, Acquisition International | 13 Transforming Lives Through Enriching Education dentifying as a Social Enterprise business – meaning that it isn’t constrained by shareholder expectations, and all profit can be reinvested into the collective to enhance services of develop new ones entirely – The Birtenshaw Group represents the very best of the educational sphere. As opposed to tailoring its services and spaces to those who already have plenty of avenues through which they can learn and grow, The Birtenshaw Group focuses its attention on children and adults who may feel as though their special educational needs and disabilities are holding them back. In fact, the group actively works to prove this notion wrong, and has gone the extra mile to devise approaches and services that honour a person’s differences, and work in tandem with them to help them fulfil their potential. This is achieved through the collective’s multitude of educational facilities, services, and enrichment activities. Driven by its commitment to transforming lives, The Birtenshaw Group has become defined by its compassionate approach to helping others – a trait that is best showcased through its overarching expression of ‘ordinary life principles’. In short, these principles guide The Birtenshaw Group through its ambitious venture, allowing it to not only respond to the changing needs of disabled individuals, but continuously integrate these changes into its processes. In doing so, it’s established a framework upon which learners can rely when embarking on their new journeys. In essence, The Birtenshaw Group sees itself as a conduit for providing people with the same social and learning opportunities as everyone else. As such, those who may have once felt restricted by their conditions are able to make full use of services and educational facilities that actively work with their individual circumstances to deliver an approach that suits them. The Birtenshaw Group is an avid believer in recognising single identities, as opposed to painting everyone with the same brush. Though disabled learners may have similar struggles, it’s the struggle of the individual that needs to be acknowledged before any progress can be made. Where most may attempt to create solutions that somewhat align with the general needs of SEND learners, The Birtenshaw Group has demonstrated an immense drive to honour the distinct nature of each and every person. Whether it’s granting access to sensory circuits, hydrotherapy sessions, occupational therapists, or speech and language therapists, The Birtenshaw Group promises to deliver a learning experience to suit any child or adult in need of a more intricate approach. Since the day it commenced operation, the business has understood that, unfortunately, it’s all too common for SEND learners to be continuously let down by the general education system. In response to this discomforting truth, The Birtenshaw Group ensured that the transition into its educational spaces would be one filled with support, encouragement, and excitement. Every student is respected, allowing for a cohesive learning experience that places the focus on uplifting the individual, no matter the complexity of the approach that works best for them. Combined, these factors create a group whose dedication to those who are frequently left to fend for themselves sees it continuously improving the lives of its learners. Regardless of an individual’s learning nuances, The Birtenshaw Group is prepared to go above and beyond to deliver on its promise of a comprehensive, yet enjoyable, education experience. As such, we believe no collective is more deserving of the title of Most Transformational Education Support Organisation 2024 - Northwest England than The Birtenshaw Group. Contact: Kerry Sayers Company: The Birtenshaw Group Web Address: Committed to transforming the lives of children and young adults with special educational needs and disability (SEND), The Birtenshaw Group is a standout collective whose selfless nature has manifested itself in a myriad of ways. Between its Bolton and Merseyside schools, its Bolton-based specialist college, its various children’s homes, and selection of enrichment services, The Birtenshaw Group has proven that its heart lies with elevating the life experiences of those who may be overlooked by the general systems in place. Below, we venture into how such an astounding level of dedication has earned The Birtenshaw Group the title of Most Transformational Education Support Organisation 2024 - Northwest England. I

Aug22499 14 | Acquisition International, Issue 5 2024 Mar24343 Musiio by SoundCloud: Descriptive Artificial Intelligence for Music n 2018, Musiio was established by Co-Founders Hazel Savage and Aron Pettersson, who set out to combine industry-leading AI technology with specialist music knowledge to solve a range of problems facing catalogue owners. The result of their hard work was a product that could “listen’’ to music and use the audio file itself to create new and accurate data. It not only automated tagging but also enhanced music search capabilities and facilitated the creation of highly detailed music analysis and reports. Musiio’s most popular product is Musiio Tag, which automatically tags music with useful metadata like energy, tempo, genre, mood, and more. With this product, catalogue navigation becomes simpler, playlists become easier to curate, and professionals can efficiently seek specific types of music that meet their needs . This technology has now been used to tag over 500 million tracks. Anyone interested in Musiio Tag can try a demo for free at tag.musiio. com, no sign up required. Since the very beginning, Musiio has been committed to ethical AI development, setting itself apart through its belief that AI should not be used to “solve” music creation but rather to address the challenges artists face when it comes to discovery. Music AI can be broken down into two core categories: generative and descriptive. While generative AI is used to create music, raising a number of ethical concerns, descriptive AI is an assistive technology that extracts complex metadata with high accuracy, performing tasks that no human would be able to do. Musiio fits into the descriptive category, striving to help people in the music industry rather than replace them. Musiio has been a huge hit in the music industry, gaining the attention of customers like Sony, Downtown Music Publishing, and Epidemic Sound. Its incredible work has been recognised by industry-leading publications such as Billboard, MusicWeek, and Music Business Worldwide. In April 2022, the company was acquired by renowned streaming company SoundCloud, which was keen to enhance its music discovery, recommendation, and playlisting capabilities to benefit the millions of musicians uploading music to its platform. Since then, Musiio has operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of SoundCloud, continuing to develop music tagging and search solutions. In this, the company has adopted a strategic approach that enables it to fulfil the SoundCloud mission, which is to “lead what’s next in music”. Its revolutionary technology has transformed the music streaming landscape, addressing the unique set of challenges faced by streaming services. For example, Musiio has helped to tackle the “zero plays” problem, referring to the fact that a significant portion of uploaded tracks go unheard. Through a solution called First Fans, any newly uploaded track can be tagged and presented to the 100 listeners who are most likely to enjoy it based on their listening habits. Now, Musiio is proud to be an industry leader in contextual audiobased metadata, serving a broad clientele of over 70 big name record labels, publishing houses, and other corporate customers in 11 countries. One of its recent projects involved the integration of its technology into SURF Music, a service that aims to pair top-end Japanese and Korean artists with talented songwriters from across the world. Musiio’s AI automatically tags the music demos uploaded by songwriters and producers so that artists can more easily find the types of music they’re looking for. Justine Suzuki, Chief Content Officer at SURF Music, comments, “We didn’t have the same level of technology for discovery in the B2B world as exists in B2C. That’s why we built what we built with SURF Music. We should be allowed to have the same technology, access, discoverability, and connectivity to music on the business side as well. Musiio allows that, and it makes the lives of our users easier.” As a result of its outstanding work in the music streaming industry, Musiio by SoundCloud has been awarded the title of Music AIPowered Solutions Company of the Year in the Global Excellence Awards 2024. Considering its success thus far, there is no doubt that the company looks towards a bright future as SoundCloud continues to lead the industry, discovering music and sharing great talent with the world. Contact: Hazel Savage Company: Musiio by SoundCloud Web Address: Driven by a desire to make great music more discoverable, Musiio by SoundCloud offers industryleading AI-powered music search and automated tagging solutions to labels, publishers, streaming services, and sync companies. Here, we explore its background and current work as it is named Music AI-Powered Solutions Company of the Year in the Global Excellence Awards 2024. I

Issue 5 2024, Acquisition International | 15 Caribbean. Under this law, citizenship applications must be submitted by an authorised party, and it’s here that Joseph Rowe Attorney-atLaw comes in. Able to submit applications to the relevant authorities on its clients’ behalf, Joseph Rowe Attorney-at-Law makes the process as streamlined as possible, ultimately guaranteeing a hassle-free application for St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship. Whether it’s handling Real Estate, Citizenship by Investment, Litigation, Admiralty and Maritime Law, Probate and Estate Planning, or Offshore Companies and Trusts, Joseph Rowe Attorney-at-Law promises a level of expertise that has seen countless clients receiving the optimal outcomes for their given situations. Equipped with an exceptional team of talented individuals, and an astute understanding of the market’s ins and outs, it’s managed to develop processes and solutions that bypass all of the complexities in order to quickly and effectively acquire results. And yet, despite its swift nature, Joseph Rowe Attorney-at-Law has never once sacrificed quality – a trait that has become a means by which it defines itself. Acquisition International exists to shed some light on the collectives that are doing things a little differently for the benefit of their clientele, and Joseph Rowe Attorney-at-Law exemplifies this characteristic each and every day. As such, we’re pleased to once again highlight Joseph Rowe Attorney-at-Law, and we’re delighted to present it with the title of Real Estate Law Firm of the Year 2024 – Caribbean. Contact: Dahlia Joseph Rowe Company: Joseph Rowe Attorneys-at-Law Web Address: Putting the ‘Real’ in ‘Real Estate Law’ Specialising in assisting clients seeking support in the world of real estate purchase and sale, Joseph Rowe Attorney-at-Law is a professionally led collective whose talent for providing exceptional guidance simply cannot be matched. Well established in the St. Kitts area, with further qualifications granting it permission to practise law in the islands of Anguilla, Trinidad, and Tobago, the firm brings a versatility to the trade that doesn’t go unnoticed. As such, it’s garnered a myriad of experience that has placed it in the perfect position to handle any client’s needs. Joseph Rowe Attorney-at-Law stands as an exemplary entity within its field, with its plethora of services only furthering its value. In terms of real estate, Joseph Rowe Attorney-at-Law has developed an abundance of solutions that promise to operate in harmony with a client’s wishes. For example, the firm looks to provide individuals with professional assistance, whether this manifests through locating the ideal property to suit their requirements, or handling all of the legal paperwork needed to transform dreams into reality. However, if clients are interested in real estate development – be it condo units, resorts, hotels, villas, or commercial complexes - Joseph Rowe Attorney-atLaw has positioned itself to assist with securing project approval. From government negotiations relating to exemptions and concessions, to liaising with government authorities to obtain pre-approval on a customer’s behalf, the firm can capably handle any request. However, real estate purchase, sale, and development isn’t the only area in which Joseph Rowe Attorney-at-Law flourishes. On the contrary, it finds itself benefitting from St. Kitts and Nevis’s unique position when it comes to Citizenship by Investment. In fact, the region proudly has the longest running Citizenship by Investment Program in the entirety of the Recognised as a leading law firm in the Caribbean, Joseph Rowe Attorneys-at-Law is a client-focused practise whose emphasis on providing quality legal services influences every decision it makes. Acting as something of a ‘for the people’ firm, the collective boasts a team of knowledgeable experts, each with their sights set on a single goal – to ensure the customer leaves with their expectations exceeded. Creating connections is where Joseph Rowe Attorneys-at-Law thrives, and we take a look at how this very mindset has earned it Acquisition International’s title of Real Estate Law Firm of the Year 2024 – Caribbean. Joseph Rowe Attorneys-at-Law

16 | Acquisition International, Issue 5 2024 ounded by Gernod Dittel in 1993 as a one-man engineering office in the Bavarian Highland of Germany, DITTEL today offers a wide range of services: from project study, project planning (design and engineering), to qualification (GMP/FDA compliance), requalification measurements (metrology for particles and micro biological), staff training, commissioning, to consulting and supporting worldwide companies their cleanroom operations. It was in 2011 that DITTEL Engineering emerged from Dittel Cleanroom Engineering to initiate the transition to the second generation. Florian Dittel continues the work of the company founder and his father, Gernod, by supporting the company on an ongoing basis. He explores how far the firm has come over the years to achieve the reputation for excellence it prides itself on currently. Gernod says, “Since inception, DITTEL and all its affiliated companies have worked hard to remain at the forefront of emerging industry developments and trends so that we can offer our clients cutting-edge support and services that they can truly rely on. We firmly believe that the best marker of a successful firm is a satisfied customer, and as such we constantly work to offer our clients innovative solutions.” “We are your partner with years of experience in all areas when it comes to your cleanroom. We offer individual planning for your cleanroom down to the last detail. ” In the cleanroom field, DITTEL Engineering believes in the quote, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, and this is implemented by seeing projects not as projects but as a partnership between the investor and DITTEL Engineering. As part of this approach, the firm supports the customer before, through, and after the project, simply to ensure the customer never feels alone. A creative and colorful atmosphere are high in importance to the cleanroom environment and technically offering the handling of interdisciplinary, so DITTEL Engineering is able to meet the needs of its clients, as Gernod highlights. “After all, the cleanroom market is constantly expanding, and as such so are we. The market is booming and has a lot of potential Drawing on its vast expertise in the industry, DITTEL Engineering has full responsibility in planning, qualification/validation, metrology, and project management for cleanroom technology. Based in Schlehdorf, in Upper Bavaria, Germany, it works to advise and support companies worldwide in their cleanroom research and production operations. We learn more about the firm as it celebrates being named Best Cleanroom Engineering Partner 2024 – Germany in this year’s Global Excellence Awards. F The Ultimate Partner For Your Cleanroom

due to the intensive need in the food industry to produce in cleanrooms for pharma, cosmetics, and micro-electronics. As such, we are constantly seeking to enhance our service offering to ensure ongoing excellence for our valued clients.” The expert team at DITTEL Engineering is made up of range of expert engineers in the fields of process and supply engineering, civil and mechanical engineering, system and electrical engineering, food and production technology, general and technical physics, and hygiene technology. This means that the firm is grounded in a deep scientific knowledge, equipped with the latest technologies. It also aims to provide a family atmosphere so employees are nurtured to drive developments and help the company retain and enhance its market leaders. Seeking to build the future, today, the firm is constantly looking to develop its solutions. This young, enthusiastic team is devoted to uniting in their work, whether they are celebrating their successes, or weathering the challenges and coming together to learn how things could go better moving forward. As a result, they are constantly bolstering their offering and instilling a robust sense of confidence in everything they do. As they keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry’s latest trends, challenges, and developments, they are always adapting and leveraging their high level of professionalism, specialism, and technological prowess in order to ensure their products are available to the highest possible standard for those professional medical institutes that need them. “After more than 30 years of daily work, I must say that I still enjoy my work, but I do not override the young engineers, but encourage them. I have been teaching at Carinthia University in Carinthia for 25 years and love to teach young students about cleanroom technology. But I, myself, have to thank my family every day, especially my wife, because if it weren’t for her, there would be no cleanroom technology for me and many others. ” -Dr Gernod Dittel With regards to the future, Gernod is optimistic that DITTEL Engineering can continue to grow and flourish thanks to its focus on quality, as he is proud to conclude. “Looking to the future, there are many exciting cleanroom projects ahead for DITTEL Engineering that will allowus the chance to build upon our current success and enhance our portfolio of satisfied clients. Our focus is on people, so while the world is discussing pharma 4.0 and industry 4.0, we are presenting cleanroom 5.0 – the human.” For Gernod dittel, the future of cleanroom technology lies in the hands of future generations. We cannot achieve everything without integrating young people into our experience. The Ultimate Partner For Your Cleanroom YOUTH EQUALS FUTURE! Ultimately, DITTEL Engineering started more than 30 years ago with the motto for the future taken from book one of the Roman poet, Horace, which was written in 23 BC: ‘carpe diem’, meaning ‘seize the day’ in English. To this very day, the firm is working every day to satisfy its customers more and striving through its work to make the world a better place for the next generations. Acquisition International magazine is pleased to be showcasing DITTEL Engineering as its Best Cleanroom Engineering Partner 2024 – Germany, and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this ever-evolving, innovative firm. Company: DITTEL Engineering GmbH Name: Dr. Gernod Dittel Address: An der Breiten 1, 82444 Schlehdorf, Germany Telephone Number: 00498851615900 Web Address:

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