Issue 5 2024

Issue 5 2024, Acquisition International | 13 Transforming Lives Through Enriching Education dentifying as a Social Enterprise business – meaning that it isn’t constrained by shareholder expectations, and all profit can be reinvested into the collective to enhance services of develop new ones entirely – The Birtenshaw Group represents the very best of the educational sphere. As opposed to tailoring its services and spaces to those who already have plenty of avenues through which they can learn and grow, The Birtenshaw Group focuses its attention on children and adults who may feel as though their special educational needs and disabilities are holding them back. In fact, the group actively works to prove this notion wrong, and has gone the extra mile to devise approaches and services that honour a person’s differences, and work in tandem with them to help them fulfil their potential. This is achieved through the collective’s multitude of educational facilities, services, and enrichment activities. Driven by its commitment to transforming lives, The Birtenshaw Group has become defined by its compassionate approach to helping others – a trait that is best showcased through its overarching expression of ‘ordinary life principles’. In short, these principles guide The Birtenshaw Group through its ambitious venture, allowing it to not only respond to the changing needs of disabled individuals, but continuously integrate these changes into its processes. In doing so, it’s established a framework upon which learners can rely when embarking on their new journeys. In essence, The Birtenshaw Group sees itself as a conduit for providing people with the same social and learning opportunities as everyone else. As such, those who may have once felt restricted by their conditions are able to make full use of services and educational facilities that actively work with their individual circumstances to deliver an approach that suits them. The Birtenshaw Group is an avid believer in recognising single identities, as opposed to painting everyone with the same brush. Though disabled learners may have similar struggles, it’s the struggle of the individual that needs to be acknowledged before any progress can be made. Where most may attempt to create solutions that somewhat align with the general needs of SEND learners, The Birtenshaw Group has demonstrated an immense drive to honour the distinct nature of each and every person. Whether it’s granting access to sensory circuits, hydrotherapy sessions, occupational therapists, or speech and language therapists, The Birtenshaw Group promises to deliver a learning experience to suit any child or adult in need of a more intricate approach. Since the day it commenced operation, the business has understood that, unfortunately, it’s all too common for SEND learners to be continuously let down by the general education system. In response to this discomforting truth, The Birtenshaw Group ensured that the transition into its educational spaces would be one filled with support, encouragement, and excitement. Every student is respected, allowing for a cohesive learning experience that places the focus on uplifting the individual, no matter the complexity of the approach that works best for them. Combined, these factors create a group whose dedication to those who are frequently left to fend for themselves sees it continuously improving the lives of its learners. Regardless of an individual’s learning nuances, The Birtenshaw Group is prepared to go above and beyond to deliver on its promise of a comprehensive, yet enjoyable, education experience. As such, we believe no collective is more deserving of the title of Most Transformational Education Support Organisation 2024 - Northwest England than The Birtenshaw Group. Contact: Kerry Sayers Company: The Birtenshaw Group Web Address: Committed to transforming the lives of children and young adults with special educational needs and disability (SEND), The Birtenshaw Group is a standout collective whose selfless nature has manifested itself in a myriad of ways. Between its Bolton and Merseyside schools, its Bolton-based specialist college, its various children’s homes, and selection of enrichment services, The Birtenshaw Group has proven that its heart lies with elevating the life experiences of those who may be overlooked by the general systems in place. Below, we venture into how such an astounding level of dedication has earned The Birtenshaw Group the title of Most Transformational Education Support Organisation 2024 - Northwest England. I