Issue 5 2024

8 | Acquisition International, Issue 5 2024 “The Psychological Safety Architects: Aristotle Performance’s Path to Industry Leadership” t is the overarching mission of North American based Aristotle Performance is to create exponential impact. Becoming globally recognized experts in psychological safety became the focus due to the positive impact on business and the lives of leaders and teams. Clarity is key to achieving this, as too is making sure that people are at the very heart of the operation. Their success has been built on a foundation of core values that are embodied at all times, for example, “everybody wins” and “it’s not about who’s right, it’s about what’s right.” These represent an approach to psychological safety that is holistic and robust. It also leads to working with a wide variety of industries, organizations and often working with organizations that are in some of the most challenging regions in the world. By ensuring that our clients feel heard and supported, we can take a step back and look at problems with a fresh perspective, driving change for the better. Speaking on such sustained success, “we are trusted advisors to executive leaders and experts in psychological safety as well as a successful consulting and training firm because that’s not where we started. We started as entrepreneurs who saw first-hand the benefits of psychological safety. Helping leaders, teams, and organizations achieve greater results by improving the collaborative environment and helping people deal with change was a challenge we wanted to solve. Aristotle Performance has carved out its place as thought leaders spot through two main avenues: scalable, evidence-based strategies that show a clear, and measurable impact on top-line business outcomes, and the consistent feedback from clients about the positive transformation of their internal cultures. These are fundamental elements for success but the differentiation goes deeper. Psychological safety is not seen as an endpoint but as a gateway. It opens the door to elevated performance levels, laying the groundwork for achieving our ultimate goal: to not only safeguard well-being but to catalyze peak performance across organizations. Another distinguishing factor has been the opportunity to collaborate with the esteemed Dr. Amy C. Edmondson of Harvard University, author of the acclaimed psychological safety book The Fearless Organization, which was written based on approximately three decades of research advocating the need for psychological safety. This has provided the team with the unique opportunity to apply first-hand research insight in order to deliver top tier solutions while offering in return insights from practical application. Furthermore, Neil proudly states, “we are also the only organization in North America that has certified internal practitioners to use The Fearless Organization’s Scan to measure, track, and improve psychological safety. We provide training, but it is the internal communities of practice that become a resource for ongoing growth and development that are the gift that keeps on giving.” Neil beams as he tells us that the company has produced more than 200 practitioners in the past few years, with more set to follow. Yet, what truly sets Aristotle Performance apart, even more than their work with clients and collaborators, is simply its people and the qualities that they embody. It’s their integrity, authenticity, diligence, dedication, and sense of humor that truly differentiate us. Neil puts it succinctly: “Our team thrives on psychological safety and a culture of continuous learning, which fuels our desire to innovate.” He continues “This translates into a solution-oriented approach, the courage to question the status quo, and swift, creative problem-solving. In short - we have an awesome team, and our clients feel that when they work with us.” This synergy cultivates a collaborative environment with clients that is productive and innovative, while remaining low stress. While they are an awesome team with the skill to both identify and implement impactful solutions, one program shines particularly brightly with their flagship program, the Courageous Leader Program. This program is not just another leadership development course; it’s in a league of its own, setting the benchmark for the industry. Through Courageous Leader, we’ve meticulously designed a culture that elevates learning, innovation, and accountability—all firmly rooted in psychological safety. This program stands out as a pinnacle of leadership training, unparalleled in its depth and effectiveness. Aristotle Performance was founded on the belief that enhancing an organization’s psychological safety is crucial for achieving its objectives while fostering a more human experience of the workplace. It draws inspiration from the famous Aristotle quote, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This principle guides the firm as it partners with business leaders to help navigate their challenges with the experience and expertise to be trusted advisors with the courageous innovation of the millennial generation. On the back of this, we are proud to name Aristotle Performance as the Best Psychological Safety Development Company 2024 - North America, and we catch up with Co-Founder and CEO Neil Pretty to find out more. I