Issue 5 2024

10 | Acquisition International, Issue 5 2024 The World’s Best Embedded Physical IP Ever since the world took its first brave steps into the digital age, there has been a surge in the amount of mobiles, tablets, smart watches, and other such devices in need of specialised circuitry. This ultimately manifested through the staggering power increase of ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) – an occurrence that demanded the drastic reduction of time spent providing the very best PPAL (power, performance, area, and leakage-key metrics). Though many VLSI design houses found themselves struggling to cater to this need, DXCorr – holder of the title of Physical IP Solutions Provider of the Year 2024 – California – has equipped itself with the means to meet this very challenge. Below, we explore how. Contact: Nirmalya Ghosh Company: DXCorr Design Inc. Web Address: Having distinguished itself as a leading developer of driving edge physical IP arrangements – namely in process hubs that provide an extensive array of SoC designs that are capable of incorporating complicated IP-SRAMS, CAMs, Multiports, memory subsystems, and standard cells – DXCorr is redefining the industry as we know it. Boasting access to highly optimised physical IPs, specific custom blocks, and an exceptional physical design team, the company promises to deliver on even the most demanding of specs in order to maintain its position within the trade. DXCorr thrives most when developing in-house tools that transcend the sector’s current design processes, allowing it to stand apart in its own right. The company achieves this feat through its dynamic design philosophy. In essence, DXCorr places its focus on combining the potential of computer aided design with the algorithmic nature of IP development to produce an approach that defies present market trends. Working in tandem with the business’s in-house software’s ability to reduce layout generation time, DXCorr is able to consistently apply a level of talent that oversees the provision of some of the best PPAL. Delivering industry defining physical IP solutions is the collective’s specialty, true, but it has committed itself to going one step further to refine the art through its abundance of industry insight. In DXCorr’s own words – “Every powerful chip design is built on a foundation of physical IP - a foundation that directly impacts the finished chip’s performance, power, area, and yield. At DXCorr, we understand the critical connection between the quality of IC designs and the underlying physical IP. Our goal is to ensure that your designs are the best in the industry, and that requires starting with a foundation based on the best IP available.” Put simply, the company isn’t only concerned with providing physical IP solutions, but looks ahead to see how it can capitalise on the more advanced nature of the format. This has allowed it to produce a custom physical IP portfolio that compiles blocks such as SRAMs, MRAMs, Standard Cells, and I/OS. Though it may not have been a straightforward undertaking, DXCorr prides itself on its continuous demonstration of tact within such an uncertain environment. DXCorr is a company that has seen success time and time again, and with such an astounding level of talent behind it, it isn’t hard to understand why. For years it has been constantly developing and evolving alongside the technology industry, allowing it to stay at the forefront of recent emergences, while simultaneously updating its own systems and processes to align with new industry standards. Regardless of how it must go about doing so, DXCorr is committed to empowering users in as many areas as possible, ultimately leading to it being recognised as Physical IP Solutions Provider of the Year 2024 – California. We’re eager to see how DXCorr adapts as the world branches out into the realm of AI.