Issue 1 2024 • Issue 1 2024 Remarkable Catering Services Sure to Leave a Lasting Impression Catering HQ has etched a name for itself as Australia’s premier provider of catering services for corporate events, as well as offering an exceptional and holistic hospitality management and advisory service across New South Wales, with the elements that comprise this including planning, operations, marketing and business development, hospitality fit-outs, HR and compliance, financial, research, and graphic design services. Best Corporate Catering Services Provider 2023 – Australia awardee Catering HQ is distinguished from other catering companies in the field through its bespoke offerings that are certain to exceed the expectations of clients, with an unrivalled atmosphere being fabricated along with some truly excellent food, these two factors are expertly combined to construct a unique dining experience that is like no other one can find in the Land Down Under.

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NEWS Almost half of businesses have now implemented machine learning, says STX Next research Machine learning’s popularity looks set to continue with 66% of CTOs predicting it will become much more prominent at their business in the next two to four years Research from STX Next, Europe’s largest software development company specialising in Python, has found that 47% of businesses have now implemented machine learning (ML) into business processes. Despite this growth in popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and ML, further growth could be limited without investment in specialised technical teams to drive integration. Despite AI and ML’s undoubted popularity, the survey also revealed that 50% of CTOs do not have a single member of staff employed in an AI, ML or data science role at present, with 41% of technical leaders saying that their business hadn’t implemented any AI technologies at all. This underlines the scale of the progress that still needs to be made. The findings were taken from STX Next’s 2023 Global CTO Survey, which surveyed 500 global CTOs about the biggest challenges facing their organisation. Other key findings from the research included: The most common AI solution within businesses at present is image detection/segmentation with 23%, followed by recommendation systems at 20% and optical character or text recognition at 19%. 24% of companies have now implemented natural language processing at their business and 22% say that they’ve implemented deep learning. Despite AI’s rapid growth, just a quarter of companies have a separate AI/Data division and 38% have between just one and five team members in a dedicated AI/ML or data science role. Bartek Roszak, Head of AI at STX Next said: “AI’s popularity this year has been driven largely by the success of large language models like ChatGPT. However, AI has many use cases beyond models like these and can support many business functions. In 2024, we hope to see an increase in uptake of AI and ML in other business processes. “That said, the existing applications of AI that the survey uncovered are largely unsurprising, as AI’s ability to tackle repetitive processes and recognise patterns within images and text is clear and evident to those working in technical roles. What is surprising is that these are still only adopted by a quarter of businesses. AI can and will revolutionise many industries, but there is still work to be done in educating the market on its capabilities. “Our survey results have also revealed that while many leaders acknowledge AI’s potential, there is still a need for more investment in specialised resources to support its development. Implementing machine learning in one form or another will soon be crucial in keeping pace with changes in the industry and meeting customer expectations. “This will no doubt become more prominent over the next year and beyond as organisations look for more ways to economically and efficiently scale their business and tackle new challenges. In many cases, leaders will need to assess the extent to which off-the-shelf ML solutions can support their businesses, and work out how much they need to invest in R&D to deliver the required level of expertise. “AI and ML’s popularity shows no sign of slowing over the coming twelve months. CTOs should embrace it’s potential, balancing the needs of the business with the unique needs of clients and customers. Those that are able to leverage its potential by enhancing their skillsets will reap the rewards in 2024.”

NEWS “We are delighted to have been chosen by Fisker as its retail finance partner and to play a key role in supporting this exciting new brand’s rollout plans for the UK and across Europe,” said Stewart Grant, Santander Consumer Finance’s Commercial Director. “We share Fisker’s dedication to quality, reliability and sustainability and look forward to working alongside them over the coming years to achieve their strategic goals.” Fisker Appoints Santander Consumer Finance as Preffered UK Finance Partner Fisker Inc. (“Fisker”), driven by a mission to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable electric vehicles, announces that Santander Consumer Finance has been chosen as Fisker’s preferred finance partner for UK customers. Offering a broad range of finance products to suit their needs, the new partnership with Santander Consumer Finance enables Fisker customers to select financing packages, including Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Personal Contract Hire (PCH), Conditional Sale (CS) and Business Contract Hire (BCH). Having opened the Fisker Lounge London at the Westfield London mall, the Fisker Center+ Milton Keynes location, and launched its UK vehicle delivery program, Fisker will leverage the support of Santander Consumer Finance’s solutions to expand its offering in the EV market and deliver on customers’ needs as vehicle rollout continues. “With our vision for a clean future for all, we want to make the Fisker Ocean accessible for a larger group of customers through attractive finance offers,” said CEO and Founder Henrik Fisker. “As a new EV brand in the market, we want to give our customers choices of competitive financing options provided by Santander Consumer Finance, one of Europe’s largest consumer finance companies. ” • Fisker offers UK customers a portfolio of attractive finance packages through its partnership with Santander Consumer Finance, supporting Fisker’s launch and expansion in the UK • Customers will be able to select from a range of finance options covering Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Personal Contract Hire (PCH), Conditional Sale (CS), and Business Contract Hire (BCH) solutions • Fisker is expanding its presence in the UK by opening the Fisker Center+ Milton Keynes, for brand experience, service, test drives and deliveries, in addition to the Fisker Lounge London at Westfield London mall Photo Credit: mckornik -

6 | Acquisition International, Issue 1 2024 Oct23697 hose looking to make their next event highly memorable for themselves and their guests alike should look no further than Catering HQ, a company determined to provide high quality menus, excellent food, and even better value for money. Offerings are meticulously tailored for each event, as too is the service, so as to specifically exceed the needs of the venue, budget, and demographic in question. Another extension of this is the business’ special function service, whereby a dedicated group of knowledgeable and professional hospitality team members will assist the venue team to undertake functions of any calibre, again carried out to the highest of standards. One cannot begin to delve into Catering HQ without first talking about Founder and Managing Director Steve Sidd. A worldwide hospitality consultant boasting clients from around the world, when Steve established the business back in 1996, it served as the culmination of years of interest, passion, and experience in the food and hospitality industry, with him having spent a great deal of his childhood in his dad’s restaurant, watching the action and working with his father whenever the opportunity arose. As Steve describes, “the smells, the noise, the adrenaline – it was intoxicating.” Steve describes one of his fondest childhood memories as being his mother placing him in a taxi at 5am so he could help his father feed the hungry diggers on Australia’s ANZAC Day once service was finished, highlighting his fondness both for food and culture. Speaking of Steve’s culture, from a young age he was afforded an array of global influences in this department, as growing up in Belrose, Sydney with a Greek father, Egyptian mother, and his treasured Yia Yia, who played an instrumental part in raising him and his sister, meant that food was a big part of his life, a symbol of love and homeliness. His father’s restaurant, however, resulted in food being much more than just something for the home, it meant business. Keen to follow in the family trade, an 18-year-old Steve came to his dad with a high-risk, high-reward business proposal to turn an old fruit shop in St Ives into a restaurant. The legwork carried out by Steve and the help he received meant that the establishment was soon a success, and it was not long before Steve was opening more restaurants. As his portfolio grew, Steve found it necessary to maintain his famed personal investment and involvement in each venue, a lesson learned when one of his restaurants momentarily began to lose steam after Steve began to sink time and effort into another. Catering HQ has etched a name for itself as Australia’s premier provider of catering services for corporate events, as well as offering an exceptional and holistic hospitality management and advisory service across New South Wales, with the elements that comprise this including planning, operations, marketing and business development, hospitality fit-outs, HR and compliance, financial, research, and graphic design services. Best Corporate Catering Services Provider 2023 – Australia awardee Catering HQ is distinguished from other catering companies in the field through its bespoke offerings that are certain to exceed the expectations of clients, with an unrivalled atmosphere being fabricated along with some truly excellent food, these two factors are expertly combined to construct a unique dining experience that is like no other one can find in the Land Down Under. T Remarkable Catering Services Sure to Leave a Lasting Impression To this day, Steve prides himself on the personal touch he brings to all of his venues, something that remained steadfast even as he began to take over the catering side of clubs across Australia with Catering HQ, using his profound expertise in the area to elevate the catering offerings of such establishments, which beforehand left a lot to be desired. Almost a dozen clubs are today under Steve’s ownership, with up to 6000 people able to be fed per day. Other endeavours Steve has undertaken include buying 50% of catering software company Hospitality Genie, which runs all of his clubs, and opening two production kitchens along with Steve’s partner, Albie Aldahawi which include brands Good & Plenty Wholefoods, Moon Deli and Tooti’s Patisserie. Both Steve and Albie are extremely proud on their achievements at Catering HQ Logistics which operates all warehousing and production kitchens for the venues. These serve to represent wider success in addition to the focal point of Catering HQ, which Steve has honed using his unrivalled experience and well-deserved reputation, fostering a fantastic culture for the more than 300 employees that comprise the team.

Key to this success has been cultivating an approach to managing the business that prioritises being ethical, putting people first, and always remaining highly respectful, diverse, and understanding. Further adding to the continued success that Catering HQ has experienced over the years is Steve’s status as a pioneer and trendsetter within the wider industry, with him being quick to adapt to new trends and reinforce long-term paradigms to ensure consistent flourishment. Catering HQ proudly offers more than 25 dining concepts and 32 event spaces throughout Sydney and the Greater Sydney area, with each being complete with such amenities as beautiful dining spaces, indoor and alfresco areas, and complemented with panoramic views and stunning backdrops. Specifically in the realm of corporate events, one can pick from a host of rooms and locations at eight of the company’s stellar venues. From here, there is an extensive array of menu options that are sure to effectively set the scene and result in happy guests across the board, such as the breakfast menu, which offers a continental breakfast, seated modern breakfast, or canapé breakfast, perfect for that morning event. A coffee break selection is also available, as too is a broad luncheon range that is comprised of tiered options from light bites through to full sit-down meals, again showcasing the diversity and personalised nature of these event options, as well as the commitment Catering HQ affords every one of its clients. Remarkable Catering Services Sure to Leave a Lasting Impression “ Steve established the business back in 1996, it served as the culmination of years of interest, passion, and experience in the food and hospitality industry, with him having spent a great deal of his childhood in his dad’s restaurant, watching the action and working with his father whenever the opportunity arose. As Steve describes, “the smells, the noise, the adrenaline – it was intoxicating. ”

8 | Acquisition International, Issue 1 2024 For those seeking more than just a few hours’ worth of food and beverages, day and half-day packages serve as the ideal solution, with the former offering beverages and biscuits on arrival, before morning tea, lunch, and then afternoon tea are served, followed by other inclusions that span a whiteboard, pens, and eraser, a flipchart and paper, projector and screen, as well as a lectern complete with a fixed microphone. In a similar vein, the half-day package consists of arrival drinks, a smaller selection of lunch options, morning or afternoon tea, and the same added extras as listed above. Additionally, the beverage options available throughout these corporate events are specifically tailored on a case-by-case basis, with either a beverage package available that includes wine, beer, soft drink, and juice that lasts for 4 hours, or beverages on a bar tab or a cash bar. Cakes can too be provided, if necessary, with a chef available to either cut and place on a sharing platter or to individually plate up the cakes and garnish them by hand. Decorations can be organised on a corporation’s behalf if required, or organisers are welcome to bring their own and source their own entertainment for the event. Last but not least, a trio of additional packages are available that add those much needed finishing touches to an event, with a standard package that offers Lycra chair covers and a simple centrepiece, a luxury package with Lycra chair covers complete with a satin sash or band, a standard centrepiece, and a satin table runner, and finally, the deluxe package, which adds a deluxe centrepiece and coloured napkins to the items already included in the luxury offering. These little extras will go a long way in serving as the cherry on top of what is sure to be a terrific event, a guarantee that stems from the team’s unbridled commitment to excellence, array of knowledge and experience, and friendly and helpful demeanour. Aside from its corporate catering gigs, the company took on three new venues in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, with Steve being front and centre to oversee the redevelopment of the subsequently launched dining spaces, ensuring that these warm and welcoming spaces serve as a fantastic precursor to the exquisite food and unparalleled dining experience that is soon to follow. Menus at each of these venues are extensive and boast a terrific range of food and drink that are available at both member and visitor prices, meaning regulars and first-timers alike can divulge in a series of exquisite offerings that are sure to make them want to return time and again. Determined to remain ahead of the curve, Catering HQ has spent the past couple of years refocusing its attention inwards, developing new products and methods that will serve to solidify its frontrunner position in the sphere. To this end, the team have already begun to embrace the use of plant-based products in their recipes to better cater to the increasing amount of vegetarian and vegan clientele utilising their services, as well as regularly updating their menus across the board frequently to reflect the seasons and maintain freshness. A firm believer in showing rather than telling, Steve emphasises that people want an experience, with this ethos forming an integral part of what the company attempts to strive for on a daily basis. Moreover, having made the switch to a pescatarian diet a few years ago, Steve has continued to provide the necessary menu items and foodstuffs that can best serve niches in the market, with Steve remaining steadfast in his commitment to deliver the sort of food that he is truly passionate about through Catering HQ. While it is the firm’s catering services that have won it this award, it would be amiss to not further explore the other avenues of the business that are equally as impressive and successful, with these covering the bases of hospitality consulting, logistics, and speaking events. The first of these is undertaken by partner firm stevesidd. com Consulting Services. With this offshoot focusing heavily on specialist consulting services in the areas of tourism and leisure, in addition to the hospitality and food service sectors. Clients served by the company include hotels, clubs, gaming/ hospitality corporations, tourism operators, restaurants, function and events, industry associations, food manufacturing, liquor, beverage and warehousing organisations. The secret to success for Consulting HQ has been the combining of the unique skills and experience that only three decades in the sector can provide, with Steve and the highly qualified consultant team able to exceed the needs of a client business, confidently providing the best advisory and management expertise available in the market today. Catering HQ Logistics is a similarly impressive subdivision, priding itself on working with a range of clients and venues to assist them in making sure that they boast sustainable success and can provide innovative and tailored gourmet solutions to satisfy the needs of their customers. Within this area can be found a series of specialised field retail consultants that are located in each of Australia’s major cities, as well as an internal customer service team that has been wholly built around transacting with customers in a swift, convenient, and efficient manner. Partnering

Remarkable Catering Services Sure to Leave a Lasting Impression only with Australian manufacturers and stocking Australian source products further guarantees an approach peppered with quality and sustainability. The final additional service on offer is speaking events, and with Steve being a proud member of the FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International) Association, he has spoken at a number of events and functions across the country, confident in his ability to set the right tone, deliver messages that are sure to provoke and inspire, and ultimately drive an event’s success forward. Just a few of the organisations that Steve has spoken for in the past include the RSL Services Association, the Club Managers Association, Food Service Australia, and the Club NSW Association, with topics covered such as cost control and strategy and new hospitality technologies. As we hope all of this conveys, Steve Sidd, and by extension Catering HQ, is really something special in the world of catering and hospitality, and what’s more, similar packages are on offer for both weddings and celebrations, meaning that these fantastic services can be implemented in settings outside of the corporate sphere. Steve should be incredibly proud of all that he and the firm have accomplished, and he poignantly references his dad, now in his 70s, who was eating at one of his clubs, showing everyone a photo of Steve from when he was a boy, in which he is proudly sporting a chef’s hat. This served as a full circle moment for Steve, who is sure to continue to drive Catering HQ to prosperity for years yet to come. Contact: Steve Sidd Company: Catering HQ Web Address:

10 | Acquisition International, Issue 1 2024 Shaping the Future in the Digital Age or any company or client searching for an international business lawyer in Paris, Liliana Bakayoko deserves to feature at the very top of the list. The bespoke legal firm covers areas such as business law, corporate law, IT law, intellectual property rights, international private law, energy law, tax law, litigation and arbitration, civil law, labour law, and several other aspects of important law intervention services. It supports entrepreneurial enterprises, always fully cognisant of the fact that such businesses are multifaceted and might require assistance with many different elements of the law. Liliana Bakayoko can help with a plethora of areas such as the choice and reorganisation of clients’ professional entities, whether they’re acting as a sole trader or registered company. The firm will be able to help with the protection of intellectual property rights, including trademark and patent registrations, literary, and artistic property. It can also assist with the conclusion and execution of contracts that are directly related to clients’ professional activities. This includes the protection of any digital activities, and the internationalisation of business activities. Liliana Bakayoko is always ready to help resolve disputes in an amicable fashion, and to offer legal representation before the courts and at arbitral tribunals. The firm provides optimal legal services for clients that are efficient and designed to optimize business success. It has a determination to expand beyond borders in the current digital age, and help its clients to seize the opportunities that a full awareness and understanding of the law can truly offer them. It does this by ensuring that it listens carefully to clients’ needs, and then tailoring its legal interventions to suit accordingly. As a firm, Liliana Bakayoko will analyse its clients’ aspirations to help establish the full possibilities for action in the light of legal, economic, social, political and human contexts. “ The law is far from being just a constraint to which we must help our clients adapt. Used wisely, it is also a great creative tool, which can allow companies and individuals to modulate their activity and shape their future.- Liliana Bakayoko ” The Liliana Bakayoko law firm will forge ahead with any appropriate suggestions of strategies and courses of action that will be of assistance to its clientele, both in and out of the court room. It endeavours to always provide appropriate advice and information that helps them to make sensible and informed decisions. The company is committed to defending its clients’ interests before the authorities and the courts, and will do so with energy, perseverance and professionalism. It prides itself on providing services that are perfectly aligned with clients’ needs. Liliana Bakayoko has nearly 20 years of experience as a lawyer, combined with 10 years of experience teaching law in a professional capacity. She is an Attorney at Law at the Paris and Sofia Bars, a Doctor of Law, and a former Professor of Law. When it comes to cross-border transactions, and relations between businesses and government, she is a valuable asset with precious knowledge that can be brought to bear. In addition, Liliana is grounded in cyberlaw, with an excellent understanding of the legalities surrounding information technology. Her knowledge was significantly increased in this department during time spent advising one of the world’s leading information technology companies. Liliana is the exclusive International Business Lawyer who represents France at Global Law Experts (GLE), and the exclusive Corporate Formations Lawyer representing France at IR Global. She is also a Consultant in International Investment, Government Relations, and Business Development for a major U.S. company who provides corporate and government clients with expert-led, technology-driven risk management solutions. Furthermore, Liliana has advised a renowned U.S. international energy development company on issues related to For the best part of the last two decades, Liliana Bakayoko has been a vital cog in the works when it comes to assisting national and international clients with matters of law. She represents a firm that provides highly qualified global support, particularly focused on business law. Liliana has been recognised as Leading International Business Lawyer of the Year – Paris, following which we decided to take a closer look at what her innovative company does. F

Shaping the Future in the Digital Age the IGB interconnection pipeline between the Greek and Bulgarian gas systems. This has helped Bulgaria to gain independence within the gas energy field. “ Highly qualified in international business law, Liliana Bakayoko has built a solid experience as a lawyer, teacher and consultant. Her exemplary career and her ability to adapt to the digitalization of the legal sector make her a key figure in this field. - Forbes ” In addition to her legal practices background, Liliana Bakayoko has embraced theoretical experiences through the teaching of various legal subjects in many prestigious higher education institutions throughout France. For example, she taught law at the University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), and was a Professor of Law at the European Business School (EBS), the École Supérieure d’Administration et de Management (ESAM) and the École Supérieure de Commerce de Lille (ESC Lille). She also trained lawyers in private international law at the École de Formation professionnelle des Barreaux de la Cour d’appel de Paris (EFB). Liliana is herself a University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II) graduate, as this is where she obtained her Doctor of Law degree. She also went on to gain a post-master’s degree in Bulgarian law at the Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski. It was 2003 when she obtained her Professional Lawyer’s Certificate (CAPA) from the School of Professional Training of the Bars of the Paris Court of Appeal (École de Formation Professionnelle des Barreaux de la Cour d’Appel de Paris (EFB)). She took her oath as an attorney at law at the Paris Bar in 2004, and achieved her Certificate of Legal Capacity in Bulgaria in 2010. This is also when she became an attorney at law at the Sofia Bar. The Liliana Bakayoko law firm is respected as a provider of legal services that are mainly centred around the areas of business law, IT law, intellectual property law and international private law. In Liliana’s opinion international business law is the most exciting branch of law bar none. She explains this is because she feels it is the most dynamic and evolving area, and is imbued with a spirit of initiative and innovation that transcends borders and signals a bright future. Likewise, digital law and intellectual property law embody stimulating components, and are particularly vital as the world becomes ever increasingly cosmopolitan. Liliana urges business entrepreneurs not to restrict their activities to a single national territory, but to incorporate and adapt to the wider world. Liliana will be there to anchor her clients and colleagues every step of the way with her valued experience, intelligence, and attention to detail. Her firm can help not only to ensure compliance with the law as it exists today, but also to help shape it to the precise image of each companies’ true needs for tomorrow. Contact Details Company: Liliana Bakayoko - International Business Lawyer Web Address: Contact Name: Liliana Bakayoko

12 | Acquisition International, Issue 1 2024 Award-Winning Fixed Fee Family Lawyers With offices in York, London, Manchester, and Birmingham, Paradigm Family Law is a multi-award-winning legal practice that specialises in providing fixed fee divorce and family law advice. The firm was established by Managing Partners James Thornton and Frank Arndt, two experts in matrimonial law with over 40 years of experience. Here, we explore Paradigm Family Law and its work in the wake of its success in winning Best Family Law & Mediation Firm, England, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Contact: James Thornton Company: Paradigm Family Law LLP Web Address: Since its inception in late 2014, Paradigm Family Law has proudly established itself as a leading boutique law firm in the field of family law, consistently delivering exceptional legal services to its clients and achieving positive outcomes on their behalf. Over the years, it has built a strong reputation for its expertise, innovation, and client-centric approach. Operating in a competitive field, Paradigm Family Law sets itself apart through its commitment to specialisation. Unlike full-service law firms, it specialises exclusively in divorce and financial remedy cases. This laser focus on a niche area has allowed Paradigm Family Law’s team of experienced, highly skilled lawyers to develop an in-depth understanding of the complexities of family law, ensuring that clients receive the best expert guidance throughout the process. Moreover, committed to innovation, Paradigm Family Law has worked to redefine the family law landscape by introducing a transparent and predictable fixed fee model for divorce and financial proceedings. For decades, it has been common for law firms to bill on an hourly basis, causing clients to grow anxious about how much time their lawyers are spending on their cases. The fixed fee model eliminates this, providing clients with certainty in what can be a financially stressful time. Alongside its adoption of a fixed fee billing model, Paradigm Family Law demonstrates its commitment to its clients in a number of ways. The firm understands that behind every case is an individual facing a difficult and emotionally charged situation. For this reason, it is dedicated to going the extra mile to support them. To this end, Paradigm Family Law’s compassionate and understanding team help clients to navigate the emotional and financial challenges involved in their case. They also maintain open communication with them, enabling them to rest assured that they are always informed and involved in any decision-making processes. As a result of its commitment to providing exceptional legal services, Paradigm Family Law has been able to maintain strong financial performance and therefore achieve remarkable growth in the last year. Because of this, it has been able to expand its team, open new offices in Manchester and Birmingham, and increase its client base. Paradigm Family Law owes this impressive growth and success to its talented and dedicated team, who have all become known for their compassion, empathy, and dedication to achieving positive outcomes for their clients. As part of its commitment to growth, the firm has invested in providing them with countless training and development programmes. On top of this, to foster their ability to reach their full potential, Paradigm Family Law aims to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace that celebrates diversity, ensuring that all team members feel valued and empowered to thrive. Over the last decade, Paradigm Family Law has received a number of positive reviews from its satisfied clients, resulting in its impressive fivestar rating on ReviewSolicitors. For example, one client shares, “I cannot recommend Frank and his team highly enough. Their professionalism and organisational skills are top-notch. They were available and responsive at every turn, truly just a click away. Frank made us feel confident and secure. Their dedication to client satisfaction was clear from day one, which makes them standout professionals in their field. Many thanks and highly recommended!” In light of this glowing praise, it is no surprise that Paradigm Family Law has been awarded Best Family Law & Mediation Firm, England, in the Global Excellence Awards 2023. Its achievement of this prestigious accolade is a testament to its exceptional performance, extensive development, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment to client care. The company is honoured to have been recognised in this awards programme and plans to continue delivering excellence in the field of family law in the years to come.

Issue 1 2024, Acquisition International | 13 The Go-To Estate Agent of Choice in the St Albans Region assidy & Tate is a proudly independent estate agents boasting offices in St Albans, Marshalswick, Wheathampstead, and Knightsbridge. It is committed to helping clients with its tailor-made services fully concentrated on their own wants and needs. Having been recognised for its services within Hertfordshire, we are going to focus predominantly on its 3 busy offices located within the region. Both its Marshalswick and St Alban’s offices are centrally located in the much sought after city where the modern and historic sit cheek by jowl in an exciting and dynamic way. For example, chic, contemporary bars are perfectly at home nestled up against the traditional buildings and charming boutique emporiums the town has to offer. St Alban’s is well known as an attractive and traditional market town, and is peppered with numerous highly rated schools. This makes it a very popular area for families to want to settle. The Wheathampstead office is a little further away, located on the High Street of this quaint village that is home to a plethora of historic buildings. The area has its roots in agriculture, and this is apparent in many of its landmarks. It also boasts the beautiful, ancient, Grade I listed St Helen’s Church, and the picturesque old Mill Quay. The people who work at Cassidy & Tate are all locals who possess expansive knowledge of the area. The ethos the company seeks to foster is one of teamwork, and the culture is mixed and eclectic. Staff are always encouraged to feel at ease in putting their own stamp on the business, and Cassidy & Tate also emboldens them to go the extra mile for customers. In fact, it’s something that is actively sought when recruiting team members. It endorses and appreciates the positive way such attitudes reflect on the business as a whole. As a fully independent estate agent, Cassidy & Tate embraces the ability to present a flexible and accommodating personalised service for all its customers whether selling, letting, or purchasing houses/land. Cassidy & Tate pays close attention to trends, and gathers up as much research as it can to help it effectively monitor property values and potential price fluctuations. Whatever customers require, it always comes back to the central premise of its business, which is to be first choice for customers regarding all property matters, and to continuously focus on delivering a premium customer experience. Cassidy & Tate has a wide range of clients spanning first time buyers, landlords, and property developers. Managing Directors Stuart (Cassidy) and David (Tate) are both born and bred St Albans locals who relish the fact that most of their business comes from recommendations or repeat customers. They think this often comes down to the fact that people like to know exactly who they’re dealing with, especially if they’re selling or buying houses, the biggest asset in life for the majority of people. Therefore, using local people they can trust is an absolute no brainer. “Local company with local people. That’s our core strength. We take pride in our work and to have the public interact with us in amazing. ” Cassidy & Tate believe that its backbone of happy staff is what keeps it customers happy. Even during challenging times, its people rise to the occasion with aplomb. For example, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the staff at Cassidy & Tate kept their heads up. As one of the few industries allowed to stay open and keep working, the market was actually boosted during this difficult time period. The insightful staff worked by rotor, limiting numbers at the office to protect the public. Many staff also worked from home, and some still do. This meant successful outcomes were achieved during a challenging time period, and clients were still treated to the best service possible. The company was actually able to open a new Land & New Homes department during the pandemic, and is delighted that it was able to bring on board new staff, new clients, and new business. It is determined to see this new department go from strength to strength over the coming years, and has no doubt it will only result in further success. Company: Cassidy & Tate Web Address: Contact Name: Stuart Cassidy With a vast combined experience of more than 50 years, Cassidy & Tate is instrumental in the property market circa St Albans, Marshalswick, Wheathampstead, and surrounding areas. This encompasses sales, lettings, market appraisals, land purchase, and property management services. It has recently been announced as Best Regional Sales & Lettings Estate Agents 2023 – Hertfordshire in the AI Global Excellence Awards. Following this we decided to take a closer look at exactly what the company is all about. C

14 | Acquisition International, Issue 1 2024 raniteWMS, or the Granite Warehouse Management System, is an end-to-end, barcode-based management software solution that finally tackles some of the outdated practises surrounding the warehouse management industry. Enabling full traceability of all items through a simplified, intuitive platform, the system promises a drastic increase in warehouse processes and performance, while simultaneously reducing the risk of items going missing. Ultimately, it’s an invaluable tool that has already assisted over 140 warehouses in over 40 varying sectors – a number that is ever-growing. But how does it work? To begin, Granite sends in an operative to do an assessment of a client’s warehouse. This allows the company to gain a firm grasp of a business’s unique needs, and how to best integrate its patented management system into their operations. Once this stage has been completed, Granite proceeds to identify the key aspects of its customers’ processes. Essentially, this paves the way for the system to pick up on the pain points, and formulate an action plan in response. Finally, the system is installed in just a few short weeks, as opposed to over multiple months, and the client’s staff are trained in the art of putting the system to good use. On paper, the idea is brilliant. In practise, it’s even more so. This is primarily due to the barcode-based nature of the software. In short, this feature allows workers to prioritise scanning over typing, ultimately saving time, paperwork, and preventing overall confusion. The automated nature of barcode-based scanning means employees can perfectly capture all of the necessary data in under half the time of manual data recording, all whilst following an easy-to-understand, step-by-step process. Each task is laid out before the worker; all they need to do is point and scan, and the system handles the rest. This, in turn, further enforces the accuracy of a warehouse’s stock. GraniteWMS users benefit from speedy, efficient picking as a direct result of the software’s capabilities, allowing them to get products to customers on time. Speaking of time, stocktakes take significantly less effort when utilising Granite’s intuitive system – it ensures that all stock is accounted for in real time, ultimately reducing redundancies, overstocking, and process times as a whole. GraniteWMS is designed with eliminating all of the struggles facing the warehouse management industry in mind, and it’s already made quite the impression. After all, it’s been constructed specifically for warehouse management; how could it not be the perfect solution? Of course, not every warehouse owner is going to be an exceptional expert in all things technology. Nobody truly is. However, Granite promises that, with its Warehouse Management System, technological prowess won’t factor into how much use one can get out of the ingenious software. Designed with a simple, web-based interface – one that’s easy to implement, with no unnecessary additions – GraniteWMS has optimised usability tenfold. By Any warehouse owner or operator will tell you that managing stock can be one of the trickiest parts of the job. Despite recent upgrades in technology, it seems as though the older methods are still being deployed to this day, with little room for improvement. To eliminate this issue is GraniteWMS, an award-winning warehouse management system that recently came to earn the title of Most Innovative Warehouse Management Solutions Provider 2023 - South Africa. Combining ingenuity and innovation, GraniteWMS has developed a software that can put an end to complicated warehouse management processes as we know it. G End-to-End Warehouse Management Oct23429

reducing the complexity and trimming the fat, so to speak, Granite has presented the sector with a system that can manage everything the average warehouse environment could possibly throw at it. Additionally, GraniteWMS is easily the industry’s most cost effective solution for warehouse management. Whether it’s being utilised as a standalone piece of kit, or is effortlessly integrated into an existing ERP system, the software can perfectly elevate warehouse processes, create increased visibility of warehouse operations, and assist in maintaining accurate inventory records. Combined, these factors culminate in a Warehouse Management System that warehouse operators simply can’t say no to. It’s easy to use, easy to integrate, and easy to afford. Truly, it’s a system that has few equals on the modern management market. To further understand the impact that this revolutionary warehouse management asset has had on the broader industry, we would like to direct our readers’ attention to just a few of the glowing reviews that GraniteWMS has received. One customer expresses how – “ Implementing GraniteWMS was the best thing we have ever done. The system is super flexible, and was easily customised to match our processes. There are plenty of other out-of-the-box WMS systems to choose from, but what sets Granite’s system apart from other WMS software is the personnel it assigns End-to-End Warehouse Management to your specific project. You have someone to talk to who cares every step of the way. Even after go-live, they are always available and ready to implement whatever updates the customer needs. ” Another reviewer claims that – “Granite is the best answer to inventory nightmares; when you know how your inventory should be managed, but you just can’t figure out how to do it. Granite can map out a process to organise the unorganised and turn your vision into a process. Tech support is the best, and is very quick at responding. Granite helped me throughout the whole process, from picking the right scan guns to implementing labelling the warehouse for perfect work flow.” It’s abundantly clear that GraniteWMS isn’t simply a good idea, but one that has allowed warehouse operators to finally put the tough work in the hands of a system that’s designed to flawlessly manage it. GraniteWMS is a unique WMS that will no doubt become a staple in warehouses across the globe in the years to come. Its impact is simply undeniable, and it shines when elevating its clients’ processes to the next level. Granite has certainly struck gold with GraniteWMS, and we can’t wait to see its software flourish as it continues to assist warehouse operators all over the world. We wish Granite luck in its pursuit of further greatness. Contact: Craig Collins Company: GraniteWMS Web Address:

16 | Acquisition International, Issue 1 2024 At the Heart of Europe’s Cardiovascular Research Scene s a non-profit institute that proudly brings together Europe’s top clinical researchers and supporting industry staff to carry out clinical studies aiming to demonstrably improve cardiovascular healthcare, the European Cardiovascular Research Institute nobly manages and implements such studies in line with international regulations and to a series of pre-established budgets and timelines. These efforts are rooted primarily in collaboration with experts from across Europe, which is where a considerable amount of its investigation sites are located, and trials carried out. The exception to the rule is the Global Leaders and Master Dapt studies, with these having sites across a multitude of continents in addition to Europe. One clearly apparent strength of this united front is that it assembles a large network of both investigators and sites, serving to provide the ECRI with the unique advantage of being able to select a site quickly from one of its nearly 40 partner countries, with the large scale of this operation also offering a large pool of possible patients, enabling enrolments to be undertaken in a swift yet realistic manner. By involving pioneers in the field of cardiology from a host of countries, resources can be combined, and project managers sourced that are able to offer unique insight, something that is particularly effective when it comes to assessing the quality of the available clinical data and images. Regarding the countries which presently enrol patients into ECRI studies, the list is expansive and spans multiple continents, highlighting how regions all over the world can come together effectively to work towards groundbreaking research on such a vital area of study. These countries are, Austria, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Bahrain, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, and Vietnam. Across these 38 countries is almost a dozen representative experts who make up ECRI’s Scientific Advisory Board, with this esteemed group consisting of a series of like-minded scientists, cardiologists, and statisticians, each of whom has demonstrated a keen interest in pursuing the designing and execution of these clinical trials. In an effort to co-design and stimulate clinical investigations on a trans-Atlantic level, this board is inclusive of trialists from across Europe and faculty from other continents across the globe, and membership is pro bono and can be secured by invitation only. Each and every project undertaken by the ECRI is also managed by a steering committee, with this distinguished group of individuals being comprised of true scientific and clinical leaders. An ECRI representative is too always on hand, ensuring that things run smoothly. Further solidifying the safety of all operations is a series of independent data and safety monitoring boards, as well as clinical events committees, with these groups present to guarantee patient safety, data integrity, and the assessment of outcomes are all upheld to the highest calibre. Located at the very heart of ECRI is a desire to serve as a pioneer in the realm of trial leadership, with this being achieved through supporting industry, the sites, and subcontractors that in turn support it. Since it is a non-profit organisation, ECRI offers sponsorship capabilities inclusive of contracting and subcontracting, patient insurance, quality assurance, risk management, project oversight, and controlling budgets. This is incredibly important in today’s environment, as there is less funding available for clinical research, and the plethora of requirements that have to be fulfilled before a trial can be carried out have resulted in single companies finding it increasingly difficult to raise the necessary funds for their studies. It is this environment that ultimately produced ECRI, with this institute being founded for the purposes of serving as an intermediary between academic leaders and the supporting industry vital in funding such endeavours. The successful relationships that have been forged are clear to see, and in the past decade or so, 12 studies have been carried out, with a particularly notable trial being named “Global Leaders” and consisting of 16,000 “all-comer” patients who were enrolled in 130 centres and hospitals across 18 countries in Europe, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Singapore. This study saw patients being treated with the drug bivalirudin (in the countries where it is available) and a biomatrix stent, which had been fully randomised to produce either ticagrelor and aspirin followed by one month of ticagrelor monotherapy for a course of 23 months, or an intensive dual antiplatelet therapy, with this course of treatment lasting for 24 months. The first patient in this trial was enrolled by Belgium’s Dr Aminian from the CHU in Charleroi, and the whole trial was operated under ECRI’s umbrella, and supported by grants from businesses such as Biosensors, AstraZeneca, and The Medicines Company. Across this incredibly important trial, partner company Cardialysis was made responsible for carrying out project and data management, site monitoring, safety reporting, and carrying out ECG analysis, among other such tasks. Results from this trial were published in The Lancet in 2018, with the primary endpoint concluding that, “experimental treatment strategy [is] superior to reference treatment strategy on cumulative 2-year composite of all cause mortality and new Q-wave MI.” These results serve as just one example of the stellar work that has been carried out over the last decade, with exceptional results sure to continue well into the future with the host of cardiovascular clinical trials currently underway. Quintessentially, the trials that have been carried out by the European Cardiovascular Research Institute have immeasurably benefited the lives of countless people across Europe and even further afield, and with more than 400 people dying from heart and circulatory diseases every day in the UK, these efforts are more important now than ever before, with these numbers only set to increase. As a result of the phenomenal work done by the European Cardiovascular Research Institute, it is our pleasure to provide it with this award, and we wish the team all the best in all of their future trials and studies. Contact Detailks Contact: Ernest Spitzer Company: European Cardiovascular Research Institute Web Address: Founded in 2012, the European Cardiovascular Research Institute (ECRI) was established for the purposes of serving as a collaborative effort for European nations to undertake investigator-initiated cardiology studies. Cardiology Research Organisation of the Year 2023 – Europe awardee ECRI today facilitates both the design and execution of such studies and trials, with each proudly boasting full certification and adherence to ICH, GCP, and ISO standards and guidelines. At present, randomised trials are being carried out whereby ECRI is the sponsor, with these being possible thanks to scientific grants generously afforded by those in leading industry positions. Thanks to this groundbreaking initiative carried out with the support of industry leaders boasting expertise in their respective fields, a multicentre, multinational experience has been created that possesses endless opportunities for study and development in the realm of cardiovascular health. A