Issue 1 2024

From Fear to Preparedness: Mastering Risk and Process Management plays a key role in the aforementioned efficiency surge; data driven companies gain a resolute framework and culture, wherein data is prized and utilised to full effect to make decisions across the wider organisation. Essentially, CERRIX sees that businesses are making the most of the data they have access to, all in the hopes that it can excel their risk and process management growth to astounding rates. CERRIX has made a name for itself in the ways it has reinvented the market’s processes. Its software homes in on all of the vital components of risk and process management, ultimately bringing them together to forge an entirely new approach to the field. The result is clear – companies and businesses alike can make full use of the data at their fingertips to uphold the expectations of their respective roles. As such, it’s clear that no company deserves the title of Best Risk & Process Management Software Provider 2023 - Western Europe quite like CERRIX. Contact Details Contact: Paul Bruggeman Web Address: “ All businesses will agree that having risk management reports is needed, but there’s a unanimous agreement that preparing these reports is almost always a very laborious task for any involved. As such, many operational managers are wary to embrace risk management – by doing so, they fear the extra workload for the team and often do not understand the need for it. To rectify this, risk managers and board members seek to remind process managers that risk management is also a part of their responsibility. ”