The winter holidays make you think of home and the comfort of having your own place. As a real estate agent, you could say that this is the perfect time for connection and a bit of well-targeted marketing.

While you may not have that many clients, specialists do say that the holiday season can be a great time for the property. Also, there are plenty of other things to do now that the new year is so close. So, even if there aren’t any new projects for the end of the year, there’s no time to sit around!

Now is the time to set a few useful strategies into action in order to get a head start on the competition. And, to give you a hand, here are a few ideas of what to do:

#1: Stay Close to Customers

There is a special connection between happy homeowners and their realtor(s) and you should do your best to keep it alive for as long as possible. Even if you don’t have an active contract with former buyers & sellers, they are part of your network and can be your strongest supporters whenever someone they know gets on the market.

Plus, this can be a part of your communication strategy. However, in order to convince your contacts that they are close to your heart, you must avoid generic gifts or tokens. Instead, you could send out handwritten cards or letters that remind them of your business (use your logo and/or brand colors).

Handwritten cards are more personal and show you’ve put some thought and effort into your gifts. Also, it’s best to personalize your message, to remind your former customers why they were so happy with your services.

#2: Go Paperless

Nowadays there is a huge debate about the environment and how those in charge are trying to soothe our concerns with nice words. That’s why businesses that truly take action to reduce their footprint get a lot of positive attention from both the media and the customers.

Not to mention that a paperless office can be a lot easier to manage and organize. With the current tools, you can move the entire real estate transaction process online. This saves time (especially when it comes to signing contracts), storage space, and helps show the world we can take a step forward to cleaner and greener office practices.

#3: Support the Community

Get in the holiday spirit and find ways to get involved in the community. Anything from volunteering to the local soup kitchen to helping with keeping the streets clean and decorated will help you connect with the people and get the neighborhood on your side. Of course, you should try to make your brand as visible as possible by wearing either printed shirts or handing out flyers whenever you meet with new crowds.

Another great idea is to host an open house holiday party. What better way to show your latest project than to throw a party and show everyone interested just how cozy it is!

#4: Be Available

Make it clear that you are open for business even if the holiday season isn’t the most lucrative. Use your website, newsletter, and social media channels to let people know you are happy to talk to them and work on new projects.

Of course, if you truly have free time, you can combine business hours with volunteering and supporting the community. The idea is to keep busy and stay as visible as possible.

#5: Stay Connected

Real estate agents move around a lot and need constant access to the database and various files that are usually stored at the office. So, if you plan on making your job easier in the new year, think about implementing a cloud-based computing solution that allows you and the team to stay connected even when working remotely.

Key Takeaways

The holidays are a great time to give back to the local community and show customers you care about your connection. But it can also be a time to place the seeds for new projects or improve your office with advanced tools that are easily accessible.

Overall, you should take advantage of the time you have around the holidays and plan for the future.