Golden Opportunities in Indonesia’s IP Industry

Intellectual Property Practitioner of the Year – Indonesia

Am Badar & Partners is one of the leading intellectual property (IP) firms in Indonesia. The firm was founded by Mr Toetoen Ambadar, SH and established as legal entity on September 2 1965. Now it is one of the most prestigious law firms in the field of intellectual property rights in Indonesia.

We offer a wide range of specialist services for the prosecution, protection, commercialisation, enforcement and management of all types of IP in Indonesia. As one of the oldest law firms in the field of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia, Am Badar and Partners
has long-standing and strong client relationships and consistently committed to protecting the interests of the clients. Since 1999 the firm has been run by the second generation Nadia Ambadar, S.H, Annisa Ambadar, S.H, LL.M, Anis Ambadar, S.H, Nabila Ambadar, S.H, LL.M, And Dora Ambadar, S.Psi. All members of the firm are highly qualified and well versed in the subjects of their specialisation.

The work of the firm is dealt by professional staffs of IP administration, IP technological experts and IP litigators. The firm comprehends all areas of legal practice with special focus on intellectual property laws and their applications. Am Badar & Partners has hundreds of associates-foreign Agents which represent thousands of applicant of intellectual property rights all over the world. In order to develop our IP firm, we have become members of several international organisations in Intellectual Property Rights such as: INTA, AIPPI, APAA, ECTA and UPS.

Am Badar & Partners have developed an internal IT system for managing IP monitoring in our firm. Furthermore, we are now developing an IP filing system through our website. 

Achieving outstanding levels of client satisfaction

Am Badar & Partners always give the best solution for all clients, indeed when they ask us any information pertaining IP procedure and IP matters in Indonesia, we always give comprehensive information and solution and answer the question from all our clients.
To stand out from the competition, we:
1. The client’s trust is our priority.
2. Try to understand what our client’s need since the client’s instruction is our interest.
3. Always focus on satisfying our clients.
4. Always maintain professionalism.
5. Giving packaging consultation based on an outcome not hourly basis.

Challenges and opportunities for the future

In 2016, Indonesia will be joining the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which will certainly give the professionals of ASEAN countries, the equal opportunity to enter Indonesia’s intellectual property field. As it is known, ASEAN member states are mostly developing countries wherein one and another are competing to be a developed country, that would cause one professional to be more dominant than the others.

Indonesian IP regulations can be easily accessed by other countries. In any case, we are not aware of this matter because there is a possibility that the firm’s existence as an IP consultant will no longer needed by the clients. That is the biggest challenge in 2016 and beyond that we face, which means that our IP office must improve its quality in all areas continuously.

In addition to the ASEAN Economic Community, the possibility of the ratification of the Madrid Protocol into IP regulations in Indonesia, is also a big challenge, where an application for trademark registration may be filed through WIPO without the necessity of intellectual property consulting services.

With the experience Am Badar & Partners have had since 1965, along with the support of qualified workers, not to mention client loyalty, we are ready to face ASEAN Economic Community and the Madrid Protocol. Even then, we can take the advantage of these conditions when the other IP consultants are in a less than good condition. In addition to quality improvements in IP registration, upon the said circumstances, we also improved our quality in an area that will be a golden opportunity for us in the future.

Moreover, the Indonesian Patent Office will amend the Trademark and Patent Law in 2016. There will be a new regulation pertaining Trademark Prosecution and Patent Prosecution matters in 2016. According to information from the Indonesian Patent Office, there are now 896 IP Attorneys in Indonesia. According to this situation, we believe that the competition will be intense between IP Agent in Indonesia during 2016.

Company: Am Badar & Partners
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Address: Jl. Wahid Hasyim
No 14 Jakarta Pusat
Indonesia 10340
Phone: 62 21 392 2011,
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