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Posted 28th October 2015

Copperstone Capital

Copperstone Capital is an investment management firm founded in 2010 in Moscow by David Amaryan.Copperstone Capital manages wealth for high net worth individuals and institutions and provides advisory services.

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Copperstone Capital

Copperstone Capital


The firm was founded by David Amaryan and Vardan Amaryan and for several years the company has been managing private and pooled foreign accounts of its clients and in 2012 has successfully launched its flagship Copperstone Alpha Fund. Since its launch, the Fund has had a solid performance track record and established an impeccable reputation of highest integrity, trustworthiness and transparency. As a recognition of this Copperstone Alpha Fund received “The Best Russian Hedge Fund Award in 2015.

David Amaryan, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer is responsible for the investments management process of the Fund and day to day operations of the Investment Manager. He has over 15 years of investment experience.

Copperstone Capital manages wealth for high net worth individuals and institutions and provides advisory services. Copperstone brings together a unique combination of international asset management expertise, highly professional team with proven investment capabilities and extensive knowledge of Russian business environment.

We assist our clients in following areas:
• Investment management
• Personal Net-Worth Management
• Advisory Services

Here is how David Amaryan comments on Copperstone Capital achievements:
In our investment activities we generally seek a broader mandate with little restriction to a particular region or asset class. And though our main focus is equity investments in Russia and the CIS, it allows us to be much more flexible, looking for value in various markets around the world. This advantage becomes critical during prolonged periods of distressed economic conditions, similar to what we’ve managed to observe last year in our country. In this particular case, it allowed us not only to timely switch our investment focus to Global markets and avoid major losses, but also to considerably outperform our Russian peers. This helps the Fund to become one of the best performing funds in Russia in 2014.

The fund’s performance is a result of thorough analysis with careful and consistent risk controls. We strive to provide the best possible risk-adjusted return by exploiting our proprietary asset valuation models in line with a pro-active portfolio management approach. As we are not part of any large financial group, we are much better suited to make precise and objective investment decisions.

Despite the extremely turbulent conditions last year Russian financial market is constantly evolving and we hope that in the nearest future it will start to occupy an increasingly prominent place in the portfolios of most global and international investors.

However, in order to successfully operate in the Russian market, its peculiar features and weaknesses should always be taken into consideration, while making most of the business and investment decisions.

Additionally, Russian capital markets still face a number of artificial obstacles – largely the consequence of government interventions.

Other well-known factors include:
• Excessive policy volatility and instability of the legal regime
• Swollen bureaucracy and inefficient legal framework
• Barriers to foreign entry
• In many fields counter-productive tax laws, including excessive taxation of foreign residents
• Weak tax incentives for individuals to save for retirement

We have big plans for the nearest future. As we are constantly seeing more and more international investors ready to share our investment philosophy and excited to get better acquainted with our business approach, we are currently actively working on opening our offices in London and New York. That will also be a major step to becoming a truly global hedge fund.

We are planning to launch a fixed income fund and a distressed Russian debt fund specially tailored for investors with low –to-moderate risk appetites.

Hedge funds have been formally authorised for qualified investors in Russia since 2008. However, Russian legislation has very slow developments in this field and therefore most of the Russian hedge funds tend to operate as a more active alternative to mutual funds. That is the main reason why the financial performance of majority of Russian hedge funds tends to strongly correlate with the market developments.

The ability to de-correlate the fund performance from the broad market recessions, while continuing to find investment opportunities in most of the economic sectors and always stay 100% transparent for all partners and investors we consider as our biggest challenge and, at the end, an advantage from thevery first day of the company.

Company: Copperstone Capital

Name: David Amaryan

Email: info@copperstonecapital.com

Web Address: www.copperstonecapital.com

Address: Russia, Moscow, 115035,

Sadovnicheskaya St., h.16, bld.

Telephone: +7 (495) 988 00 10

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