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2 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 About the Global Green Business Awards 2021 In what has been named the ‘Decade of Action’ we have seen both industry leaders and consumers alike begin to make significant changes to ensure a more sustainable future, and more businesses challenged to respond to the reality of climate change. This year we seek to commend and bring exposure to those companies that have worked to ensure sustainability is at the very core to their business. The Global Green Business Awards 2021 will therefore place emphasis on applauding innovation in corporate sustainability and seek to reward those have proven themselves to be pioneers capable of providing solutions to meet a vast array of demands. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Contents 4 Securis: Best eWaste Recycling Specialists - USA 5 iRed: Most Pioneering Sustainability Consultancy 2021 6 Metal Tech Alley: Best Eco-Friendly Battery Metals Producer - Canada 7 Cropsticks by Cropmade: Best Sustainable Bamboo Product Company - Pacific USA 8 Allozymes Pte Ltd: Best Biotechnology Platform - Asia 9 GB Homecare LTD: Best Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Provider - UK 10 Rowan Energy: Most Promising Renewable Energy Start-Up 2021 11 AlphaBio Control: Best Biopesticides Production Company - UK 12 Novatus Advisory: Best Carbon Neutral Financial Services Provider - UK 13 Revolution Packaging Ltd: Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Development Company - New Zealand No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Prior to making any investment, AI recommends that any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer Rebecca Scotland, Writer Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Emma Hunt, Creative & Design Assistant Manager Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer 14 Thomas Hill Organics: Best Organic Dining Bistro - California 15 Kovac Family: Best Sustainable Furniture & Accessories Producer - Sweden 16 ZuBlu: Best Eco-Friendly Scuba Diving Holidays Provider 2021 17 Creative Xchange Inc: Best Global Sustainable Music Platform 2021 18 JyJ Electromecánica S.A: Best Electromechanical Construction Company - Americas 19 Refill & Go: Plastic-Free Company of the Year - Yorkshire 20 CC Solar Smart Eco Homes ltd: Best Solar PV Installation Specialists - South England 21 LINICO Corporation: Best Battery Recycling Technology Company - Nevada 22 Green Furniture Concept: Best Public Furnishing Design Studio – Sweden & AI Sustainable Design Excellence Award 2021

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4 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Best eWaste Recycling Specialists - USA etting the standard for effective IT asset disposal, data destruction, and electronics recycling for over two decades, Securis was initially established to assist companies with the responsible disposal of their electronic devices. Founded in 2000 as PC Recycler in Albany, NY, the company was rebranded in 2012 as Securis, with headquarters located in Northern Virginia. There are now additional offices in North Carolina, Richmond Virginia, and Virginia Beach. At Securis, the company securely repurposes electronics, adhering to all environmental policies by providing audit-ready inventory lists. Thus, allowing customers to feel safe and secure in the notion that their old computers, servers, and hard drives will not end up in a landfill across the world with sensitive information attached. “Project inventory lists are 100% accurate and provided to clients quickly. Whether it’s hard drive shredding, degaussing, electronics recycling, or a combination, all equipment and scrap is tracked throughout the process. Inventory lists include product names, categories, serial numbers, and asset tags. This tracking system makes it easy to pay customers for old equipment with complete transparency into each item or scrap lot, the date sold, the sales price, and how much has been earned,” explains Kristi Cambell, Director of Marketing at Securis. At Securis, its core focus is to serve employees, customers and vendors with the same higher power values passed down from its Founder and CEO, Jeremy Farber. “We adopt this servant attitude in all that we do and screen employees with this in mind. The result is that we have a great representation of employees from all over the world. Combining different cultures, religions, and backgrounds allows us to see challenges from a variety of perspectives,” explains Jeremy. Moreover, additional values aid in the company’s overall success. These values include staying positive, ambitious and inventive, all whilst ensuring that team members are put first. Furthermore, to ensure stability and steady success, staff members are encouraged to keep learning, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes to look for new purpose, invention, and ultimately stay ahead of the market. Since the company’s launch, Securis has steadily become the industry’s leading provider of green alternatives to the electronic asset S Nationally regarded as the Best eWaste Recycling Specialists in the United States, Securis provides ultrasecure IT recycling and data destruction for PCs, hard drives, smartphones, and much more. Moreover, Securis offers customers the benefit of audit-ready IT inventory lists, proof of data safety, flexibility, customer rebate programs, and a zero-landfill guarantee. Company Name: Securis Contact Name: Kristi Campbell Web Address: Contact Email: Dec21298 management dilemma and related security issues and has serviced multiple electronic waste events for the community. “The logistics of these events can be confusing, as each county has different guidelines on which items are acceptable, whether to charge for items such as televisions and how they’ll promote the events. However, we pride ourselves on organizing these events and have had great success with community outreach - the reviews are very satisfying,” says Jeremy. Approved by several government official agencies such as the U.S General Services Administration (GSA), the U.S Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Logistics Information Service, R2, and the National Association for Information and Destruction (NAID), Securis is compliant with all U.S federal, state, and local data security and environmental regulations tosecurely repurpose electronics while obeying all environmental policies. With all that Securis already had to offer, the company added the launch of its new Master Microshredder, an innovative new technology that will change the game concerning secure data distruction and set it apart from competitors, who at this point are unmatched with the advances of Securis. Solid State Drives (SSDs), flash drives, SIM, memory cards, and micro-SD cards have a reputation for slipping through most data deconstruction and recycling processes. However, Securis’s microshredding option goes beyond traditional shredding and ‘pulverizes devices’ into 2mm e-crumbs as recommended by the NSA. “Microshredding allows us to ensure total hard drive destruction. However, with the prevalence of BYOD platforms popping up all over the country, we know that organizations need to take extra precautions to make sure the data destruction process covers every aspect,” explains Jeremy. Overall, Securis has exceeded expectations in pioneering innovations, state of the art technological advances and leading the industry, one green security service at a time. Securis aims to provide sustainable and effective management and removal of any organization’s end-oflife electronic assets and plans to do so long into the future.

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 5 Dec21267 Most Pioneering Sustainability Consultancy 2021 Acknowledged as industry-leading innovators in advancing the benefits of thermal imaging and drone technology, iRed has been recognised as the Most Pioneering Sustainability Consultancy 2021 for its work across several sectors. ounded and managed by Ray Faulkner in 2002, iRed has cultivated a renowned reputation in sustainability consulting, specialising in energy, environment and property. The company’s multidisciplinary team of industry experts are able to utilise innovative technologies to identify faults, improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions across a broad range of industries. iRed operates by focusing on actionable insights, finding problems that others typically cannot see and perfecting its methods. Thus, expanding its legacy by continuing to lead the industry by example. “The data we collect enables confident decision making for our client’s buildings, assets and land. In addition, it enables them to drastically reduce surveying time, effort and cost by streamlining operations,” explains Founder Ray Faulkner. Due to its immense reputation, iRed was heavily regarded and praised by Investors in People in 2019. It was stated that the company provided strong and inspirational leadership while delivering high levels of employee engagement. The working environment noted within the company is considered exciting and compelling amongst all staff members and has been admired for its ability to change and adapt to innovation and technological advances. The accreditation from Investors in People allowed Ray to respond to the report, boasting, “This truly reflects the hard work, skill, inventiveness and passion of our staff. We’re always looking ahead to the next technological step and how we can make it work. It’s what excites us and what drives us. The team here is so passionate about what we do that managing them is an absolute pleasure.” Since its establishment, iRed has been acknowledged for its innovative and cultivating work within the industry by providing creative and state of the art solutions in technology, advancing society one ingenious idea at a time. Thus, with its reputation, multiple reports of accreditation, and proof of product value, iRed has been trusted by local councils, global brands and Fortune 500 companies. From consulting F and surveying to training and equipment, iRed is able to help and support with any goal or opportunity presented. Notably, the most recent project iRed has had the pleasure of working on is with Marston Water Recycling Centre, located near Grantham with a population of approximately 63,500 and a capacity to treat up to 392l/s of wastewater. “Using a range of sensors and drone-enabled technologies, our team was able to identify areas that could be reprofiled instead of rebuilt – all whilst eliminating thousands of houses of surveying time. The result was a 90% reduction in proposed capital carbon, along with a projected saving of over £2.2 million,” explains Ray. iRed’s work with Marston was just one of many examples of how the company has been able to utilise its expertise, technological advances and pioneering innovation to solve an issue that resulted in exceeded clientele expectations and a profitable saving. Inevitably, the project went on to win Construction News Award for Sustainable Project of the Year and the Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice. For iRed, pioneering leading technological advancements is integral to ensuring that its customers are being looked after with the latest innovations within the industry. Ray explains, “From the latest equipment and techniques to essential ISO certifications and strategic partnerships, we work tirelessly to ensure our technical experts have the latest accreditations, expertise and toolsets to revolutionise how our customers approach sustainability.” iRed is filled with practical and determined people, who at the core business, are focused on the essential matter of using fewer natural resources, improving the use of natural resources and connecting sustainability to business value. With its most recent acknowledgement by Global Green Business Awards as the Most Pioneering Sustainability Consultancy 2021, iRed is taking the innovations to a whole new, sustainable level. Company: iRed Name: Ray Faulkner Email: Web Address:

6 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Best Eco-Friendly Battery Metals Producer - Canada etal Tech Alley’s overall mission is to market its region’s strengths and economic assets to the global community; while identifying and promoting opportunities for investment in the region; advocating for removing barriers to economic growth; supporting existing industry to achieve sustainable growth; and supporting circular economy adoption and innovation in its region. Home to two major battery recycling plants, both of which process vehicle batteries, these firms are affected by the rapidly changing technology in the battery sector. Widespread adoption of lithium batteries and the consequent variation and quantities are pushing battery recyclers to innovate and adapt to changing markets, both in used battery supply and subsequent material reuse. The region is also home to seven hydroelectric dams which are a renewable energy source for local businesses. Metal Tech Alley has a unique ecosystem with examples of industrial circular economy which are integral to the regional economy. A primary example is the closed loop of lead production and car battery recycling which recovers lead and puts it back into the economy for reuse. Another example includes the recovery of critical minerals from smelter by-products for use in modern technology and capturing energy from forestry companies’ wood waste by turning it into a source of renewal natural gas. Metal Tech Alley has a rich researchbased ecosystem where innovation and development are simply how business is done. The company’s latest project is setting up a battery ecosystem in the area. By 2040, all new light-duty cars and trucks sold in British M Metal Tech Alley is supporting businesses and professionals to become circular economy leaders in industrial supply chains, and bringing the benefits of circular economy to the West Kootenay region. Its priorities for promoting industrial circular economy action are education, circular design, and traceability. Dec21231 Columbia will be zero-emission vehicles – A reliable system to safely repurpose and recycle hybrid and electric vehicle batteries will have to be expanded. Even though there already is existing battery recycling facilities at Metal Tech Alley, this will have to be expanded to keep up with the future demand of EV battery recycling. Recycling is a key component to support a successful circular economy. Making all the work happen at Metal Tech Alley are its people, who are hardworking with ambition and integrity. They are progressive thinkers focused on cultivating a sustainable industrial circular economy sector. The region has great lifestyle opportunities, an ‘open for business’ mindset, and is close to the US border, being Canada’s biggest trade partner. Ultimately, Metal Tech Alley would like to be known for its work in the industrial circular economy. Its battery ecosystem will be like no other in rural Canada, and it is working on traceability in circular economy as well as a circular carbon capture project. Company: Metal Tech Alley Contact: Jacomien van Tonder Email: Website:

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 7 Nov21662 Best Sustainable Bamboo Product Company - Pacific USA A sustainable company with an environmentally friendly flagship product that is making waves in its market, Cropsticks are the patented chopsticks made entirely from bamboo with a built-in feature that sets them ahead of the pack. Critically, Cropmade, the company behind this innovation, has worked hard to ensure that not only are Cropsticks an intelligent and recyclable answer to mass produced chopsticks, but they are also responsibly sourced in line with Cropmade’s dedication to treading lightly. ropsticks by Cropmade is a patented chopstick product with a built-in rest that is making waves in the culinary and hospitality sectors. A relatively young company, Cropsticks are Cropmade’s first flagship product and a labour of love for it and its staff, one that came about after a year of building its brand and reaching out to its market segment in order to find out the sorts of challenges it is facing and how best it could help. Thus, it began its quest towards sustainable cutlery measures, and now enjoys preeminence as one of the world’s foremost suppliers of sustainable chopsticks, serving over 500 top hotels, restaurants, and distributors like Disney, Hakkasan, Roy’s, Panda Restaurant Group, Four Seasons, Sysco, and more. ‘Chop a tree down, and it’s gone forever. Chop down bamboo, and it grows right back,’ it says, explaining the logic behind using bamboo for its products. Essentially, when it decided to move into the culinary utensil sector, it took with it its passion to only use alternative and eco friendly materials at every turn, preferably bamboo where it can for the hardiness and regrowth potential of this material. Using this to produce products for restaurants and hospitality chains, it is bucking the current trend of 45% of chopsticks still being made from trees, seeking to lead from the front in championing the use of alternative materials that are far more sustainable. Overall, it wishes nothing more than to ‘leave a greener environment behind for future generations’, and is dedicated to continuing to provide for this goal – something that its own growth is helping it achieve as it landed a dream retail opportunity in selling on Cost Plus World Market’s shelves – joining the ranks of worldwide, quality artisan goods. Its success has also been born out of the fires of challenge, as it started operation during the pandemic. Launching during this time of extreme tumult for the hospitality industry and its supply chains was tough, but Cropmade has been more determined than ever to not let setbacks get in its way, working together with customers to find the best solutions and supporting non-profits like Conversation International. Off the back of a successful Kickstarter, appearance on Shark Tank, and more, it promises that its growth will only be continuing as it moves forward into the future. Additionally, it will be continuing its incredible ‘upcycling’ movement, having already collected over 5000 Pounds of used Cropsticks in order to upcycle it all into tabletops and C shelving, obtaining its B-Corp certification – the highest standard for environmental and socially responsible companies – at the same time, putting it amongst peers like Ben and Jerries and Patagonia. Driving growth, job creation, and climate protection in the United States and further afield, Cropmade is excited to keep pushing for a more sustainable future for the next generation, increasing awareness and doing whatever it can to cut down emissions and reduce its footprint. Company: Cropsticks by Cropmade Contact: Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco Website:

8 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Best Biotechnology Platform - Asia n enzyme is a biocatalyst, which means it is an engine of the cell. In simpler terms, flowers give off aromas, and fruit develops a taste due to enzymes working together to convert nutrition to the scent or taste of an item. Currently, there are over 75,000 different variations of enzymes within the human body, and Allozymes aims to engineer these enzymes to replace natural extracts or artificial ingredients that come from oil without disrupting nature or utilising vast resources. Founded only two years ago, Allozymes has engineered breakthrough products utilising highly regarded research and studies towards developing the next generation of enzyme engineering platforms. As a result, Allozyme platforms can build and test millions of enzymes per day, which aids in the development of building effective enzymes by 200%. Additionally, by increasing the speed of development and probability of success, the company has been able to accelerate innovative product introduction and launch timely into the market up to 10 times faster than that compared to robotics technology. Thus, its breakthrough development in synthetic biology has enabled significant progress towards various industries. “At Allozymes, we are applying our proprietary microfluidics technology to screen 10M enzymes variants per day to develop custom-designed enzymes for cleaner and sustainable manufacturing of complex natural products,” explains Co-Founder and CEO Peyman Salehian. Allozymes has been working on several exclusive projects, including the biosynthesis of low yield tomato natural extracts for the cosmetic industry, the biosynthesis of lamb taste for vegan plant-based lamb meat, engineering enzymes for degrading plastic waste, and creating supremely efficient enzymes for home care products. Part of what makes Allozymes incredibly unique within the industry is how it differentiates itself from its competitors. With technology enabling the company to engineer faster and with a high success rate compared to other competitive enzyme engineering contracted organisations, Allozymes is able to lower market time for its A Recognised as Asia’s Best Biotechnology Platform, Allozymes aims to be ‘the google of enzymes,’ a place where you can discover and engineer enzymes for various sustainable manufacturing needs. Providing custom-designed enzymes, Allozymes is the fastest experimental enzyme engineering platform globally, with plans to accelerate the biotransformation within the synthetic biology industry. Currently, with Allozymes commercialised technology, it is able to address the $600B market with a pipeline of projects worth millions and products worth billions. Company: Allozymes Pte Ltd Name: Peyman Salehian Email: Web Address: Nov21620 customers and offer affordable projects that service more customers over time and with greater flexibility. Additionally, Allozymes generations up to 10M data sets per day to continue its vision of creating the most extensive enzyme data library across the glove, thus, competing against computational enzyme design companies. “Our synthetic biology approach is different than strain developers because we are an enzyme engineering company with a capacity to optimise the strain at the same time,” explains Peyman. Allozymes focuses on cleaner and sustainable manufacturing of complex natural products, thus, putting an end to extractions that cost a significant amount of water, nutrition and land. Instead, the company is able to recreate enzymes by placing them in its bioreactor to produce extracts that do not harm the original and primary focus and at a more negligible resource cost. The company firmly believes in the change of biotechnology, and it all starts with the importance of its data library. The library is upheld by a strong emphasis that its benefits could significantly impact several industries for sustainable manufacturing. Going even further, Allozymes dramatically plans to change how enzymes are found in the first place. “Currently at Allozyme, we are engineering and transforming enzymes- taking it and finding ways to make it more efficient as well as how these enzymes are discovered. By doing so, we are accumulating a huge amount of data through engineering which can be used to build a massive library of enzymes, which will likely be available in three years,” explains Peyman. The use of this library will allow companies in future to ‘google’ precisely what they are looking for within Allozymes data sets instead of having to disrupt nature to find them. Aground-breaking introduction for the biotransformation industry that started a little over two years ago – a massive achievement in the ways of synthetic biology, all thanks to Allozymes. At Allozyme, the first year was about establishment and impressions, and with the years to come, the company aims to expand and continue innovation with the use of its unparalleled

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 9 Nov21527 Best Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Provider - UK Incorporated in 2020, GB Homecare has been recognised for its outstanding efforts in Global Green Business Awards as the Best Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Provider within the UK. Dedicated to supporting homeowners with existing solar PV systems, GBH aims to reduce electric bills with professional advice and upgrades to maximise its customers’ potential investment in solar. espite being a relatively new presence in the renewable energy sphere, GB Homecare as found success through a focus on solar technology. However, with its significant popularity escalating over the years, the company promotes a greener environment at a cheaper cost. Moreover, at GBH, there is a collective experience of over two decades of experience working with solar PV; therefore, GBH can offer the best advice and installation in these systems. GBH has established itself by helping homeowners across the country with solar PV systems. Whether it’s with advice, upgrades or repairs, clients are guided to participate in a greener community whilst earning more money off their solar investments. Director Billy Turley explains, “Our mission is to do our part to make the UK green. We personally believe that with the government supporting homeowners, this can be possible.” An increase in homes within the UK has already begun the change towards renewable energy with solutions from solar panels to airsource heat pumps. With GBH, customers can receive professional advice and faultless installations. “Slowly but surely, we can reduce our carbon footprint and make the world a greener place for all,” states Billy. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for GHB to thrive in the market thoroughly. Therefore, Billy and his industry expert staff members ensure that they can help its clients wherever possible, ensuring that the right choices are made concerning solar PV systems. Part of the company’s commitment to its customers promises always to be available to assist new and continuous clients, keeping them up to date with evolving and updated renewable energy news and sharing any information on government grants that may be beneficial. Thus, allowing the company to provide excellent quality care for its product and its customers. GHB ensures this by remaining highly recognised for its efforts as a conscious and caring business whilst standing out from generic competitors who lack the same dedication. “At GBH, we have taken steps to be backed by many accreditations in which gives peace of mind and insurance to our clients; this also ensures we can stay ahead of other companies D within the renewable energy industry,” states Billy. Currently, GBH focuses solely on using solar PV systems as a majority of households within the UK are eligible for installations. In addition to creating a greener environment and better future for generations, the use of solar PV system aid in reducing rising electric bills and eliminating bigger electric suppliers. Billy explains, “We encourage homeowners to become more selfsufficient and not to rely on greedy suppliers. Solar is the first step to begin that process. With regular cleaning and consistent maintenance supplied from ourselves, homeowners are really benefiting from their systems, especially in the summer.’ With the eco industry ever-evolving and changing, from government grants to cutbacks, it has been challenging to navigate the market and keep updated with the most recent information. However, GBH stands by the commitment to the environment and its customers by providing state of the art renewable energy, the newest information and professional advice to ensure they are informed in making the best decisions on solar PV systems and solar investments. In 2022, bigger plans are emerging for the company, with GBH looking into commercial solar PV installations on larger new builds, warehouses, and even solar farms, to name a few. The reasoning behind this step is because of the property types, which allows a more significant benefit in switching to renewable energy and creating an overwhelming impact on reducing carbon footprints yearly. Moreover, within the year, there will be a grant introduction for an air source heat pump, which will allow homeowners to financially benefit from the change from oil/gas/lpg boilers to renewable resources. Billy explains, “It is our job to inform potential clients about the grant and encourage these owners to make the switch as they can make their home greener whilst benefiting financially.” An incredibly self-promoting product that not only saves the planet and reduces carbon footprints but allows the people of the UK to settle comfortably within their homes with less financial burdens. Company Name: GB Homecare LTD Contact Name: Billy Turley and George Baker Web Address: Contact Email:

10 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Most Promising Renewable Energy Start-Up 2021 ounded in 2018 by David Duckworth, Rowan Energy strives to eliminate the greenwashing practice that the energy industry is often defined by whilst at the same time encouraging the adoption of residential roof top solar. Essentially, the company aims to be the world’s first-ever community fed green energy company – ready to launch nationally and, potentially, across the globe. The goal is to encourage prosumers and consumers to buy and sell their solar energy between them, on a peer-to-peer basis. Ultimately, Rowan Energy’s primary focus is on its low-carbon renewable energy blockchain. David explains, “We tip the current rhetoric on its head. The press portrays blockchain as bad for the environment; however, our blockchain will change the industry forever.” The blockchain built by Rowan Energy concentrates on low energy with a requirement of generating 1kWh of renewable energy to validate transitions on its proof of Authority (POA) blockchain. Overall, utility companies tend to purchase energy from the cheapest source - even coal and gas –which is disastrous for the environment. Moreover, these companies that buy cheaper and environmentally unfriendly energy recourse then purchase renewable energy certificates to offset the carbon, before selling the brown energy to unaware customers as clean green energy. As the world is moving towards greener, cleaner, and environmentally friendly production, manufacturing and general company ethos, Rowan Energy ensures that the work it does will not harm the earth but will benefit the planet for its customers. The goal for the company is to bring together the loop of energy consumption, such as solar power, and energy consumption such as electric vehicles and push the UK towards a target of NetZero. The end game is to drive for every building and house in the United Kingdom to have solar panels. However, in 2019, the UK government had dismissed the UK solar stimulus (the feed-in tariff) whilst simultaneously claiming net zero carbon targets. Unfortunately, this sort of action doesn’t help the current crisis that the planet is dealing with. As other countries look up to Britain, so to speak, the only way to move forward with helpful initiatives is to start from the business up. Meanwhile, Rowan Energy decided to encourage the implementation of rooftop solar energy by raising the rewards that investors in solar technology can earn whilst diminishing the time of ROI. For every 1kWh of energy produced by the rooftop solar the generator gets 10p F In the world’s current predicament regarding the earth’s resources combined with the effects of the economy, global warming, and other challenges, one company is seeking to lead the way, encouraging a change to renewable energy to inform people towards greener options. Nov21336 worth of Rowan Coin (Rowan Energy’s own cryptocurrency) which can be traded for another cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, held for future growth or cashed out to the prosumers PayPal account in GBP. However, like many businesses have come to know over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has been complex; mentally, physically, and economically. Nevertheless, Rowan Energy thrived in this time as the pandemic had very little effect on its effort. Thus, the company has stated that this will never change, showcasing that they want a brighter and greener world that isn’t just a business ethos or an internal moral, but a professional value that all employees pursue. Company Name: Rowan Energy Contact Name: David Duckworth Web Address: Contact Email: Lean, Green, Energy Machine

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 11 Nov21287 Best Biopesticides Production Company - UK With an increased recognition for its rapid growth in identifying, registering, producing, and providing biocontrol products, AlphaBio Control, has been awarded the Best Biopesticides Production Company within the UK. The company’s robust research and development efforts aided in developing biopesticides that are all derived from natural sources. Initially established as an Anglo-Italian company, AlphaBio has fourteen team members in offices across Suffolk, Cambridge, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium. ike the best of all partnerships, the creation of AlphaBio Control was initiated when co-founders Iain Fleming and Alfeo Vecchi were introduced through a mutual friend and, in a short space of time, an instant connection towards innovation and environmental concern was discovered. Alfeo and Iain began to discuss the enormous pressures that the global agriculture system was under to produce an abundance highquality food. Thus, the issues that had to be worked against were the pressures of containing environmental footprints such as weather extremes arising from climate change, an increase in global population and concerns about the erosion of its natural capital and biodiversity. Co-Founder Iain Fleming explains, “We believed that the future of food and biomaterial production could be significantly improved, especially if suitably effective, low environmental impact pest and disease control tools that were not derived from petrochemicals were brought to the market.” Over ten years later, AlphaBio is doing precisely that – aiding the world in a shift away from petrochemicalbased pesticides to low-environmental impact, naturally sourced bio-pesticides. AlphaBio has been a rapidly growing company since the commercialisation of its first product, FLiPPER® , a bio-insecticide with an ultra-low environmental impact used by organic and conventional farmers alike to control insects that eat crops or spread plant diseases which can be difficult to control. Shortly after the success of its first creation, AlphaBio developed MiSSiTO® , a bio-herbicide derived from sunflower oil. “MiSSiTO® will hit the market later this year and will control a broad spectrum of annual grasses and weeds, making it an effective bio-herbicide with multiple sector use opportunities,” states Iain. Bio-pesticides are customarily linked to organic food production, where farmers tend to be limited with their options to control pests and diseases. Interesting non-organic farmers is difficult as biopesticides are generally less effective compared to their synthetic equivalences. However, AlphaBio products are different due to their benefits on greener agriculture. AlphaBio products are a safe, effective treatment for aphids and the diseases they spread – leaving zero amounts of residue on crops which have proven popular within processors and retailers due to this L and its low impact on pollinators and other beneficial insects. Within biocontrol, there are several competitors in the market; however, AlphaBio is unmatched by its peers due to its unwavering commitment to research and development. Iain explains, “Many companies identify and perhaps characterise novel natural products which have interesting properties relevant to pest or disease control in food production. Most will then either sell or license them to another company to take such a product through the complex and expensive process of getting regulatory approval for the use of such products. AlphaBio does all of these processes itself, achieves regulatory approval for its products and then licenses the product to a third party for sales and marketing activity. This way, not only does it properly understand its product portfolio, but it also gains credibility in the market as a serious company and extracts the maximum value from its portfolio.” The company’s research and development efforts regarding its products have already had a substantial and significant impact on the market, having been licenced by Bayer Crop Science, the largest crop protection company worldwide, as its global distribution partner. Overall, AlphaBio aims to continue its leading role in the vital change that is shifting from synthetic inputs within the mark. With rigorous research and development, the company is able to provide growers with highly effective, low impact tools needed to protect crops from seed to post-harvest. Its safe and effective bio-pesticides are part of the future for agriculture and can be used in an environmentally responsible way with close to a net-zero carbon position. Using plant photosynthetic processes, AlphaBio develops products that can be easily broken down in the environment, contributing to a virtuous circular economy. Productive agriculture but better. Company Name: AlphaBio Control Contact Name: Dr Julian Little Web Address: Contact Email:

12 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Best Carbon Neutral Financial Services Provider - UK erving the world’s top financial businesses and operating in one of the most competitive, detail-intensive industries in the world, Novatus Advisory has secured a good reputation amongst its market segment by keeping its finger on the pulse of this dynamic and highly changeable sector. Due to being a consultancy and advisory service, it knows that in order to serve the clients it serves, it must be mindful of the state of the world at large and of the financial ecosystem. Fundamentally, this means its team use all of their considerably extensive expertise in embedding and testing all key global regimes. In a risk and regulations environment that is always changing alongside new legislation and challenges, the increasing complex industry’s professionals benefit now more than ever from the trusted expertise and specialist knowledge of Novatus Advisory and its incredibly well-trained staff. Additionally, each hold a staunch level of belief in the values and principles that forged the pillars upon which Novatus Advisory has been built. Since the beginning, its key values have forged the path towards greater levels of success, informing its behaviour, creating strong bonds with clients, and establishing strong networks with its peers in order to weave a strong foundation that it still benefits from to this very day. Its innovation-driven mindset allows it to welcome on board new ideas and concepts with an excitement and boldness at every turn, always looking for new ways to solve its client’s challenges in a more efficient and effective manner that cuts down on bloatware. This also is informed by the dedication to excellence that flows through its veins. From the bottom to the top of this business, each staff member believes in challenging themselves to be exceptional, and so a client can always expect that Novatus Advisory will never be resting on its laurels, instead working hard to find the next best things. This ensures that it is a consistent one to watch in its industry and that it is acting on the innovations that come down the pipeline, implementing only those which benefit its clients – thinking of them instead as partners – in order to provide the best possible service. Working with a client as a partner instead of just a client ensures that a feeling of collaboration can be felt at every level. In essence, it encourages, respects, and listens to outside perspectives, bringing together diverse teams of people so that ever facet of a problem S Novatus Advisory prides itself on putting people first. Above all else, this firm seeks to employ great people with specialist knowledge in order to redefine success for its clients, granting an in-depth insight into specialist consultancy that spans deep technical expertise and financial diligence, serving the world’s monetary businesses and allowing them to find and secure their place in their market segment. Its services, in short, therefore focus on compliance, risk, and meeting regulatory requirements, aiding its clientele in getting that competitive edge over their peers in their industry. Company: Novatus Advisory Contact: Matthew Ranson Website: Nov21247 is given the analysis and due diligence it deserves without being disregarded. It also has gained further notoriety by being a truly sustainable company. Novatus Advisory wishes to commit itself more and more to minimising its impact on the environment as it moves forward into the future, and it is taking all the right steps towards becoming a ‘net zero’ business, its team looking forward to making this a reality in the coming years.

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 13 Dec21202 Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Development Company - New Zealand Revolution Packaging Ltd strives to change the way New Zealand brands think, assisting them on their journey to produce bio circular packaging for their products. It utilises the world’s most innovative technologies to produce packaging that is cost-effective, creates consumer preference and reduces the client’s carbon footprint. ackaging is the consumer’s first physical experience of a company’s brand, while it is most often the last thing a company considers when bringing a new product to the market. Revolution Packaging says it is time to flip that thinking on its head. Revolution Packaging’s mission is to assist companies to make change and produce packaging for the modern world. Company director, Darron White said, “Plastic is a fantastic invention. We have struggled as a community to design systems and processes around it to ensure that it’s circular and bio-based. Solutions are out there!” A company that is small, niche and targeted, Revolution Packaging is experienced and passionate about making packaging that has better start and end of life options, whether that be recyclable or compostable. It is under NDAs with all brand owners, but is working with large mills, multinational corporations and government bodies such as the Plastics Innovation Fund to develop and discover solutions. The company specifically targets single-use plastic replacement with fibre-based options. The Revolution Packaging team currently stands at two members, with Darron saying, “We ensure that we have balance and great ethical experience to build upon.” Being ex-corporate, Revolution Packaging understands the ways of the traditional model. It is different due to its experiences to date and far reaching of its lifetime of contracts, and it generally only takes a few projects on at a time to ensure the best possible outcomes. Darron said, “We’ve had a lifetime of experience in the printing and packaging markets, and through this journey, we have been exposed to some great companies that have some very unique value propositions.” Unfortunately, processes were slowed down when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, with ongoing supply chain issues making change harder for companies to achieve. Local supply is a huge value add and Revolution Packaging is assisting this process so that companies aren’t as reliant on the traditional supply chain model. Another challenge that the industry faces is greenwashing, which is P rampant out there with a lack of standards and consistency of labelling on a global basis, confusing a lot of brand owners. Darron said, “More government support is needed and I’m pleased to say that we are a part of this change.” The future is looking hopeful with companies such as Revolution Packaging working hard to implement change. Notably, it has signed game-changing company, Solenis up for consultation, which is going to help a lot of companies change their packaging to fibre- and water-based coatings in the place of plastic. Company: Revolution Packaging Ltd Contact: Darron White Email: Website:

14 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Best Organic Dining Bistro - California ocal and sustainable’ is Thomas Hill Organics’ motto. With a menu that changes seasonally, if not weekly depending on what is available locally, the restaurant has the freedom to concoct a vivid array of bold, imaginative dishes, using only the freshest, most delicious ingredients. It works with local purveyors for most of its products, from olive oil to bread to pasta, to poultry to fish to beef to lamb to exotic meats. Nearby farmers provide the fruits and vegetables, while the breads are crafted by local bakers who are celebrated artisans of their trade. Simply put, the food is delicious. Debbie Thomas said, “Although we no longer have the farm, we buy from local farms and local small businesses where possible. We purchase organic and sustainably farmed wines. We compost at the restaurant, and of course, recycle.” Overall, the restaurant seeks to make people happy and give them an amazing experience, working hard and playing hard, and always giving 110%. Debbie said, “I am a foodie and I love to go out and dine. Especially on food I know is organically farmed or sustainably grown. I expect a creative menu that delights the senses. That is who we are!” However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the restaurant began to experience challenges in the form of staffing issues. Debbie tells us, “The restaurant business got hit hard last year from COVID and we are still recovering. We lost a great deal of staffing to other jobs, and people need to be patient when dining out.” Debbie has found that these individuals do not want to come back to the industry, but the restaurant managed to overcome the issue. “We finally reached out to people on social security inquiring if they wanted a part-time job. It worked! They have amazing work ethics.” Now, having come out of the COVID-19 pandemic on the other side, Thomas Hill Organics is looking ahead. Debbie said, “I’m not sure what the future holds. We want to continue down our path; it has been successful. People seek us out. We made it through what I hope is the worst part of the pandemic. We will be expanding our “cooking” area L Thomas Hill Organics is a casual fine-dining farm-to-table restaurant with an emphasis on organic. It started out by developing a 10-acre organic farm just on the outside of Paso Robles 16 years ago. Once it started producing, the farm offered a CSA programme to its neighbours and their friends. This grew into the idea of owning an organic restaurant and saw Thomas Hill Organics established 13 years ago. We got in touch with the restaurant’s owner, Debbie Thomas to learn more. Nov21206 and looking to create something interactive. We have an awesome covered patio where you feel like you are dining al fresco in a small European restaurant.” Company: Thomas Hill Organics Contact: Debbie Thomas Email: Website:

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 15 Dec21685 Best Sustainable Furniture & Accessories Producer - Sweden Home to eco-friendly products, Kovac Family is the home to a variety of sophisticated wooden furniture pieces. Known for its intricate yet minimalistic 25Lamp, the company has cultivated a loyal fanbase over its decade of operating and is set to continue such success over the next year. Indeed, with the launch of its new digital platform, the company is expanding into new and unchartered territories. f sleek and sustainable furniture is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Kovac Family. Featuring numerous wooden furniture pieces, face creams, and silk garments, Kovac Family’s extensive range is built upon simplistic splendour. Indeed, each item has been inspired by the power of nature, adding that little touch of eco-friendly minimalism into the home. As such, in its own operations – down to its packaging, which consists of 100% recycled material – Kovac Family prioritises eco-conscious practices. Founded in 2012, the family-owned business began its steady climb to success. The company’s story begins over two decades ago, when in 2000 Camilla Kovac, after receiving an MFA from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, opened her own studio. Camilla received awards such as D&AD, Special Mention Award XXI Compasso d’Oro, and “Light Idea of The Year”, she also received grants from Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, ALMI and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. As the family began to gain further interest in the environment, they decided to develop a project that would assist in changing the future. Kovac Family allows each member of the family to fully utilise their skills, with Camilla designing the furniture, Klara and Filippa working on the graphic design and marketing, and Christopher handling the technical aspects. Of course, it is blatant that sustainability is the beating heart of the company. Therefore, each product is developed and manufactured with as little impact on the environment as possible. Ultimately, Kovac Family wants its customers to be able to use its products for a long time and, in turn, it wants to create them with a good conscience. Therefore, it is imperative for the company to be both be transparent with its customers about its manufacturing processes, and to stay up to date with new innovations. As a result, the company is constantly working to minimize its environmental impact. Each furniture and clothing item is manufactured in Sweden, ensuring a high-quality finish, and a drastic reduction in the carbon footprint of each item. Furthermore, Kovac Family utilises FSC certified, sustainably reclaimed and ethical wood to craft its pieces – this means that the company takes on wood that is considered undesirable by other creators. Interestingly, through this process, it means that no two Kovac Family pieces are the same. Each one-of-a-kind item comes complete with its unique knots and colours, reminding the customer of where each piece originated from. Unique in the industry, Kovac Family stands out due to its burning desire to build a community, and not just sell products to its I customers. This is very much reflected through the company’s new all-digital service, Redefinder. Redefinder allows creatives and their clients to meet, collaborate, visualise, share, comment, and be involved in a huge creative hub. This is where the creative process begins – after all, collaboration is vital throughout much of the creative industry, and Redefinder simply streamlines this process. As the company goes into 2022, it is enthusiastic about the development of the aforementioned digital service, as this will enhance the work between the company’s production and marketing sectors. Furthermore, the company is set to continue providing sustainable, luxurious pieces to clients across the globe. Contact: Camilla Kovac Company: Kovac Family Web Address: