Global Green Business Awards 2021

4 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Best eWaste Recycling Specialists - USA etting the standard for effective IT asset disposal, data destruction, and electronics recycling for over two decades, Securis was initially established to assist companies with the responsible disposal of their electronic devices. Founded in 2000 as PC Recycler in Albany, NY, the company was rebranded in 2012 as Securis, with headquarters located in Northern Virginia. There are now additional offices in North Carolina, Richmond Virginia, and Virginia Beach. At Securis, the company securely repurposes electronics, adhering to all environmental policies by providing audit-ready inventory lists. Thus, allowing customers to feel safe and secure in the notion that their old computers, servers, and hard drives will not end up in a landfill across the world with sensitive information attached. “Project inventory lists are 100% accurate and provided to clients quickly. Whether it’s hard drive shredding, degaussing, electronics recycling, or a combination, all equipment and scrap is tracked throughout the process. Inventory lists include product names, categories, serial numbers, and asset tags. This tracking system makes it easy to pay customers for old equipment with complete transparency into each item or scrap lot, the date sold, the sales price, and how much has been earned,” explains Kristi Cambell, Director of Marketing at Securis. At Securis, its core focus is to serve employees, customers and vendors with the same higher power values passed down from its Founder and CEO, Jeremy Farber. “We adopt this servant attitude in all that we do and screen employees with this in mind. The result is that we have a great representation of employees from all over the world. Combining different cultures, religions, and backgrounds allows us to see challenges from a variety of perspectives,” explains Jeremy. Moreover, additional values aid in the company’s overall success. These values include staying positive, ambitious and inventive, all whilst ensuring that team members are put first. Furthermore, to ensure stability and steady success, staff members are encouraged to keep learning, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes to look for new purpose, invention, and ultimately stay ahead of the market. Since the company’s launch, Securis has steadily become the industry’s leading provider of green alternatives to the electronic asset S Nationally regarded as the Best eWaste Recycling Specialists in the United States, Securis provides ultrasecure IT recycling and data destruction for PCs, hard drives, smartphones, and much more. Moreover, Securis offers customers the benefit of audit-ready IT inventory lists, proof of data safety, flexibility, customer rebate programs, and a zero-landfill guarantee. Company Name: Securis Contact Name: Kristi Campbell Web Address: Contact Email: Dec21298 management dilemma and related security issues and has serviced multiple electronic waste events for the community. “The logistics of these events can be confusing, as each county has different guidelines on which items are acceptable, whether to charge for items such as televisions and how they’ll promote the events. However, we pride ourselves on organizing these events and have had great success with community outreach - the reviews are very satisfying,” says Jeremy. Approved by several government official agencies such as the U.S General Services Administration (GSA), the U.S Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Logistics Information Service, R2, and the National Association for Information and Destruction (NAID), Securis is compliant with all U.S federal, state, and local data security and environmental regulations tosecurely repurpose electronics while obeying all environmental policies. With all that Securis already had to offer, the company added the launch of its new Master Microshredder, an innovative new technology that will change the game concerning secure data distruction and set it apart from competitors, who at this point are unmatched with the advances of Securis. Solid State Drives (SSDs), flash drives, SIM, memory cards, and micro-SD cards have a reputation for slipping through most data deconstruction and recycling processes. However, Securis’s microshredding option goes beyond traditional shredding and ‘pulverizes devices’ into 2mm e-crumbs as recommended by the NSA. “Microshredding allows us to ensure total hard drive destruction. However, with the prevalence of BYOD platforms popping up all over the country, we know that organizations need to take extra precautions to make sure the data destruction process covers every aspect,” explains Jeremy. Overall, Securis has exceeded expectations in pioneering innovations, state of the art technological advances and leading the industry, one green security service at a time. Securis aims to provide sustainable and effective management and removal of any organization’s end-oflife electronic assets and plans to do so long into the future.