Global Green Business Awards 2021

10 Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 Most Promising Renewable Energy Start-Up 2021 ounded in 2018 by David Duckworth, Rowan Energy strives to eliminate the greenwashing practice that the energy industry is often defined by whilst at the same time encouraging the adoption of residential roof top solar. Essentially, the company aims to be the world’s first-ever community fed green energy company – ready to launch nationally and, potentially, across the globe. The goal is to encourage prosumers and consumers to buy and sell their solar energy between them, on a peer-to-peer basis. Ultimately, Rowan Energy’s primary focus is on its low-carbon renewable energy blockchain. David explains, “We tip the current rhetoric on its head. The press portrays blockchain as bad for the environment; however, our blockchain will change the industry forever.” The blockchain built by Rowan Energy concentrates on low energy with a requirement of generating 1kWh of renewable energy to validate transitions on its proof of Authority (POA) blockchain. Overall, utility companies tend to purchase energy from the cheapest source - even coal and gas –which is disastrous for the environment. Moreover, these companies that buy cheaper and environmentally unfriendly energy recourse then purchase renewable energy certificates to offset the carbon, before selling the brown energy to unaware customers as clean green energy. As the world is moving towards greener, cleaner, and environmentally friendly production, manufacturing and general company ethos, Rowan Energy ensures that the work it does will not harm the earth but will benefit the planet for its customers. The goal for the company is to bring together the loop of energy consumption, such as solar power, and energy consumption such as electric vehicles and push the UK towards a target of NetZero. The end game is to drive for every building and house in the United Kingdom to have solar panels. However, in 2019, the UK government had dismissed the UK solar stimulus (the feed-in tariff) whilst simultaneously claiming net zero carbon targets. Unfortunately, this sort of action doesn’t help the current crisis that the planet is dealing with. As other countries look up to Britain, so to speak, the only way to move forward with helpful initiatives is to start from the business up. Meanwhile, Rowan Energy decided to encourage the implementation of rooftop solar energy by raising the rewards that investors in solar technology can earn whilst diminishing the time of ROI. For every 1kWh of energy produced by the rooftop solar the generator gets 10p F In the world’s current predicament regarding the earth’s resources combined with the effects of the economy, global warming, and other challenges, one company is seeking to lead the way, encouraging a change to renewable energy to inform people towards greener options. Nov21336 worth of Rowan Coin (Rowan Energy’s own cryptocurrency) which can be traded for another cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, held for future growth or cashed out to the prosumers PayPal account in GBP. However, like many businesses have come to know over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has been complex; mentally, physically, and economically. Nevertheless, Rowan Energy thrived in this time as the pandemic had very little effect on its effort. Thus, the company has stated that this will never change, showcasing that they want a brighter and greener world that isn’t just a business ethos or an internal moral, but a professional value that all employees pursue. Company Name: Rowan Energy Contact Name: David Duckworth Web Address: Contact Email: Lean, Green, Energy Machine