Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

Worldwide Finance Awards 2023, Acquisition International | 31 Honest and Young has diversified its solutions to go beyond tax and compliance services. This not only enables it to add value to its clients’ businesses but also ensures the generation of revenue all year round without reliance on the tax season alone. The firm has also effectively adopted the use of AI-powered tools to achieve better outcomes for clients whilst maintaining staff resources. As a result of its dedication to its clients, Honest and Young has been awarded Best Tax Agents & Business Advisory Firm, Victoria, in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this impressive achievement and look forward to seeing what it will go on to achieve in the future. Moving forward, Honest and Young plans to go beyond its accounting and advisory services to further contribute towards the lives of its clients by raising awareness of issues like sustainability, equal pay, gender equality, diversity and climate change. Contact Details Contact: Sid Sharma Company: Honest and Young Pty Ltd Web Address: Best Tax Agents & Business Advisory Firm 2023 - Victoria Honest and Young provides a range of high-quality yet affordable solutions. Firstly, its accomplished accountants arrange and manage clients’ accounts with perfection, delivering a full range of cost-effective accounting services. Secondly, its business advisors provide expert assistance and professional advice, helping clients build their business models at the best possible price. Thirdly, the firm prepares and lodges tax returns for sole proprietors, partnership firms, companies, trusts, SMSFs, individuals (salary and rental income), and fringe benefit tax returns. Through its provision of these services, Honest and Young’s goal is to help small businesses across Australia to meet their compliance obligations and achieve growth. The practice strives to ensure that, as a business, it puts the client above everything else, providing services of a high calibre that are transparent and accurate. Honest and Young works to provide clients with expert, timely, and quality services, consistently delivering results. In this, the company ensures the total satisfaction of its customers and builds professional long-term relationships with them. Internally, Honest and Young operates based on five core values: honesty, accountability, respect, diversity, and innovation. This means that staff members are ethical in their work and conduct, hold themselves accountable to stakeholders, treat clients and colleagues with respect, are inclusive towards those from different backgrounds, and maintain an open mindset for innovation. The team works in harmony to achieve the Honest and Young goal of serving clients with honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, and accountability. When acquiring new talent, Honest and Young focus on staying true to its values of providing fair and equal wages as well as creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. The firm also strives to provide opportunities to high school and college level graduates, enabling them to access a platform through which they can identify their interests in the accounting industry. This also enables the firm to acquire the right talent at an early stage. In recent years, accounting has witnessed significant innovation through the introduction of new technologies. The industry faces a high risk of becoming automated for this reason. This is why it is important for firms to go beyond compliance services and focus on adding value to clients’ businesses. However, a shift in mindset is required for the industry to understand how critical such services are for clients in generating streams of revenue and identifying what services deliver the best ROI. Based in Hawthorn & St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Honest and Young Pty Ltd is a boutique CPA accounting practice that truly values its clients. The firm’s experienced team of accountants and business advisors provide excellent accounting, advisory, and taxation services to Australian small businesses, contributing towards their journey to success. Honest and Young Pty Ltd