Worldwide Finance Awards 2023

32 | Acquisition International, Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 Best Cross-Border Investment Banking Firm 2023 – India Cross-border international banking plays an important role in the livelihood of people, their families, and their businesses. Here we learn more about cross-border banking as a service as Goldstein Roth Ventures & Industries Private Limited wins its esteemed award in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023. Contact: Sharik Ebrahim Company: Goldstein Roth Ventures & Industries Private Limited Web Address: What is cross-border banking? Cross-border banking allows us to transfer money between bank accounts on an international scale. Being able to move money between countries, despite any financial crises or potential complications, is absolutely imperative for the financial health of the world. As more people move away from their home countries, there is an increasing volume of demand for cross-border banking to be a success. A great number of expats wish to transfer money between bank accounts that are held in different countries, all with their own rates and regulations. Within business, companies trade with other countries – whether they’re working with individuals or organisations – and they need to find a cross-border banking company that they can trust. How do businesses utilise the capabilities of FinTech companies? Using FinTech companies as an alternative to traditional banks can come with unexpected benefits such as a cheaper a quicker service. All cross-border transactions can also be made via smartphone, for ease of access and management, and many FinTech companies have adapted themselves to be able to help individuals as well as an array of businesses. By using a seasoned FinTech company, both businesses and individuals can set up a crossborder banking system that does the leg work for them without any stresses or concerns. Introducing Goldstein Roth & Co.: Goldstein Roth & Co. is an investment bank with a rich background of large cross-border funding for India. As a tactical partner of Cantor Fitzgerald, an American financial service founded in 1945. Goldstein Roth & Co. built a sturdy relationship with Cantor Fitzgerald to help a magnificent volume of individuals with institutional equity, fixed-income sales and trading, servicing the middle market with investment banking, and more. Goldstein Roth & Co. also brings its own experience to the table as a subsidiary of Waterfront Ventures LLP and part of the Currimbhoy Ebrahim & Sons Group which is celebrating over 200 years in business. With loans available thought Goldstein Roth Finance, its domestic debt arm, the group can also focus on offering clients services that help them with their FinTech requirements. “Because of our large volumes and the relationships with banks that Goldstein Roth & Co., bring to the table, we have unique arrangements with domestic lenders, both Banks and NBFCs so our loans are given the highest possible priority through digital information sharing with the banks.” Goldstein Roth has now won Best Cross-Border Investment Banking Firm 2023, in India, for its ability to manage finances in an expert manner, no matter where the money is and where it’s going. We are sure that it will carry on its rich history into each new day. “Wealth for Good. ”